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  1. I get the distinct impression that many Left-leaning folks reject the idea of the Political Circle because it removes from them the comfortable distance they like to pretend exists between them and Racism. "Only those dirty %astards on the Right have anything in common with Fascism!" An understandable--but dreadfully mistaken--sentiment.
  2. Well, my cut-and paste botched THAT job really good! The revised version has 1-D and 2-D and circular. Obviously, my save came at the wrong time.
  3. A problem here is two-dimensional thinking. We need 3-D. The political spectrum is not linear but circuital: if you go far enough tot he right or to the left, you meet the other side again.
  4. Some truth to this, but the situation is a little more complex. The local hospital receives recurring shipments in fairly large numbers as it has been designated a Rural Distribution Point for the surrounding area. Savvy folks (i.e. those with clues) have driven from hours away to get the shots here, but it must be made clear that he local events are well organized and carried out. The process moves quickly, efficiently, and with little fuss, in direct contrast to similar events held in the larger urban areas of the state. Any sane person would rather drive a couple hours to get the shot
  5. Symptom of a wider problem: https://www.dailywire.com/news/tufts-university-activists-being-jewish-is-being-biased
  6. A hammer is about as primitive as it gets, but try hammering in a nail with a cell phone 😀
  7. One of the Biden nominees for the USPS Board is an outspoken advocate of vote-by-mail, in a two-for-one deal.
  8. Actually, as I understand it, something like 20 - 25% of all grade crossing accidents involve a vehicle hitting the side of the train. One of the problems these days is the horde of inexperienced and untrained truckers who spend more time looking at their GPSs than at the road. Tish situation has been confirmed to me by numerous old hands in the field on both the truck and RR sides.
  9. There is another alternative, bk: the boy who cried wolf may have finally been bitten by one. . . . .
  10. Especially in this type of industry/market if for no other reason than that egregious blunders might lead to re-regulation, particularly in the current political climate. But you seem to labor under the misapprehension that an optimal free market means screw the public. The perfect market is the one that provides the best price for the most people with the best return on investment with minimum intrusion. Anything else is irresponsible on the part of one party or another.
  11. Beg away. Organizations are responsible to their investors and to their future health. An outcome such as this one is deleterious to their future.
  12. Not quite: it is the incompetent way of doing it. Not providing for the range of realistic possibilities is not free market: it is irresponsibility.
  13. Another reason for the EPA leadership to be invited to earn their living in an alternate way, say by using stationary bicycles to generate power.
  14. Sorry: the sarcasm got lost in translation 🤐
  15. It has long been an assumption of our society that one is entitles to privacy. It has nothing to do with hiding. It is simply that no one else needs to know an individual's business until and unless that individual breaks a law. I would add that the understanding also included the proviso that he law should be a reasonable one. Granted that the current infatuation with Social Media and vomiting all the stupidities that one commits all over the 'net is at odds with that previous understanding, BUT this Social media insanity is at least voluntary.
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