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  1. Noticed interesting unit identifiers, er ir re reme ,and attempted to Google search their meanings, never getting a definitive result, only vowels. Do the more learne-ed at this 'grate site' have more to help bring meaning to these?
  2. Cambridge Ancient History (nm'ty) and (hsy) While they give a 'could mean' for hsy, have seen it referenced in other works, sometimes as (hsy) or-as (hsy') Has me confounded.
  3. Feeling rather chimp'ish, through my lack of Google-foo skills, to uncover a rather unique issue. In my numerous decades upon this planet, have never seen a sentence ended with either (hsy') or (nm'ty). Have been reading historical works, and through that train-of-thought, figured it would be a further reference- no luck. So I turn towards the hive-mind, in effort to illuminate the terrain before me. thank-you in advance. w/r.
  4. When asked for comment, 30 million voices were not heard.
  5. Have a rather extensive dvd collection, which i would like to convert to digital format. what is the best program i can use for this? thank you.
  6. Is there a method or porting over games, and programs being used, without loosing anything, or having to re-install programs with attached addons? thank you.
  7. It worked. I copied in the url at the top of the browser, versus the share at the bottom of the video, and it self-embedded. Thank you.
  8. I may have asked this question; though some years past- memory fails. Does there exist any others' here, which invest time in this program?
  9. I am curious if any missiles were designated as decoys "look at me and shoot here" vs. those with actual targets?
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