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  1. I have a soft spot for the M24 because of "The Day the Earth Stood Still". Can't find the clip I want, but they come tearing out of the base sliding sideways onto the main road, more like drift cars than tanks. However, overall, both the Centurion and the M41 simply look right. Might be because I had models of both when I was small.
  2. And there it is, the perfect storm. Not only an appeal to authority, but even better than that, an appeal to authority gained through genetic memory, or perhaps osmosis. If you rubbed against his legs as a young'un, did you find that you gained knowledge more quickly, or just static electricity?
  3. It's beginning to look like the omicron surge is past. I looked at the numbers from here: https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/ From a fairly steady state case rate (positive test results, mainly LFT followed up by PCR) of between 35,000 and 40,000 cases per day from August through to the end of November, the surge shown starts on about 4 December and peaks with a 7 day average of 192,000 cases per day. This now appears to have dropped back down to 103,000 per day. Hospitalisation rate increases look to have lagged the case rate increase by approximately 12 days, with mean rate from August to 16 December being about 750-1000 per day and ramping up to a 7 day average of about 2200 per day. there is no sign of the hospitalisation rate dropping off yet, but if the lag correlates with the other data it should become clear in the next week. The death rate data shows a couple of peaks before omicron but after July, and more variability ranging between 85 and 176 deaths per day before a far less pronounced climb that looks to start somewhere around Christmas Day, with the current 7 day average being about 230. I don't believe that there are signs of the death rate dropping yet, but the same lag versus positive test results also probably applies. From this we can see that reported cases increased hugely - by about a factor of 6 - although there was a 50% increase in reported test results in the period, including negative results of course. (there's another chart for this on the cited stats page). The hospitalisation rate approximately doubled, and the death rate increased by about the same, but with greater uncertainty due to variability of the "steady state" data from August to November. I think pretty much everyone is calling this surge over now, and it certainly looks like it's less lethal, although these data say nothing about the reasons for that.
  4. They may not have the available acreage for that, or they may not have been authorised budget, or they may not be retaining the older equipment long term, or they may be going into a storage facility where there is no provision for a door for each vehicle, given that they won't be expected to be needed to move out all at once.
  5. Yes, those tea balls are an option. The whole loose-leaf tea thing has pretty much died out along with the teapot in my experience, at least domestically. You will still be served with tea in a pot in the finer dining locations, where afternoon tea is a small bit of theatre to go with fine china and a plate of scones with jam and clotted cream. Just don't start the argument as to whether the cream or the jam goes on first. I don't think the US does clotted cream much, if at all.
  6. "Sovereign Citizens" doing the thing that separates them from the saner members of society. This looks somehow familiar but I can't quite put my finger on it. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/59870550
  7. A friend of mine claims that some calculations he made indicate an approximate equivalence to 50 megatons, which he further states is about 1/4 the energy released by Krakatoa. He's normally reliable for oddities like this, but i have no way of checking his workings. Somewhere else claims that Krakatoa was 1/3rd the "size" of Tambora, but I certainly don't know how these things scale.
  8. We have a similar problem with package deliveries. Tracking says delivered, doorstep says otherwise. often dumped on the first doorstep in the estate if at all. We have one poor sod who obviously lives at an easily accessible address who is perpetually using the village facebook group to ask if "so-and-so" lives nearby and if so, could they come and pick up their parcel. Not sure of why they dump them on him, but I'd guess it's due the addresses having house names and not numbers.
  9. Which bit? That the essay makes three claims, or the absurd idea that "the West" seeks to rule Russia? As for the second bit, why would a Russian kleptocrat and power maniac with delusions of adequacy know anything about what the motives and intentions of "the West" are? After all he's manifestly got "Mother Russia" tattooed on his heart.
  10. The guidance for AC is to maximise the mixing of external air, minimising the recirculation rate, so that there is less chance for a buildup of airborne droplets. Needless to say, this causes higher costs operating the AC unit as the fresher air has to be conditioned, whereas recirculated air is just, well, recirculated. Then separate the responsibility of having a healthy worforce from the responsibility to manage the AC costs and you get some conflict. An acquaintance of mine was told that the management had ordered the AC shut off in his office so that if one office gets it, the others won't, which isn't really how AC is supposed to work at all.
  11. The rush to publish online should mean that writers use care. instead, they seem to speculate too much, or put out something so bland it might as well not have been published at all. They're also often rubbish about showing how they've corrected "breaking news" landing pages.
  12. I was concerned with the second quoted item about the English accent, not about the obviously absurd use of quotation marks around the word hostages. I could have made that distinction clear, but didn't. The bit about the accent is I would guess hearsay from an eyewitness (or would that be "earwitness"?), whereas the arrest of two teenagers is an official police statement. I think on a scale of whether to use quote marks or not, one falls clearly on one side and the other, well, on the other, but headlines are weird things and shouldn't be considered to contain the whole, or even some of, the story in many cases.
