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  1. Congratulations on ensuring the immediate descent of this thread into the usual FFZ shit fest.
  2. the saddest political trend I see is the one where people wish that their political opponents who win an election will fail in office. It's as if they've lost sight of the fact that if the head of government fails, then everyone suffers. Worse yet, I see that there are deliberate attempts to ensure failure (we see it in deliberate obstructionism in the civil service, with wilful misrepresentation and delaying/obstruction of national policies, etc. And I'll say it before you do - "waah, these are all things that have been done to undermine Trump". Yes, indeed they are, but these tactics ar
  3. The "Oxford vaccine" has early Phase 3 results. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-55040635 The 70% effectiveness claimed is notably lower than that claimed by the other two, but this vaccine is less sensitive to uncontrolled storage conditions and is likely cheaper to manufacture. More intriguing is the variable results from the dosing given with the first and second inoculations - if there is an actual improvement with a Low/High dose mix then 90% effectiveness would be excellent. Note also that there appears to be a reduction in symptom severity for those inoculated with the L
  4. That's the way it looked for a week or two in the UK, too. I posted a chart a few days ago showing that deaths do rise, but as a ratio of deaths to positive tests is far lower. the overall ratio of deaths to positive test results has dropped from 15.7% in April to about 3.75% now. Nevertheless, deaths are rising again to average over 400 per day.
  5. Ha, no. I'll leave that one for Stuart. More the bit about the soldiers carrying their rifles.
  6. Are the stacking apps using super-resolution techniques? I first read about those when looking at papers from NASA where different orbiting imager data was being composited. Coincidentally, this was Mars imagery. Must have been mid 90s.
  7. Not entirely clear Simon, although it is suggested that this is likely to fund the cyber defence and space sectors. If it is ring-fenced for those, it means the existing budget doesn't have to stretch to cover them, which might allow the services to piss it away whilst pretending to address the existing project portfolio mismanagement. I expect a fleet of Sabre engined hypersonic bombers in 4 years but suspect we'll get a bottle-rocket fired from either Newquay or Spaceport Scotland, whichever is more politically expedient.
  8. He could don the hair shirt and squat in Gaza. You decide if I'm talking about Corbyn or Trump at this point.
  9. And the UK announces a £16.5 billion increase in defence spending spread over the next five years. Apparently this is on top of the manifesto pledge to increase defence spending by 0.5% above inflation. It's about +10% per year for the next four years. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-54988870 Interestingly, the Labour party seems to be broadly in favour too. At least until the Corbyn wing throwbacks win back control.
  10. There is far too much hearsay about the status of the Georgia recount. Is there some official, or at least credible, place where one can compare the original counts with the recounts?
  11. Unfortunately the Walton County newspaper is blocked in the EU, so I can't see what they're reporting as a change. If the video just posted contains mixed ballots in the same proportion as the existing Floyd County results, then it would likely also favour Trump. of course, they might be sorted and then it could be either way. I wonder how many hundred votes are in those boxes. How incompetent do you have to be to not be able to tabulate ballot boxes received and counted against those expected?
  12. I wonder if Donald would like to take British citizenship.. he could then be PM, at least until the Dems get him convicted of electoral fraud...
  13. Ok, so advance voting should be considered subject to the same integrity assessment as polling day voting, although there is a potential time related exposure risk to its manipulation. It's also the traditional approach to ensuring that people who cannot attend on polling day can still exercise their right to vote. Why then is a mail-in option offered? Is it as simple as accommodation for people who can't be bothered to go on any day in advance? I have an opinion about that.
  14. I am slightly confused by the different methods used to cast votes in the US. I'm mostly interested in the difference between an "advanced" (sic) vote and a mail-in vote. Aside from the slightly facetious comment that an advanced vote is obviously better than a basic one, what's the difference between voting in advance and a mail-in vote? I ask because for Georgia, the proportion of voters for each of the two main candidates was markedly different, with Trump supporters being significantly less likely to use mail-in votes (between about 30% and 65% proportionally with a couple o
  15. If the test is expected to give a false negative 30% of the time, but there are no systematic causes of failure, then taking two identical tests would yield a 9% chance of a false negative from two tests, and so on. It's unlikely that there would be complete independence- for example, Musk might have been tested using the same incorrect technique, or using test kits from a common defective batch, etc. I believe that most medical tests have a control built in which mitigates for some systemic faults, but it won't catch all of them. However, he had 4 tests with 2 positive and 2 negative res
  16. Although FOBS is one approach, it's not the flavour of the month, which prefers hypersonics that are manoeuvrable in the atmosphere and significantly harder targets. Air breathers can use storable liquid propellants, you don't need cryogenic propellants for ram/scram jets.
  17. They seem to really be looking for a "block 3" version, or maybe it's block 2, Wikipedia's article is the usual confused mess. If these things aren't already present, I'd expect Insensitive Munition improvements, smaller but far more capable electronics, maybe a prox fuse, improved warhead design, sensor improvements, better active battery time, updated IFF, some performance improvement due to better aerodynamics and flight profile management. 40 years is a very long time, and the only thing that hasn't moved on by orders of magnitude is the energetics, which have improved but primar
  18. DB


    Is it exile if you left of your own accord? We have been having some success in selling ship designs and missiles recently. Both to the Canadians, ship design only to the Australians and missiles to NZ. It's almost as if we share a common bond, or maybe we just managed to build a product that was useful outside of the narrow interests of the RN. On the broader front, the removal of the EU as the arbiter of foreign economic policy might allow the UK to improve relations with the Commonwealth states in general and Canada, Aus and NZ in particular. We can but hope, given how we've ignor
  19. Superheroes are almost by definition not actually heroic. In most instances, they are protected by plot armour and so aren't actually in peril )although, to be fair, on Deadpool seems to actually know this). True heroism is exhibited by those who do what they must do in spite of the personal risks. I think that there are many stories where the premise is based on the novice becoming the hero. The TV Trope seems to call this "Rookie Red Ranger". https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/RookieRedRanger
  20. DB


    We know very little about it because our media is rather more concerned about which moron gets into the White House than it is about domestic concerns. As for the details - if we buy cars as imports, then we don't care if the cash goes to Germany or to Japan. it's leaving the UK regardless. If we have a trade deal with Japan and not the EU, then I suppose we'll see more Lexus on the roads and fewer Mercedes. The reliability will improve, of course.
  21. Apparently people think it looks like the author's face.
  22. Well, the spare was OK, so there was no problem
  23. UK Deaths. Raw data, showing weekend dips due to reporting delays and 7 day rolling mean.
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