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  1. Thanks for that! Fragile seems to be the right word: it is thinner than paper!
  2. I have bought my son a 1/350 Alaska for Christmas along with a handful of enhancements, including a wooden deck set for it. I was shocked to find the deck set was sent rolled up rather than flat. Does anyone have any experience with these very thin, scale wooden decks? Should I unroll and store flat or just let him do so in a few months?
  3. TN provided not only an outlet but also a digest inlet: various postings enabled me to keep up with the breaking reports far more efficiently than I could have done so on my own. Beyond that was a sense of shared experience that made a very rough ride a little easier to bear.
  4. Over simplification, I think: enough of them remembered San Bernadino Strait and Taffy 3.
  5. One factor was the performance of the Fast BBs in the Solomons, where they proved to be unexpectedly effective AAA platforms. Eastern Solomons and Santa Cruz pretty much doomed the fast BBs to the role of CV escorts, and, when the Divine Wind began to blow, such capabilities were very much in demand.
  6. But, Doug, that saying doesn't give you the right to lock me in my house (or anywhere else) on the off-chance that my arm may accidentally come in contact with your nose. If you stay six feet away from me, well, my arms aren't that long, you see?
  7. Printing it would result in the newspaper being cancelled. There are a lot of things I have no desire to read but do have a need to read. . . .
  8. Self-fulfilling prophecy. You shake your 8-Ball, and the little window says : "Next BIG Thing: QuantumWidgets™️, so you put all your R&D resources into QuantumWidgets™️, and guess what happens. All of a sudden and without warning, QuantumWidgets™️ become a reality. Military version: your PredictaPen tells you that the Duchy of Grand Fenwick is going to go gunning for your recon overflights, so you augment their number and frequency. The augmentations irritate the Grand duke, so he decides to try to shoot one down to put you in your place.
  9. "Who do you think this man is? [Sneer] God?" "No. God would have mercy. He won't."
  10. Maybe, but it represents more US tax dollars than I and everyone in my extended family has ever paid or will ever pay all together, and, while waste in that arena is hardly news, it still galls me. I hereby nominate Biden for a Proxmire Award.
  11. I don't know that people will google "Tanknet miliatry forums," but we used to come up on more general searches for things like tanks and other hardware. I found the old Brunk forum looking for info on US halftracks using Infoseek, I think. How many hits would be above us on such searches i have no idea.
  12. FWIW, my comment wasn't aimed at DB but rather the larger context. If I should have made that more clear, i apologize.
  13. Humor is the FIRST target of GroupThink. Humor has the power to undermine just about any ideological thought pattern, especially Progressivism. Why do you think Pollack jokes have been frowned upon for so long (and they've been around at least since Shakespeare)? Start with humor that no one is invested in, and it makes gutting more pointed types that much easier.
  14. It's not odd, Stu. It's not a bug: it's a feature. Joe cares about no one. People--individuals and groups--are simply pawns to move and assets to expend.
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