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  1. I was discussing Swingfire with a retired British armoured WO2 and he was scathing of it. Said that the FV438 Swingfire was a loathed vehicle and that it was nigh on impossible to hit anything with swingfire on a range. This was late 1980's though and the consensus was that when the 438 was withdrawn, good riddance. Striker was a more manouverable source of irritation and equally as pointless a missile. He was not aware of any British Swingfire firing actually hitting an enemy AFV successfully in combat.
  2. what's the consensus on the SAR-21 ? Is it well liked and found to be useful in service ?
  3. God Emperors get to make their own rules, surely ?
  4. @Futon I've no idea where you are from, but for the sake of the discussion (especially for others looking on) ... Let me say clearly that I have no issues or dislike for any nation or ethnicity. I have very close friends from mainland China and dear friends from France. Doesn't mean I have to love their governments or politics in much the same way that being an Aussie doesn't mean I agree or condone everything my government does in my name. I will admit to not being a big fan of communism as I've too many friends burned by cultural revolution and the inherent corruptions in an enclosed society that communism encourages. This colours my love for red overall, even as I politely disagree with those of comrade Mao and Uncle Joe Stalin's ilk. So for those ardently of the left... none of this is personal against any individual. I also am deeply unimpressed by France's handling at a national and industrial level of the submarine contract but this doesn't mean I approve of France bashing on it's own. I manage several facebook groups and have been glad to kick at racial slurs from idiots about 1940 France stuff. None of that is pertinent to modern day intergovernmental failings IMHO. Blunt rant off...
  5. Good points Futon, respect your viewpoint. Certainly agree its surprising for Oz to get nuclear boats with no real domestic nuclear industry agree. Unusual times indeed. RE my very poor attempt at humour on West Taiwan, it's a running joke with some HK and ROC friends here that Republic of China was the original China and it's the Communists that are the usurpers. Thus the joke about real China being Taiwan and the breakaway is to the west... Apologies to any communists I've offended here, though it doesn't usually take this much. (insert smiley face again here !) To be honest, I'm not sure that even if Taiwan changes it's official title then it will still be left alone. That much freedom of expression and movement is politically threatening and I can't see it being left alone even with changes of name. No one assumes that Xi Jinping thinks small when it comes to Chinese growth, either. Whether the war is in Biden's presidency or in Harris or later than that is the big question. (No, I'm not convinced Biden will last out the full term...)
  6. Firstly I'm not convinced that Australia is seeking to be independent in anything but the initial construction of SOME boats (and not all). Although the self contained nuclear modules are low maintenance, anything intensive will require going back to UK or US heavy maintenance support for the reactors as nothing available (or intended to be) in Oz. Certainly leasing a nuke boat from US or UK has been discussed at government level and looked upon favourably - much like the transfer of IP with heavy oversight from big brothers. No one is suggesting Australia would be exporting finished boats or tech in any way or form, so let's look at it in context. Certainly the French did themselves no favours with appalling communication and project management. It does make sense to tear up the deal if the French were so far behind and amazingly over budget, although I agree that the original requirement of converting a nuclear boat into a conventional one was a big ask. So amusing that a few have taken this as a personal affront to West Taiwan when other countries such as Brazil and India getting into Nuclear boats sooner without a whimper. I'd suggest that no country is keeping up with the amazing rise of PRC Navy and they should be rightly proud of the advances in tech and size of their fleet. Most definitley there is no threat from downunder to the Chinese century and I'd suggest no one rational would suggest otherwise (outside of the nonsense from communist propaganda intended for bluster only).
  7. From the off the record discussions I heard, the French design was far and away the best option - of a bad bunch. I gather there were issues with the Japanese subs for long range patrolling and evidently not as quiet in modelling as the German and French offerings. Sadly the tendering was done based on merit against requirements rather than on political lines. I do agree with you that the Japanese boats could have been a better political option in that they would have been far better project managed. Certainly no one would suggest Macron of being a reliable and competent leader, although excellent at playing up the politics for a domestic audience. Of course, Nuclear was the best option and the ADF's preference but was never an allowed option til now.
  8. I was referring to the "build it here" silliness. This is highlighted by the nonsensical hue and cry about new fleet oiler replenishment ships being built cheaply, effectively and on time and on budget overseas because we could do almost none of those things here in Australia not to mention they are too big for our slipways to build. The whole ASC is a political mess based on vote winning in South Australia which is why it's been done that way as i understand it.
  9. Garden Island does have a decent dry dock though, although nil infrastructure for building new vessels. Agree that manufacture in Oz is a political thing, fairly confident the first and or second boats will be built overseas. Best option is leasing existing boat for now also.
  10. HIlarious that China now proposing to sign a ban on Nuclear weapons in response to AUKUS. Even funnier if ASEAN swallow this propaganda. Thank goodness we scrapped the deal for vapourware French subs. It was always an insane deal and no one can accuse the French of good project management in this instance nor accuse them of keeping up their end of the bargain. Good thing none of this can be audited due to national security. A total mess that hopefully someone like USN can help fix.
  11. Gman

    Finn T55 Question

    Wiedzmin, you think that T55 is not much worse in layout than comparable M60/ Leo1/ Chieftain ? Really ?
  12. Gman

    Finn T55 Question

    @Bojan, I wasn't saying it wouldn't fit, just that it must be a nightmare to load and fire on the move inside such a cramped turret. APDS is bad, can't see APFSDS any easier to work with. No one accuses Soviets of good ergonomic design though !
  13. Gman

    Finn T55 Question

    Very interesting information, thank you Stefan and Bojan. I shudder to imagine how the loader/crew coped with the T55 with APFSDS ammo, assuming a longer rod penetrator means even less space to swing a sabot. Really seems like a poor choice of ergonomics overall for the T54/55 with the size of gun overall, despite well armoured for it's time.
  14. Gman

    Finn T55 Question

    For those who tanked both T55 and Leo1 (Stefan suspect you are one and only ?), did you note significant difference in ammo handling and reloading, culiminating in reduced ROF in T55 vs Leo1 ? Cramped turret, less quality stabilisers and large ammunition for 100mm seem to conspire to reduce performance on the move compared to Leo1 or improved Swedish / IDF Cent or other vehicles of same vintage ?
  15. For those beloved Finn tankers on this Grate sight, did the upgrades to the T55M in Finnish service include improvements to the stabilisation ? Or did it maintain original stab even when the FCS changed to the improved laser sytem ?
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