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  1. Hello, gents! Looking for more info, I've accidentally found that Hungarian book on RUBINM 1987 reorganisation from divisional into brigade structure. Here's the link: https://nkerepo.uni-nke.hu/xmlui/bitstream/handle/123456789/16055/Rubin-feladat 1987 2020.pdf;jsessionid=64E1BCEA8FC1859AD31BBB159835F132?sequence=1 That will be really good reading! Yep, there's a lot of good reading - the google translator online works pretty well, and the OoB is very detailed, with numbers and types of each weapons class. Perfect work!
  2. Got it, thanks! However, the Soviet units in Hungary need an update - they never had T-72 tanks while staioined there, they were re-armed from T-64 (which were transferred to Odessa MD units) into T-72s when moved to USSR (Byelorussian MD). Also, the USAF wing in Aviano did not exist then; Aviano was a USAF base for reinforcements, combat units were permanently based there during war in Yugoslavia. The Austrian Bundesheer also dd not have MLRS (if these are supposed to be the US famous MLRS) systems in 1989. However, it's a great basis for further update. And the Hungarian units are after the RUBIN reorganisation - great, thanks! Do you have that file available in MS Word format, so it could be updated, especially with Soviet and WarPact units?
  3. Perun, I've send You my e-mail, but did not receive anything, have You sent me the file or something wrong is with the e-mail?
  4. Sorry for digging out that topic, but where can this PDF be downloaded from?
  5. There are articles by Robert Rochowicz about such plans in Polish magazine "Morze, statki i okręty" in 2021: https://www.magnum-x.pl/sklep/morze-statki-i-okrety/id-2021/msio-3-4-2021 https://www.magnum-x.pl/sklep/morze-statki-i-okrety/id-2021/msio-5-6-2021 Early Cold War: https://www.magnum-x.pl/artykul/mobilizacja-polskich-jednostek-plywajacych-w-latach-50-xx-w Late Cold War: https://www.magnum-x.pl/artykul/mobilizacja-jednostek-plywajacych-w-latach-1962-1989
  6. IIRC until early 90s. Officially retired from service in 1993 and all in storage were scrapped by 1996.
  7. AFAIK there would be formed 3 x MR Divisions, however, with about 120 T-54/55 tanks each; if other units woulc be formed, then with T-34-85 only.
  8. Hello, Myjkola! TODAY I know that; THEN in 2007 I was NOT so wise... BTW: do You know, which reserve tank divisions these were?
  9. Hmmm... I have the 1st edition (with 216 pages only). Now must think if to get the 2nd... (270 pages). About the maps, I must look into it and let you know. IIRC there were photocopies of original maps.
  10. Here's more: https://www.mil-airfields.de/pl/list.htm and searching via Google by airfields' names you can find many interesting info. Special section here: https://www.mil-airfields.de/aa-world/highway-strips/index.html
  11. I don't know, this issue is to be published - will take a look on paper edition.
  12. Here's an article about those in Poland. In Polish, but can easily be translated. https://zbiam.pl/artykuly/drogowe-odcinki-lotniskowe/
  13. I don't think so - the "Soviet" website is a spin-off of the main website dedicated to Luftwaffe, which was updated at east in March 2023: https://www.ww2.dk/ The Soviet website may be iniactive due to Holm's inability to reach more recent Russian sources (the latest edition of Feskov's book was published in late 2021 just before the war with Ukraine and is pretty hard to purchase from Russia now. And FESKOV himself died in Summer 2022.
  14. I don't know, for me it opens in the web browser (Acrobat) and can download it on my disc.
  15. I'm not sure where put this link, so I put it in few places... https://wbh.wp.mil.pl/c/pages/atts/2023/4/bPawe_Piotrowski_-_Operacja_Wisa._Bron_jadrowa_na_terytorium_Polski.pdf An article about nuclear weapons storage sites in Poland - codename "Wisła" (Vistula) based upon documents from Central Military Archive.
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