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  1. Murph , do take care . I am 55 and do face many health issues too .
  2. History textbooks in many places in the world must be written by historians or teachers who have a firm grasp of the subject i assume . 5 to 6 years back i was glancing at my son's history textbook and it had a section on World War 1 with a map.Curiously it mentioned Italy and Portugal fighting on the side of the Central Powers. Having done a bit of reading up and consulting our TN great King Sargent and Swerve realised it was wrong. Brought it up to the school history teacher and told him the map was wrong. His answer ?. "The map on that page is a dynamic map mister ". . Never figur
  3. Malala , the girl who was shot by the Taliban giving a speech at the UN.
  4. For Fathers day. Long Korean production but quite moving.
  5. Whether Camp David would have happened minus the 1973 war is one of those great " what ifs " . My view is that even if it happened the Egyptians would not have had the confidence nor the Israelis the need to have put the entire Sinai on the table for discussion .
  6. The Jordanians performed creditably in 1948 winning several tactical victories and put up a tough defence in 1967 inflicting heavy casualties on the IDF. As the article says at least up to company level , there is little difference between an IDF infantry company and a Jordanian one . At the higher levels due to a whole host of factors (technology, logistics, command and control , superior staff officers etc) all synergise to bring about better performance on the Israeli side. No idea about the Omanis . The Arabs are naturally ineffective fighters and cant really be changed ? Well t
  7. +1 Chino & He make this thread worthwhile. + 2. Nuanced erudite posts both of you .Thanks. Have learnt quite a bit from this thread.
  8. Chino and Pikachu , excellent insightful posts thanks. . I understand that one of the Ming emperors was actually Muslim together with a number of generals of that era. What ethnicity was Cheng Ho ?. Hui ?.
  9. King Hussein himself apparently warned Golda Meir at one time of impending war but again was rejected . Why?. Probably they had their own deep cover assets (Like the Source Ashraf Marwan) and others telling them otherwise.
  10. The head of the PKK Ocalan sitting in his prison on an island near Istanbul has called for peace with the Turks and even (gasp) integration with Turkey rather than a separate homeland. Does it mean the end of one of the bloodiest insurgencies in world. ?. Anyone one of our well travelled TN'ers been to the Kurdish parts of the country. ? How are things like there?. Article from Times http://world.time.com/2013/03/22/in-deepest-kurdistan-a-wary-welcome-for-peace-with-the-turks/
  11. They knew something was up with the Syrians and is why they had two brigades active and in position prior to Yom Kippur. They also had reserves being called up to draw their equipment, though not to move to the heights. With the Egyptians, they felt safe and secure behind the Suez Canal. Besides, the Egyptians to force the canal? Inconceivable. The Syrians had lost an air battle with a dozen aircraft downed (?) and some sort of retaliation in the Golan was expected but not a full scale war on 2 fronts . Fairly detailed article on Ashraf Marwan. http://www.jpost.com/Magazine/Features/Ar
  12. The first Malaysian soldier is killed plus 3 more of the Suluk intruders in a skirmish . http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2013/3/12/nation/20130312163039&sec=nation
  13. 22 more bodies discovered in the zone of operations . Total intruders killed now 70 plus ?. Are the others dispersed and with local sympathisers or trapped ?
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