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  1. Great thanks! Could it be that QLR would eventually be Saxon-equipped? (as a "maneuver reserve" bn for HQNI?)
  2. BTW, and (IMHO) related to this topic, 2 questions: 1) which battalion replaced the 3rd Bn, The Queen's Regiment in Aldergrove (39th Infantry Bde) in 03/90 after it departed to Cyprus, 2) which battalion should become a third airmobile bn of the 24th Airmobile Bde? in 1989 the 24th Bde had 2 x airmobile: 1st Bn, The Green Howards & 1st Bn, The Prince of Wales’s Own Regiment of Yorkshire; the 3rd Bn, The Light Infantry was Saxon-equipped in 1990 the 24th Bde had: 1st Bn, The Green Howards & 1st Bn, The Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment (airmobile) and 1st Bn, The
  3. Gah, seems that "Re-formed Guards Bde" would be another "light infantry" unit - another one intended for FIBUA? BTW 1: - what does "ITO" acronym mean? I'm still not familiar with those British acronyms and abbreviations... BTW 2: - were the soldiers of the Para regt Gp parachute trained in any way? If, for any reason, they would not be used in Hildeshei (say, 'cause the city being taken before they came there...), could they be attached to their "parent" 5th Airborne bde and be (for example) parachute dropped where and when the need be?
  4. Great thanks! 1) Could those newly formed TA bns and Yeomanry regts constitute those 2 new brigades? And any hint to what regts would those bns/regts belong wityhin The Regimental System? I suppose that these Yeomanries would be in light recon role (with Land Rovers, not Foxes...) 2) Is it possible that this "re-formed Guards Bde" could consist of "Bovington tank regt" and up to 3 Saxon-equipped (or maybe with surplus FV432?) battalions available in the UK? And BTW - Would the (TTW formally created) Para Regt Group (Bde?) be airmobile in similar way as the 24th Airmobi
  5. Yes, I know that website; there's a lot of valuiable material as well as listing of various sources he used, that could be found in the internet or just purchased for an affordable price.
  6. Well, guys, you have lots and lots of knowledge of the Cold War British Army, and I’m astonished and grateful for sharing that. Yet here’s another question, though related to the subject: If the MoD was to send to the Continent, say, 2 x Brigade HQs in order to: a) take command of 5 x TA’s battalions of the BAOR Garrison Areas and form a third Bde for 2nd Inf Div (so it would have 15 x inf bns 2 x arty regts, 2-3 recon regts) and b) form an “ad hoc” Mech Bde to support BAOR with (as discussed above) 2 (optionally up to 3) Saxon bns and tank regt, which would there be? 143rd and
  7. Okay, again thanks a lot! I'm only surprised with the number of Saxon battalions - always thought there were 9 of them! BTW: in case the "Tidworth option" was executed, where would come from the Recce sqn to support AMF(L)? The HCR would provide ony 3 - 3 x tracked to 3rd RM and 5th Para + 1 wheeled to Royal Family. But what with AMF(L)? Would they leave 1 sqn just for that purpose or drag it from elsewhere? And why here were only 8 Saxon-equipped bns? Lack of funds or something else? Do you know which were those 2 battalions that did not receive it, but were to be S
  8. Okay, so wasn't there any chance to: 1) expand the tank force of the UKMF/1st Inf Bde to 3x sqns of Chieftains and 2) have the Bovington& Catterick regiment to field a 3-sqns full regiment available to form another Briigade ready to deploy to the Continent? And also: given that the 143rd Bde was to be wholly Home Defence-role, could there be any other brigade formed from any "leftovers"? As "leftovers" I mean 3 x inf bns equipped with Saxons that were not the part of neither 1st nor 19th Bdes, i.e: - 1st Bn, The Duke of Wellington's Regiment - (from 143rd
  9. Oh Man! You're really good! And all those who supported You in that work! What means the "MHD KP" abbreviation? It's not explained in the doc, and not-so-easily-self-explanatory... All in all, as I understood from the docs you provided (and also the pat Callahan's work), that: 1) the HCR at Windsor (Blues and Royals or Life Guards, depending on which one was CVR(T)-equipped and which one was in Tank role at the moment) would provide 1x Sqn to 5 Abn Bde, 1x Sqn to 3 Cdo Bde (both tracked) and 1x Sqn as part of the Royal Family Bn Gp 2) 1 x sqn to the AMF(L) would be provide
  10. Thanks again! BTW, in the glorious work on BAOR: https://www.orbat85.nl/documents/BAOR-July-1989.pdf (that's the latest version; there were 2 previoous, each subsequent cotains more and more info and bibliography; excellent work indeed!) I've found something like this (page 115 of the PDF file): Thus IMHO one could expect, that if war broke ount, say, in 1989-90, there could be formed (from the reserve personnel) 2 x additonal squadrons armed with Chieftains (Life Guards and Royal Hussars) to be put as a support into any additional brigade formed up from "surplus" Regula
  11. Thanks; I've downloaded it but... what type of ile is *.kmz? An archive of some kind (packed files) or what? What software should I use to read the file(s)? EDIT: no question. just found the answer (view the file in Google Earth or unzip with WinZip or similar soft).
  12. The problem is, when I type the document's name in a web browser, it does not appear... could you please provide any link or info about the source hwere can it be downloaded from...?
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