  13. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/an-article-by-the-defence-secretary-on-the-situation-in-ukraine This sounds really quite familiar. I'm sure I've seen several passages from this playbook in the discussion here.
  14. It's traditional to use quotation marks around, you know, quotations. given that Americans apparently can't tell the difference between Australian and (southern) English accents in much the same way that British people can't easily tell the difference between Canadians and US Americans, it's not unreasonable to quote what was said rather than making the leap. All of that is obvious, so I can only assume that someone here wants to start an argument, as is usual here, but Ivanhoe isn't what I'd call one of the usual suspects, so I am a little disappointed. Meanwhile, two teenagers have been arrested in the UK in relation to this incident, but at this point nobody is saying what they're supposed to have done.
  15. Those numbers look all over the place, don't they? I would like to see the distribution versus degree of urbanisation (as a proxy for population density/close proximity), but a State level aggregation would likely be problematic for that.
  16. Might find that with the existing weapon fit that the Zumwalt's tumblehome is fine, but the moment you start messing with the weight distribution, it would no longer work. Maybe what they're proposing to do is the limit of what they can do with that hull form.
  17. This is an important question. The legislation is written in accessible English, which means it's readable (the link explicitly describes the nature of the offence so may be NSFW): https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2003/42/part/1/crossheading/abuse-of-children-through-prostitution-and-pornography/enacted I won't quote it here, but paragraph 47 pretty much covers the whole thing. The summary is it depends on the age of the alleged victim - if the victim is under 13, then there is no requirement to prove that the accused knew that the person was under age (presumably because it's supposed to be obvious). That's the mens rea thing - not applicable if victim is under 13. Other things of interest - the punishments are graded by the age of the victim, and 47(6) describes in terms I won't repeat here what comprises the activities engaged by both parties that would make this an offence. I saw one claimed description of his activities that would exclude 47 as being of relevance.
  18. Complicated, and I haven't had a specific interest so I'm not current on what is legal and what is not. However, escort services are not illegal, provided (I believe) that they do not explicitly offer sexual services. A polite fiction that you're hiring a dining companion who may provide you with an interesting conversation. Anything else would be negotiated between the two parties without the escort service's involvement. "Direct sales" of this type definitely used to be legal - how many relationships are based on the mutual exchange of services often involving sex? Best to not get too involved legally there. Whether 17 would be considered too young, I really don't know, but it seems possible.
  19. Well, exactly. Nobody should be at risk of death over this type of crime. I expect that people will say something along the lines of the officers being at risk of a potentially armed suspect, and there would be some merit in that if cookie dough and sparkling water lovers fit the demographic of crack-smoking minority demographics, why they should have been shot to death by the local freedom loving concerned citizens and all would be well in Smallville.
  20. Go on, you know you want to paint another kill ring on "Vandal". Or do you prefer the little flags so you can prove you're the modern Hans-Ulrich Rudel of the Internet?
  21. The picture shown is apparently taken in Maxwell's London apartment in 2001. At the time, Virginia Giuffre was aged 17 and Prince Andrew was probably 40. For reference, the age difference between my parents was 23 years, but they were married when my mother was 27. In the UK the age of consent is 16, so in the local jurisdiction any consensual sex acts were legal. If the US starts to apply its arbitrarily defined legal age of consent laws to actions taken abroad. The issue, of course, is whether she was coerced and that's where things are going to be messy - she clearly benefited in certain terms from what she was doing both financially and that undefinable "benefit" of being in a high-flying social circle, but overall, the level of sleaze offends my own sensibilities and it's easy to throw Andrew under the bus for not being able to keep it in his pants.
  22. So the cops escalated a very minor alcohol enforcement action into a situation with a gun pulled and potential deaths. Seems entirely appropriate, I'm surprised that they didn't get fired for not riddling the vehicle with bullets, those darned underaged cookie-dough eaters.
  23. WRT to Dejmian's cannonballs etc. stuff, sometimes you simply have to provide fan service... I don't think that presenting results that are already known is a downside - it ofers a good quality of simulation comparison. I wish that more woulddo this, but it must be remembered that youtube is usually entertainment first.
  24. You might be onto something there. I mean, are you suggesting that perhaps the excessively high murder rate and high incidence of police shootings (in both directions) might be a societal problem and require some sort of societal response? I suppose the current solution, which is to ghettoise the problem sections of society to keep them away from all the good folk, and keep them ignorant so you can say that everything is their own fault whilst pretending that they have the freedom to try to escape so you can sleep at night with that squeaky clean conscience? Maybe I'm projecting some sort of liberal commie nonsense, and we know where that goes.
  25. So pro rata with the US, that would be about about 1/3rd. Maybe it's the cold that keeps everything under control? I hear that too much sun can boil your brains. I can't think of any other reason.
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