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  1. There's a Facebook page "Modern African Bushwars" that would probably be able to help you in your search. If nothing else, they do post some good photos.
  2. I am about half-way through the book and was planning on commenting once I had finished. So far it is a very good, very detailed look at the early design attempts of TD's. One negative comment that I was going to make is that some of the photos are so dark that they are of not much use.
  3. An uncle who flew B-25's in the Med Theater had nothing but good things to say about it. In his words - "a pleasure to fly". He also mentioned that having a good co-pilot was a plus.
  4. I had read that one of the reasons the SU-76 was not liked was because of the two engine arrangement. Something about getting them synchronized correctly. Wasn't it built on the T-70 chassis?
  5. My Russian isn't good enough to keep up with the fast-talking blonde reporter but how long did it take them to set up that pontoon bridge?
  6. Looks like they did their homework on camoflage paint.
  7. One could always go to www.narccisistfucktardflyingwheeltrapofdeath.com
  8. Al


    I rarely go to movies because most of what Hollywood produces is pure crap (see Al Gore's new "movie" coming out) but Dunkirk is an exception and well worth seeing.
  9. Will there be any clandestine shipments of defense technology to Japan via submarine?
  10. Minor point but on the photos of the T-34-85s they seem to have a variety of road wheels. Some solid, some spoked (if that's the correct term) and in various positions. Were the solid road wheels replaced with the spoked variety as they wore out or was there some other reason?
  11. There's a large NATO exercise going on in Romania right now as well.
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