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  1. There was a later technology change that allowed "Big Data" to be the thing. In the early 2000s we were spending significant computing power crunching log data from web sites just to see what page views were made by what users. The Sun Ultra 4000 was just enough to cruch that data and keep ahead of that day's traffic. If it was off line it would take several days to catch back up with the sheer volume of log traffic. Fast forward to 2010 or so and Netezza's Twin Fin was what we had for this and it was something that needed upgrading to handle the data volume. It was bought by IBM later as they liked the special sauce that Netezza worked into the IBM H Series Blade Chassis/cards. We had a TwinFin 12 that was later upgraded to a TwinFin24. http://docshare04.docshare.tips/files/8365/83652793.pdf It was eclipsed 4 years later by the same level of processing being done on normal hardware but more massively parallel and without the special chips that were part of the TwinFin line of processing cards. Then in the 2015 or so time frame, that's when "Big Data" started getting thrown around and around 2018 was when I was hearing management talking about predictive data gathering on users that could tell what they wanted/desired just by looking at a few frames of imagery on their smart TV, even if not looking at a specific stream. So if you were playing GTA at home, with no streaming/cloud service in play, the TV would still be capturing those metrics and sending it back to the BigData Warehousing firms.
  2. In the US System, you don't have to hand them $100,000 in cash. You have to provide 10% to a bail bondsman, that can be assets, vehicles what not. He then posts the bond and he keeps it if you show or not. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bail_in_the_United_States#Types_of_bail You'd expect that someone like John Earl Sullivan would have the same bail terms though for the same charges? Does he?
  3. No, I mistrust them because they've lied, changed advice to match union desires and changed advice to match political reasons. I still look at what they're saying under the hood but I DO want to look at the man behind the curtain and NOT just the great wizard of Oz. Let me make a point I've made before. I grew up in a family that were involved in the HIV investigations and my Mother was working in a variety of infectious diseases research. I have an innate level of trust with people from the CDC/Emory University Medical complex. At the same time having worked there myself, I've also seen how it can be exceedingly political AND how various actors within that system can come up with absolute bullcrap for medical or academic research. How many times do you have to have an organization lie and or obfuscate the truth before you want to see what they promulgate backed up with something more than just a "do as we say"?
  4. Yeah. The mandates are misguided. But they were at least across the 50 states and didn't have the same level of hysterical attached to it. There are factual reasons are why one should be endorsing such a vaccine, but for folks who aren't actually sexually active it makes little sense. If you're on Tinder and banging different girls every weekend, you probably SHOULD look at an HPV vaccine. Go down on chicks that my have it, you might find esophageal cancer in your future. Gay men...well duh. The transmission rate for STDs in that community is rather high.
  5. COVID has similar elevated risks based on age and comorbidities. Clearly, not incomparable. HPV mostly affects women and some select numbers of gay men. It also has a rather high reproduction rate. "Worldwide prevalence of cervical HPV infection is approximately 10%". (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/21415377/) There's too much do as we say for reasons to simply trust that. The same risk assessment I made which allowed me to go back to work when asked is the same sort of risk assessment I am making now. Your straw man argument is disingenuous. Will vaccination change an already cleared infection? Will vaccination TREAT an extant infection?
  6. But John Earl Sullivan is released without bail. https://thefederalist.com/2021/01/17/federal-judge-releases-blm-capitol-rioter-without-bail/ It sure does seem like there's not a very consistent standard...or perhaps there is. The standard is that if you align left there's more mercy by the courts in DC/New York.
  7. The left is big on who gets bail or not based on the crimes. Is this a good benchmark to reference? 2 Brooklyn attorneys granted bail in NYPD firebombing case Two Brooklyn attorneys have been granted bail on federal charges in the firebombing of a New York City police vehicle amid demonstrations over the weekend triggered by the police killing of George Floyd in Minnesota https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/brooklyn-attorneys-granted-bail-nypd-firebombing-case-71006940 Compare with this one.... What about justice for this Capitol rioter? https://nypost.com/2021/02/17/what-about-justice-for-this-capitol-rioter-devine/
  8. You don't think that perhaps he's opposed to the idea of authoritarian death camps and the double speak around them? I have a friend who has a Che-Guvara t-shirt. It shows Che with a bullet hole in his head. Is that a communist t-shirt or an anticommunist t-shirt? Do you think someone walking around with an INGSOC T-shirt or mask is endorsing the concepts in 1984 or warning against it?
