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  1. Gman

    Warrior IFV

    I'm amazed how many RPG hits the Warrior survived. Truly impressive, even allowing for the high amount of dud warheads evident in the Middle East.
  2. Anyone tried this RTS game ? Graphically very nice with some good options. Even has a decent amount of SP gaming and a campaign, which is incredibly rare and precious in this age of lazy developers who are fixated with multiplayer online gaming.
  3. What's the movie title ? Looks interesting.
  4. I seem to recall a discussion about T72's being issued to Soviet Marines during Cold War but was in discussions recently that indicate the landing craft weren't capable of carrying such a tank. Anyone know for sure ?
  5. Thanks rmgill. I know that Lakowski has written extensively but have heard many negatives about him on this grate sight. Was curious as I searched here and found very little on the subject. Pretty sure not much is still secret about T64/T72/T80 now and no one has used M1 or IPM1 for a good 20+ years. Even the Leo2A3 is long out of currency for most countries..
  6. I was wondering if anyone has any specific details available online for comparisons of M1 (original) Abrams, IPM1, Leopard 2A3, T64, T72A and T80 for resistance from KE and CE rounds ? Looking at comparisons for basic armour packages if possible. I understand Lakowski was previously highly regarded but heard there is some doubts since ? As I understand it the original Soviet ERA also had minimal to nil effect upon KE rounds ?
  7. Great to meet up with FlyingCanOpener yesterday. If anyone from this Grate Sight are passing through Brisbane, Oz, be sure to mention, very happy to meet up and buy dinner/drink and show around town.
  8. The guy concerned has 25+ year's experience in armoured, prior to working in private Defence procurement areas. I trust his viewpoint, although I'm unconvinced that SA is still as bad as it used to be. Surprised there hasn't been signgiicant advances. I've known guys who felt they were better off with RWS over eyeball Mk 1 with LAVs, but admittedly a different viewpoint as those RWS are pretty amazing for thermals and agility of view as I understand it. All since my time, admittedly.
  9. I've just returned from the Armour and Artillery Museum in Cairns and for a new collection, was very impressed. standard of maintenance for runners seemed quite high to my aged eyes. You'll have a blast. If you mention you served (Uncle Sam or otherwise) to the manager on duty, you might get a closer look inside. I was fortunate to get a tour of the workshops and see an Archer in complete refurbishment to new condition as well as a dilapidated M5A1 light tank and 88 awaiting their turn. Was especially nice getting a look inside a T72M1 for first glance at other side of the curtain.
  10. A mate of mine works in Defence Procurement here in Oz and was giggling that the Armoured Corps shitcanned the recon vehicle with the unmanned turret as "we don't think it counts as an armoured vehicle if there is no one in the turret". I kid you not, this was a direct quote of a senior black beret wearer.
  11. Thanks very much Ken. Very interesting. So you didn't see a lot of HEP in training at all ? Or canister ? I know both were well regarded as secondary choices for ammo (over HEAT) by our tankers here in Oz, but obviously US Army doctrine is more of antitank than infantry support as a mission.
  12. Can anyone advise of usual loadout for a USMC M60A1 during 1980's ? Was HEP and Canister regular loads ? Apologies for the thread necromancy.
  13. Good point, the BMD-1 also has hydropneumatic suspension for adjusting height, that would be equally helpful.
  14. How many rounds a minute is rapid fire gunnery ?
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