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  1. Please note that I'm not saying the Chinese can hit a pickle barrel at Mach 4.5 after circumnavigating the world at that speed (or whatever speed their toy flew at). I'm only saying that the test result says nothing about the system's ability to hit a target of a certain size. It doesn't even say it can hit a target that's 24 miles across. The ability of an aircraft radar to paint a carrier sized target at 200km is barely germane to the argument. it's a bit like saying you can see Jupiter from the Earth with a naked eyeball - it's true but has no bearing on your ability to hit it with a rock.
  2. Which is why I said "less" not "no"... It's fairly academic, anyway - the national governments agreed to allow the EU to increasingly legislate without the power of veto, and naturally bureaucracies increase their power over time unless curbed.
  3. Can't remember which topic was banging on most about China demographics, but there is an interesting visualisation here, based on an alternative estimation method compared to that used by the UN. https://www.visualcapitalist.com/world-population-2100-country/ Nigeria having the second largest population in the world raises an eyebrow - it would mean about double the density of that of England.
  4. The UK's leaving position was in large part predicated on the massive change in "rules" that happened when the aims of the EEC were subsumed into the European Union, which wanted far more than a "Common Market" and instead pushed for political union. Countries that joined the EU, rather than the EEC/Common Market have far less leverage to an argument along the lines of "rule changes made me do it"
  5. A visit to a dietitian suggested that as far as proportions of food are concerned, one could divide a plate into quarters. One quarter protein, one quarter carbs and the rest vegetables (or salad). obviously potatoes count in the carb section and fats could be gotten from the protein side. bearing in mind that the recommended amount of fats is quite small and only going to be a problem if you're limiting yourself to the very leanest of proteins. "Balancing" your diet is fairly flexible unless you're regularly binging poutine by the gallon (bushel? cubic metre?), a little over or under day-today isn't going to kill you. What kills you if you're roughly balancing the proportions of your diet is total calories - i.e. lack of portion control, as already noted. "Processed" foods, starting with cured meats and ending with TV dinners and takeouts are universally unbalanced - far too much sugar in everything American, even the bread, and far too much salt in everything else. There is a lot to be said for putting corn into renewable fuels, it may pay better than corn syrup.
  6. Turns out my rabbit hole trip into Boeing models took a turn into the 757 column not the 767 column at some point - the 767 production line appears to still be servicing some new build freighters as well as the still substantial KC-46 order line. The KC-46 story would be funny if it wasn't tragic (from the US taxpayer viewpoint, anyway).
  7. Using the 767 (or even the 737NG) is essentially investing in a platform that the manufacturer is likely to stop caring much about during its operational lifetime. Which is where the 707-based aircraft are now. At least the E-7s are new builds off the end of the production line (which ceased for commercial builds in 2019, apparently)
  8. They already ignored me on day one of this farce, why would you expect that to change? to repeat - nobody outside of China has any idea what the success/fail parameters of the test were, or of its final performance. To say that a system isn't capable of high accuracy based on a single test firing where they may not have been testing any kind of terminal performance is ludicrous, but here we are.
  9. Wiki has the range of the E-3 at 4000NM, E-7 at 3500NM and E-767 at 5600NM.
  10. it's also possible that some of it is displaced from the earlier coastline - i.e. pushed outwards - or simply washed up from the sea bed by wave and tidal action.
  11. Vikings were well known for keeping it in their pants when they met natives.
  12. As a sort of dry run, I suspect that this has conditioned far too many people to act negatively to control measures when "The Big One" hits, in a crying "wolf" kind of style. The army will be expected to shoot people next time. Lots of people.
  13. Today I saw a black man wearing a black t shirt. It said "All Lives Matter" on it, in white. he didn't look very cancelled to me, but then again, he was in St Albans, not anywhere in the US.
  14. It's good to have a date, I suppose, but what happened to them? Did they build some houses to allow them to live whilst they built up stores and made repairs to ships to allow them to sail back home again, or did they try to colonise and simply died out?
  15. DB


    Clarkson's Farm (I assume you meant that) is good entertainment and if you take the clown-like behaviour as Clarkson's special sauce to make it a bit more interesting for the low attention span crowd it gives a fair idea of the complexity. However, if you want a more thoughtful look at UK farming then I recommend "Harry's Farm" on Youtube. "Harry" is another car journalist - he founded "Evo" magazine back in the day - and gives a very intelligent and measured look at the details of farming a reasonable sized farm (by UK standards anyway). His observations on the impact of various environmental regulations is interesting. A couple of items - the carbon capture of arable land is much lower than pasture, which is not taken into account when pretending that cow farts are causing global warming, and banning the pesticide that was allegedly sterilising bees means that crop yields are down and the crops need spraying several times with an alternate goop mid-season to compensate, which kills far more insects than the winter treatment that killed the specific larvae (or whatever form these things are in in late winter).
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