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  1. Rod

    Israeli Afvs

    It seems the world over is reducing the numbers of MBTs in active service. While Israel may have fielded around 3500 tanks (Merkavas, M-60/Magachs, Centurions) given that the Egypt front is no longer a big strategic issue anymore, the Iraqi Army is a shadow of its Saddam Hussein height, and Syria's Army regular Army is pretty much gone, it can afford to re-organize its priorities where the next conflict will be: Gaza and Lebanon. There the tank's biggest nemesis will be advanced ATGMs such as Kornet. Thus every tank sent in combat must have an APS and be able to coordinate real time with Infan
  2. News says 2 Su-24 shotdown: https://theaviationist.com/2020/03/01/two-syrian-su-24-fencer-jets-and-a-turkish-drone-shot-down-over-idlib-region-syria/
  3. Is it a violation of Geneva Convention for Pakistan to deliberate parade the captured Pakistani pilot? On the other hand it is best to be shown alive before TVs given previous history of Indian pilots being executed.
  4. Ironically those are the Israeli upgraded Sabras for Turkey. How times have changed....
  5. The KSA/UAE will try to reach and liberate Hodeida. If they do will be a big blow to the Houthis. Going up the coast and taking all ports and isolating Saana seems like a reasonable strategy. Might force the tribes there to switch allegiances back to the Sunnis. Cash payments from Saudis/UAE might help unless Qatar pays more.
  6. Rod

    New Magach?

    There have always been little news here and there about the Tamuz missile and its use specifically to be able to take out any armada of Syrian tanks rolling in the Golan, which I guess to buy time until the reserves can get there, Similarly to what happen in '73 but the IDF probably wanted more insurance. 10 of these modified M-60s carrying 12 missiles each could theoretically take out 120 Syrian T-72s as they roll into combat while staying camouflaged and hidden many many kilometers away. Long range was thus key. They have used the Tamuz recently in the Golan when taking out Syrian targets
  7. Rod


    Top view of Armata. 2 front hatches in hull. Is the turret unmanned?
  8. So if the Russians and Chinese have jammers so will USAF fighters which bring the fight to IR missiles. Now there will be newer IR jammers so then all fighters will have to switch to guns. So have come full circle and we are back to simple dog fighting skills and quality of air to air gun.
  9. Jihad Plumber? Texas plumber has no idea how his truck got into Syria http://www.haaretz.com/mobile/1.632828?v=7244E0EC0F4C86E807B3FDBFBA43ABA1
  10. Russia is still controlled by Oligarchs. The only difference that these Oligarchs all answer to Putin. In Ukraine, the President (until Petro Poroshenko, whose job performance is still in progress) was controlled by the Oligarchs who cut a share. No, Ukraine today looks like Russia staying in Yeltsin period for 20+ years: in Russia (and in Ukraine) 1990th where hard time, but it was still great Soviet reserves left, demographic situation better at starting point, population educated and skilled, economic situation in World around much better. Russia managed to use opportunities and to so
  11. IMHO Ukraine today looks like Russia during the Yeltsin period: losing control of part of its territory (Chechnya), economic malaise, demographic imbalance and a general sense that the country is collapsing. It took a strong leader, Putin, to get the ship right. What Ukraine needs is a leader that will be more authoritarian. In emergency situations like this one needs an unified nation all together towards the same goals, even if there will be sacrifices along the way.
  12. The front half of the rifle now looks like a Galil which is based on the Valmet Rk-62 which itself was based on the AK-47. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-30302261 AK-47 maker Kalashnikov gives rifles makeoverThe Russian manufacturer of the AK-47 assault rifle has unveiled a new look for its guns, as well as a new logo, at a glitzy event in Moscow. The company is also branching out into fashion, launching a line of branded survival gear. The firm, which relies heavily on the export market, is among the targets of Western sanctions imposed over Russia's role in the Ukraine conflict. T
  13. Given the prevalence of ATGMs, wouldn't these watchtowers just be static targets for ISIS or Al-Nusra?
  14. War in Ukraine starting to reverberate German hoarded guns in bunker 'fearing Russia attack' http://www.i24news.tv/en/news/international/europe/51800-141121-german-hoarded-guns-in-bunker-fearing-russia-attack Police confiscated 2 submachine guns,80 rifles, 60 handguns, 20,000 rounds of ammunition, 88 pounds explosivesGerman police said Friday they had arrested a man who hoarded guns, ammunition and bomb­making material in a nuclear­proof family bunker he builtfearing an attack by Russia.The 59­year­old electrician had constructed the emergency shelter by expanding and reinforcing the basemen
  15. It comes with an adapter that shouts Allahu Akbar after every shot.
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