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  1. They were produced in fairly large numbers for convoy protection in Afghanistan and, I suppose, Iraq. I doubt that we left most if it behind. Whether it was retained rather than scrapped, and whether it could be "tuned" for current purposes are different questions. If one were kit-bashing IED remotes from commercially available electronics modules, one would probably end up using a range of authorised bands that would vary by locale - stuff like zigbee or Z-wave and so forth. it's likely that these "legal" ranges would be used by commercial UAVs as well. It should be obvious that this would be unlikely for military production equipment, but would provide a basis for interrupting the really cheap stuff. Personally, I'm amused by the notion that a passing UK spec anti-IED MRAP could make the house automation throw a fit like it was re-enacting a scene from Poltergeist, but maybe that's just me. I want to see sensor blinders (probably laser emitters) on everything to defeat autonomous systems. Mini ODINs, if you will.
  2. For once, I'm in fairly furious agreement, but I'd put the clock back at least as far as I've been working in and around the industry, which pushed the clock back to 1990 or so. I'm sure that there are those long since retired and/or pushing up the daisies who would go as far back as the botched forced mergers and the "command economy" style government puppetry (that could have said "muppetry", but I fear Miss Piggy could have done a better job.)
  3. "...never send to know for whom the slam dunk tolls; it tolls for thee."
  4. You blame the messenger. You couldn't admit that your hair trigger automatic "blame the Tories" response shot you in the arse even once in your life. That you're blaming the Tories for not successfully cleaning up the largest case of corporate abuse of the court system, which even you seem to acknowledge, after prompting, happened under Labour's watch, just shows how blinkered you are, if there wasn't enough prior art to prove the point already.
  5. Funny things, memories. Who knew they were subject to filtering by political persuasion? The Horizon software was installed in 1999. The prosecutions ran from then until 2009. Labour was in power from 1997 to 2010 (Blair and Brown, in case you've forgotten). Could you, for once, actually think for a moment and cross-check this stuff before you open your yap, or rather, let those 100wpm fingers spout yet more nonsense?
  6. I would be quite surprised if any of the family, or the surviving victim, really GAS whether he feels "deeply ashamed" of his actions. How long can he expect to stay in prison in Germany, because I for one would want to see them losing the keys.
  7. Apparently there have been strong rumours that the full F-35 purchase may be completed after all. Currently I believe that we have formally ordered 74, with many delivered. I think I read it in Defence Analysis (Tusa's monthly rant about how incompetent at procurement we are. It's always amusing to see how tall a tower of cards he has to build to make anything out of the crumbs that the various departments give him.)
  8. If the UK finishes lunch at 1pm, then that's 2pm European. it's quite understandable that they'd think yours was not only eaten, but half digested. If you ever get to schedule meetings, set one at 12 noon UK time and when they complain, politely mention that they've been crashing your lunch for years.
  9. Linkie to Navalny article. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-68315943 I wonder how well dressed he was for an extended walk outside somewhere north of the Arctic Circle?
  10. Back in the late nineties, I recall that there was a push to shorten working hours to attempt to force employers to hire more people (under 25 unemployment rate was, I think above 20% at the time). I don't suppose one needs to explain how well that works, especially noting the "overtime rules widely ignored" comment above.
  11. The prevailing US stereotypes of the UK are evenly split between Edwardian, WW2 and Austin Powers' 1960s, so it shouldn't be a surprise. My 5 months contract work in Madrid in the mid 90s had little of this. Lunch was one hour, San Miguel was in the drinks can dispenser but frowned upon unofficially. Evening meals in restaurants typically could be started about 21:30, earlier and the kitchen prep wasn't finished so you could order but you'd have to wait. In the summer, evening activities, particularly vigorous sports often started after dark. Horse racing in the summer days would kill the nags, so that would happen much later. Work typically started around 09:00, but ESA was probably different to more normal jobs.
  12. As a youth, I found Andalusia's climate easily tolerable in late April and would speculate that it becomes tolerable again by mid September. Madrid should be avoided by humans in July and August, for sure. I walked from the railway station (Atocha, maybe?) ,to the Prado and was sure that my hair was going to melt. It was almost impossible to stay hydrated unless you were indoors. If you're willing to tour by car, then there's about a billion places worthy of a visit throughout the country. Most of those I know have already been mentioned, but Ronda in Málaga province can be added if you're in the South and Avila and El Escorial if you're Madrid based.
  13. It's looking great in Spain, too. https://www.statista.com/statistics/275333/government-revenue-and-spending-in-spain/
  14. Labour Party run council. I say "run", I think I mean "run into the ground".
  15. It's a football supporter's rattle. https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/photos/football-rattle
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