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  2. Dehumanization of the Other is a necessary precondition for the civil war too many on the extreme (and growing to be moderate) on both sides seem to want. When one is the object of dehumanization efforts for long enough, one starts to use the same language, same methods in response. I can't tell you what the ultimate results of this trend will be, but we have some hints from history. Nobody will come out winners. All will lose. And most will regret not taking whatever opportunity they missed to avoid it.
  3. Oh, it is very clear when he gets Amygdala Hijacked. I only have to see the post after post after post after post after post after post (probably at about the posting rate limit) to see that he's REEEEeeeeeing. Others do it too, but not nearly as bad. You can hold a position well to the "Left" of the Grate Site "Center"* without being a raging asshole on an amygdala hijack trip (Stuart Galbraith does this well, to name one. I may not agree with him, but I respect that he is arguing honestly). *The "Center" here is quite a bit to the "Right" by most normal metrics, so take the labels as relative not absolute.
  4. I'm seriously not convinced you are not a GRU agent here to sew anti-American discord. Because it is more disturbing if you are not. Has anyone here actually met Paul? I had Murph added when I was on FB. I may not have met him the other day upon the stairs in a place that neither of us were.
  5. honestly, that is the most idiotic critique of "the wall" it boils down to It can't work 100% of the time, so we shouldn't do it at all. Do you apply this in literally *any* other area of life? Does anyone? Seatbelts won't save all lives in every car accident, so we shouldn't have them in cars. Vaccines don't prevent all possible diseases, so we shouldn't get any. No. Nobody does that. You may be against the wall. Fine. Lots of people are. But this argument against it? 100% stupid. Stop making it. Make a _real_ argument. Propose a solution that addresses the real issue, that doesn't involve yelling "Shut Up You Racist"
  6. That degree and a few bucks can buy you a cup of coffee. I don't care about your degree (or lack their of). I care about your ability to THINK. (not pointed at you Sunday, I *know* that you can think)
  7. Solid Answers: 1) Until the world actually stops spinning, we will continue on the assumption that it will continue. To do otherwise is to invite despair. We strive to make the world a better place for our children and our grandchildren. 2) Rather than apply some arbitrary cap to wealth or income or property or intelligence, let us instead find ways to incentiveize those who are "better off" to "give back" to their community, their country, and their planet. You CAN save the world AND get rich doing it. That's the American Way. 3) Any living person who lived under Slavery in States or Territories of the United States are owed due compensation. Those responsible and enabling it should face maximum penalties under the law. Further, we should strive harder to work to stamp out the international sex slave trade. It is one of the greatest tragedies of our age that this illegal and immoral activity takes place in the world today.
  8. I don't think he blinked. I think he is calling the Democrats' bluff.
  9. He's pretending to work. I'm sure he's just Furloughed along with the rest of the non-essential govvies. Meanwhile, I'm working OT. It's good to be a contractor.
  10. I found a patch which fixes 95% of the issues with Windows 10: https://linuxmint.com/ No, I'm not joking. Unless forced to use it for work, I won't run Windows anymore. Windows 10 is a raging dumpster fire and best be abandoned by all users with haste.
  11. Most contractors I know in the DC area are still working and getting paid. I actually don't know any contractors who are having any issues from this shutdown (I'm certain they exist). Most of those impacted are the Govvies in the shutdown/furloughed agencies. Some are funded, so they are working and getting paid. It will take a much longer shutdown to really cause much actual pain in the DC Metro area.
  12. My google-fu says this is a Mozilla/Firefox issue, and likely related to a bad plugin: "Google Search Fixer" - disable that extension/addon and it may fix it. Or that's simply where the mob brain trust has mostly encountered the issue before, and it is in fact unrelated. I've never heard of that error before.
  13. What sort of errors are you seeing? There are many ways for the Rube Goldberg contraption that computers and the internet form to break. Without specific error codes, it is difficult to say what is wrong. There has been no widespread issue on the internet that I know of in the last few days.
  14. And you are correct. TN is harming it's long term survival by not fixing these issues.
  15. hottest of hot takes: https://twitter.com/Slate/status/1083035067587461121
  16. Nonsense. The IGB worked because the state who build it wanted to keep its citizens *in* not others out. So people were actively discouraged (now, that sounds nice, doesn't it) to get the means to surmount the obstacles. Good luck trying to get Mexico to do that. I guess you'd rater initiate a prospering industry of wall crawling machines. The IGB worked so well because lethal force backed it up. If you give Border Control the authority to shoot on sight, you don't need to build a wall. The number of people who have died crossing the desert "no mans land" suggests that is not so. The problem is the prosperity gradient is so high, nothing will stop the flow. You can, at best, reduce it. Even the IGB had folks cross it successfully. The prosperity gradient there was of comparable scale. What needs to happen, is those who would come cross the border need to have the pressure to cross dropped - preferably by improving the standard of living and level of prosperity of the place of origin, rather than by reducing the standard of living and level of prosperity of the destination. So long as there is little/no hope of a better life where they are, they will risk everything to cross the border. Because even a 1% chance of survival and entry into the "land of opportunity" is better than the no hope where they are. This is not, at root, a US problem - this is a central and south american problem. To the extent that is IS a US problem, is only insofar as the peoples are fleeing and making it into a US problem. If they want the US to fix it, we can. It will involve replacing the governments in the countries of origins. That's not going to happen, because those are not our countries.
  17. https://twitter.com/Cernovich/status/1081428093204553728 Point and laugh all you want. You are looking at the new face of the Democrats. This is the face of the boot that will be stomping on all our faces, and to thunderous applause. But by all means, point and laugh, and don't take her seriously.
  18. CT96

    weird news

    ... ... Was this your family or someone you knew? Do you not get the whole "Florida Man" memetic going on in this country? ... ... Get your panties untwisted.
  19. PG county has a... reputation... in the DC Metro Area. It reminds me very much these days of Ost Berlin and some of the areas I visited im ost before reunification. Stunningly so, actually.
  20. CT96

    weird news

    I might buy bad maintenance leading to issues.... if it weren't a 4 month old fridge. That speaks to either a major design/manufacturing defect, OR, "something else" going on.
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