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  1. Vastly? Twice is VASTLY? 🥱 https://informationisbeautiful.net/visualizations/the-microbescope-infectious-diseases-in-context/ Regular Seasonal Flu is 1. Covids R0 is ~ 2. Spanish Flu was 2.2 The Common cold is 2. TB is 2.3 Sars is 2.8 Norovirus is 4.3. HIV is 6. Cholera is 9.5 Rabies is 10. Malaria is 17.
  2. This is because mouth breathing customers (and employees) who have the self awareness of a gnat will walk in front of the forklift and even step up under the forks while the equipment is being worked.
  3. At least in foot ball you don't see the referees rolling around on the ground in pain trying to get an oscar as a general rule.
  4. Not surprising with all those wealthy princes.
  5. Evidence at hand says otherwise. I suspect that Baldwin has some large measure of authority in this...whether it is founded or not is another question.
  6. Well, given Baldwin is already hoplophobic from a political standpoint, I am unsympathetic to the general problem of what Hollywood may find to be unpractical. The left in Hollywood is some of the most pushy of the gun control crowd and have ZERO problems with pushing controls, requirements and demands upon the rest of us. They do the same vis a vis Police and security.... So.....it's not unrealistic to demand that they have some more formalized training since it IS part of their job. Yes. In this case Baldwin was also the Producer of the film, so he's management as well as an actor. And yes, as he was the producer for the film and the hiring practices probably rested in part on on his shoulders, he was in the decision chain.
  7. Huh that is interesting. How shallow is the shelf there?
  8. Arguably anyone who is being PAID to handle firearms ought to consider it part of their job to handle them safely and competently. This unionized "it's not my job" nonsense from the movie industry is stupid. Here's an example of doing this right.
  9. Star crimped blanks are common in the re-enacting scene. Some are wax plug types. Some are short, others are like a full length cartridge with crimped brass in place of a bullet. These feed better in semi/full automatic weapons. AIUI, for grenade launching, British types are called ballistite cartridges, used for both the no 36 mills bombs and the 4" smoke bombs from AFVs. These usually have a very solid black varnish coating over the tip. They are very strong and are not usually used for reenacting. Sometimes they pop up and we discourage their use for that.
  10. Wait, Judges in Canada can dictate what ministers preach? 🤔
  11. "There were two misfires on the prop gun on Saturday and one the previous week, the person said, adding “there was a serious lack of safety meetings on this set.”" That's an interesting observation/claim. What's a misfire in their minds? Does this mean that someone decided that the charge wasn't large enough and upped it on the blank side of things with the wrong size adaptor fixture?
  12. Yep. But if there was a catastrophic disassembly of the firearm due to say an over pressure, I could imagine other bits coming out.
  13. Expect everything filtered through media to be wrong. Just based on what I've heard of the account, My money is on a BFA threaded insert failing as it was not torqued down, was close to failing OR being hit with an overly hot blank charge. Or whomever had hands on the weapon and blanks. Supposedly there's some sort of IATSE strike right now, or there was threat of one or something.
  14. Given that this was apparently gain of function research being funded by the US Gov't through a proxy and with money given to China in all of this: What I want to know is who at NIAID or elsewhere is going to... 1. Be fired. 2. Be held legally liable. 3. Be held criminally liable. Arguably they have partial responsibility for millions of deaths.
  15. Its become a sink or swim environment. I know one that was struggling. Its also something that takes a lot of front money to start.
  16. Given how the Brits have managed to destroy all their other industries over the past 60 years, why should farming get any special treatment? Turn all the farms into council house estates and put the chavs to work growing lupins.
  17. Generally yes. There are scenes where one may want to 'shoot' someone up close. But those require extra and very deliberate steps to be sure of safety. Skipping those is probably what killed people.
  18. Yep, Re-enactors have been fiddling with this a great deal. Blank firing on a 37mm cannon is interesting. I DO have to be careful when firing to be sure that other folks aren't TOO close to the gun as the report and flash is quite strong even though its only from a 10 gauge shot gun adapted to the breech area.
  19. Except they probably want to be subservient to a unified global communist government, given how most environmentalists are also communists.
  20. I am wondering if this is an example of the arms master failing to sanitize the props or baldwin doing something moronic with a prop setup for a specific function. However, given how moronic and ignorant the media types are with firearms it could be a combination of things.
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