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  1. Different sides ERA same as on BM Oplot variant, new ERA on hull with separate bloks, air conditioner on the hull right, differnt design of slat armor, nothing speciall.
  2. Different project by Kiev MOD owned design center, not KMDB but army initiative. Hull anti mine upgrade, turret rised ~5 cm. Krab will be different if it will be built.
  3. Are there any photos of GM XM1, is it on display now?
  4. Don’t know details, but USSR tested tracks and road wheels of Leopard-1 and Leopard-2 in 1982, and a lot more. http://i.piccy.info/i9/97908205f2ed88316a60b1ca6aa21b9b/1609353010/156623/1397595/333.jpg
  5. It has all coax in the same belt (25) http://i.piccy.info/i9/456342d1989e9c64f29fe2852dcb799d/1608236857/362445/1397595/002.jpg
  6. Thanks. I mean this device on the photo above.
  7. Are the track connecting fixtures are the same for all tanks from M4 to M48-60 or they changed?
  8. Hi, I just did not want to make another thread. It is usuall for the 20 mm gun, but it is broken on the model.
  9. Any ideas what is this french turret history?
  10. Reminds mobile gun testing rig from KMDB.
  11. Maybe there are more pictures of GM XM1, any info if it will be restored?
  12. looks like aluminium tracks were used on General Motors XM1 , maybe somebody know their designation or any details?
  13. A documentary on how T-64A tank produced - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6Uda5F_fKg
  14. Thousands of usless slides from that conferention.
  15. Yes, you can see it in the background of the video I posted at 0:16. Great news. But it shows only part of it, will it be in the exposition and restored?
  16. Is GM XM1 prototype included in this collection?
  17. These BG design was very long in development up to the end of 80s, planned for future tank. They indeed made longer sabot, which reduced total T-64A ammo load which was considered not acceptable by KMDB. Another problem was different charges for HE and APFSDS rounds which was also considered as a problem at that time. D-89 was planned for object 480 future tank design, also remaining experimental design. Changing projectile size and making them non compatible with previous rounds was a huge problem.
  18. maybe somebody knows where is the Abrams prototype (GM) from this collection now?
  19. This was a family of caseless guns started in 1968 for the object 434 alongside with rifled 122 and 130 mm guns. It had V0= 1900...2000 m/s
  20. Are there any details on the Chrysler ХМ1 validation phase prototype comander weapons station? It looks like it has separate sight for mashine gun in front of the commander hatch?
  21. A question on this photo from Hunicutt book - this looks like Chrysler ХМ1 validation phase prototype, JE0001 ? Not XM1 FSED.
  22. It is about Soviet commander panoramis sight - http://btvt.info/5library/vbtt1988_4_t64_panorama.htm
  23. Why some M1s from early 80-s have welding line on the right rear hull plate and some not?
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