  9. Penfold would be very upset to realize that there's 'fascist' iconography already in the building. http://files.abovetopsecret.com/files/img/iy4f1ec29b.jpg
  10. I suspect it's more than that. We don't know what the long term effects are. Let me give you a different example. Look at the HPV vaccine roll out. They didn't just start giving it to EVERYONE age/gender. They rolled it out for a very specific group of folks most at risk. Then they expanded it over several years based on likely carriers and other such folks. HPV is responsible for a couple of types of cancers. So rather serious stuff. But it was also not just thrown out there into the wild with demands that everyone take it and without any review of long term effects on each age and gender group.
  11. Probably also unrelated to the political alignment of the state too eh? You can say it.
  12. Only pertinent for women who sleep around and then decide they don't want to have that kid. For anyone else or even you children, it's everyone else's business.
  13. I'm having to deal with that. Work has deemed that the portion that is connected with our news division (but not sports and entertainment) must be vaccinated. We'll see if I'm employed in a month or not.
  14. Eric is. But I think you mean Bret as his channel, Dark Horse has been targeted by the progressives at Google. Related. Stephen Crowder is going in for a strange sort of thoracic surgery.
  15. Tenth Amendment - United States Constitution The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people. It may come as a shock to you but the federal government doesn't have unlimited power and that the states have powers over certain things that may not be entirely clear. What IS clear however is that the states have more say in how local businesses run than the federal government should have. What I feel about it is immaterial. The State of Florida has a codified legal authority that the CDC does not have. In fact even where the CDC is concerned, I'd be curious to know what legal powers they think congress may have granted them, even non counting the specifically granted powers in the constitution given to the federal government. You will have to however admit that your assertion was proven simply false by a simple citation of CDC regulatory demand that was lacking in legal authority, but which they went to court to argue that they had. What ever state powers they have, it'll derive from their specific state constitution.
  16. And now you have the White House bragging about selecting people that they want big tech to censor.
  17. Funny, it took a court to TELL them that. They still figured they had the power regardless and exercised it. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/more/pdf/CDC_Eviction_Extension_Order_Final_06242021.pdf
  18. Well, if someone isn't arrested and charged, did the crime actually occur? This all ties into the 2+2=5 logic that the left is pushing.
  19. Hmm. President Wiggam or President Magoo?
  20. I think it's easily established that DeBlasio is a worse mayor than Khan. Not that either are examples of good management or insight into what's required. Vying for worst place with New York isn't exactly a thing that's good even if NYC gets ahead of you. It's like bragging that you don't have as many syphylis sores as the other guy.
  21. rmgill

    NASA G2

    Screwing up the orbit like that is potentially bad if not reversed. That's a scream at the computer and 're-load the save' moment in KSP. 😁
  22. SNAFU's in DC? You don't say... You know what SNAFU means right? Situation Normal, All Fucked Up. That is NORMAL for DC. Let me give you an example. In many US cities there is a segment of the hoodlum population that will ride around the city, in packs of 50 or more usually, on off road bikes, 4 wheelers, ATVs and what not. They ignore traffic laws, perform random acts of crime if it so strikes them, and generally cause problem. The vehicles aren't licensed for the road either (tags would make it easy to find them. One of those hoodlums drove through a red-light, at speed and was crunched by a DC Fire Truck which had the green. The body was so badly mangled it was a challenge to identify him. His buddies didn't stick around apparently. When they finally did identify the next of kin, his babymama sued for the wrongful death, the city paid it without even going to court. Yeah. SNAFU with an emphesis on NORMAL.
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