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  1. well, if the children of rich capitalists can tell us how bad capitalism is and how good communism is… then the reverse is also true. 😉
  2. Well, if the coal mine is flooding and is at the same grade as the canal system or there are locks, thats super efficient.
  3. It was a major boon yes. It's just it was a development step that was sunk costs for not a lot of as much long term gain. Early on it made perfect sense. Exactly. A Leg up.
  4. Maybe if the artists worked in oils? 🙃
  5. Don't forget commerce. A lot of payment systems were down as well. The key operational takeaway was test your code revs before deploying. In an enterprise environment, don't roll out the new updates without letting them bake for a week or two, even if it's a security vulnerability. If it is, then fast track your testing. Crowdstrike was only slightly less deep than the Solar Winds breach, which left a lot of vulnerabilities that folks just didn't know the true scope of.
  6. Brings to mind the Dog Parks paper of Pluckrose, Lindsay and Boghossian.
  7. Yes there are exceptional folks. As I noted with references to the Hudson Valley School of painters, who by definition for their expansive paintings went into the back country. Is that the rule or the exception? If I go out to the oil exploration regions of the US will I find many artists making paintings of the oil workers? What percentage of the population is there in such locales?
  8. The Roads and canals projects helped. The extensive canal network was a useful driver. But obviously canals for small narrow boat traffic isn't as efficient as rail is from a manpower perspective. The US has some canals but mostly along rivers to bypass fall lines and ways to link certain rivers.
  9. Make incentives to do so by way of taxes and other policy. I cannot understand you. You hate Trump. Apparently because he wants to make the US better again and rebuild our infrastructure. So rebuild it. Probably because the government was soaking BP with taxes and other harmful regs. Figure out what business needs and make that happen. If you are looking for politicians who can find common ground with businesses and bankers, you have to meet the half way and live up to the agreements.
  10. Which was by our Democrats. Whom you support. And they weren’t our citizens. And you hadn’t been at war with China for 20 years. But sure aside from all that, exactly the same.
  11. So no-one has learned from anything? Funny thing is you get more wound up about January 6.
  12. Globalist and Socialists kind of align. Both are internationalists. But the aspects that put the WEF in the control seat really only became clear more recently. It still industrializes China over the UK. It better explains ceasing Hong Kong to China along with the millions of former British citizens.
  13. Now imagine if they had met ahead of time to plan for the fire response at Kings Cross to plan for the incident, go over the response plan, establish areas of responsibility, contingencies and other details and they STILL had such a failure.
  14. If the rifle was prepositioned, how the hell was that missed? And its now reported that Crooks flew a drone over the event. The feds didn’t have a single drone but the shoe string assassin 20 yo did?
  15. I was contemplating the unrest from immigrants. We are used to historical examples of bordering and mixed cultures coming into conflict. Anglo and Saxon, Scots and Gael, Scots and English, German and Polish etc. But why would you work to import another culture to cause added conflicts?
  16. Don’t you know that castrating depressed people with sexual frustrations solves that issue?
  17. He doesn’t get the deindustrialization has been happening or why. And where he does, he considers it fait accompli. A natural order of things. He doesn’t grasp that the reason the globalists so oppose Trump is that he directly opposes their objectives.
  18. Biden again states he is not getting out of the presidential race. https://www.dailywire.com/news/biden-releases-statement-indicating-he-is-not-dropping-out-of-race?topStoryPosition=1
  19. You lot can't build and field a rifle that doesn't fall apart. How are you going to re-form Vickers or AVRO? Germany isn't much better. You've shitcanned your energy policy and energy independence, how are you going to gin up industry? I suppose you could buy from Japan. They could make you Howa rifles I suppose. Or South Korea, Daewoo.
  20. There's still room for an October Surprise. With the details pointing to the fact that the USSS is complicit in allowing an attempt on Trump, who knows if he can make it to November let alone next year.
  21. Who are they going to buy from? Elbit and Rafael? They're on the Hamas bandwagon. Are they going to buy from Russian Defense companies Chinese? How many backdoors will they get?
  22. Fuckers. Cue the handwringing about the sanctity of NATO.
  23. Nonsense an actor who played a magical space magician with a robot hand knows more.
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