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  1. In his Korea book, he characterized the 1st Marine Division's fighting retreat/march out of Chosin, inter alia, as having been made against 'light resistance.'
  2. That fits. In the 'successful' bombardment by two Kongos in October, there was a JA spotter plane aloft to spot for their 150mm guns, but the IJN relied on fires set by early salvos to provide aiming points. As quoted, the main airfield was back in action in a day or two and the fighter strips remained active the next morning.
  3. Spotting aircraft for shore bombardment? Who wudda thunk it.........?
  4. Surely you understand the interrelationship of doctrine, tactics, techniques and procedures? But maybe you have no experience with the evolution of doctrine? OTOH, maybe you are a clueless wanderer across the pages of naval history. I doubt that you will find much material on the IJN use of BBs in shore bombardment, nor of shore bombardment in general.
  5. Sending two Kongo class BBs to bombard an island airfield hardly signifies a change on BB doctrine; more so a solution to two BBs idle in theater with no carrier task force to escort.
  6. +1 In addition to "Remember PH" , there were some 660,000 Marines who coined "Remember Wake Island." The current USMC fighter squadron VMFA-211 is still named "Wake Island Avengers." In late 1945, the Saturday Evening Post published results of a reader poll on the topic of "do you approve of the use of atomic bombs vs Japan?" The result was approx. 75% approval rate with most of the c.25% wishing more bombs had been dropped.
  7. I would invite you to explain that statement, but frankly I don't care about such nonsense.
  8. Hi Sardaukar, I'm glad to see this post of yours, as I recently decided to resume playing this suspended life experience. I see the increases in complexity of the JA side, but also I'm finding some of the US procedures somewhat new. Just to try out, I was intrigued by the possibility of saving Wake Island. So I opened the game with no JA surprise at PH, allowing most ships in port to survive. I sent both Lex and Ent CV TFs to Wake and sent one of two PH surface combat TFs [ with the two Californias] there, but the other BB/CA TF I sent against a Catalina patrol sighting of the IJN found ENE of PH, only to have it flee back to PH on contact [??]!! Nagumo managed to get to Wake just after the two CV TFs had damaged [but not destroyed!] the Surface TF from the Marshalls, leaving the JA troops ashore to expire. But then began the slaughter! There had been bad weather all across the Central Pacific and contact was fleeting, but not fore the IJN! Two dive bomber squadrons from Lex turned back in the weather and did not press home, but Nagumo's gang did. Ent is sunk, Lex is 50% along with several CAs and some DDs sunk. They may never make it back to PH, but maybe Nagumo needs to continue westward. So, it's back to reading the encyclopedic rules and preparing for a new start in a full struggle of the widespread Allied forces. Cheers!
  9. Thus, hardly a decisive effect, especially unjustified when two sister Kongo class battleships were lost in November in the same mission.
  10. Only at night and with the target being the airfield. The 8-inch cruisers were considered more destructive. In any case there exist no definitive BDA info. Their repeats of that feat cost them IJN Hiei and Kirishima shortly afterwards [1st and 2d naval Battles of Guadalcanal].
  11. I should have mentioned that the USMC M1A1 tank platoon dropped to 4 tanks, as was the case with the US Army and several foreign armies with the new generation. The West German Army tankers at the time referred to it as "Eine Zug mit eine geschossen."
  12. Forgot that this was available online for the AT battalion and organization: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rw7jo4aoq4mdbh5/AABWuVsBzsQpvZBBqbEqVlVea?dl=0
  13. I'm traveling for a few days, but you have most everything correct. I'll look up the Amtrac and Ontos battalion numbers, but yours seem correct to me. M51s were scarce, one each for a tank company and H&S maint plt. Yes 2d Tk Bn had M103s through 1972. Barstow MC depot was the final resting place for all M103s. USMC tank bns went to four tank companies in mid1970, all medium M48A3s in 1972-74, then M60A1, M60A1 RISE/Passive/AOS until 1990 and the M1A1.
  14. Great, I don't have to wait!
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