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  1. Ian mentions that standard 1911s were being bought by the UK already, so it doesn't make sense to me to have them develop the new calibre version. Just add standard issue ones, restrict the .455 Webley Auto to a smaller set of units and let it die on the vine.
  2. There are some significant developments coming in terms of improved fragments, trading penetration for after-impact effects. This is from 2002, so it's possible that the US has fielded something. ETA. Obviously, this is applicable to both the launching platform and the munitions, but should improve individual fragment effectiveness which effectively increases the volume of effect of a fragmentation AA round, eventually improving the capability of smaller calibre AAA. The other options are to attack the datalink, if there is one, or the on-board electronics via EW, saturating or damag
  3. I should say that the 100,000 per day is a study conclusion, not the official positive test rate. From the "World In Data" Coronavirus raw data, the UK so far: 942275 positive tests (1.4% of the population) 45675 deaths (0.067%) The seven day rolling average of deaths is 217. The overall risk of death given a positive test is 4.85%, down from a peak of 15.7% in late April. Data from 29 October. https://imgur.com/a/N5B9i7V The difference in death rates between the "first wave" and the "second wave" is stark. It almost certainly reflects the different demo
  4. UK estimates over 100,000 infections per day. Deaths increasing, too, but with the expected lag and lower morbidity rate. Probably a combination of the most vulnerable being already dead or smart enough to be well isolated.
  5. Well, Stuart, that was pretty special. Edit: He fixed the pastepocalypse.
  6. Looking at this long term, are coronaviruses the new flu virus(es)? Do we end up with a routine annual "pick the variants and hope" vaccine programme for the over-50s?
  7. I am really struggling with this one. I mean, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it, except there is absolutely no reason for it to exist. Just use a standard .45, there can't possibly have been enough Webley auto pistols around to make it impossible to just replace them all.
  8. The last couple of sentences says rather more about the Chinese attitude to those with perceived influence than it does about possible influence exerted on her behalf. Is that unfair? Probably. Is that proof of a Trump abuse of office? Not really. Expediting her requests can be considered as a legitimate attempt by the Chinese to gain favour, but exactly how could Ivanka refuse the "gift"?
  9. Can we blame Trump for this horrific rush to war? It seems fashionable.
  10. Yeah, I zoomed through that. As you can imagine, the Troubles were not a priority for a 9 year old, barely a disquieting background. The more I know about alternative viewpoints, the less I know. The presentation of news back then, clouded by my fallible memories of events, makes every "fact" I do recall suspect. In more general terms, at times I feel betrayed by the history teaching I received in school because it was both parochial and without any hint of uncertainty if you see what I mean.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/health-54690374 Evidence that they're keeping reasonably current with treatment protocols, still specialist nursing skill limitations. Demographics also appear still skewed towards elder males but survival rates much higher. Overall, the article gives a feeling that the hospital is coping well but is apprehensive about an expected winter peak.
  12. One wonders what would have happened if the forensics on the captured SAS weapons had matched.
  13. Adaptive they may be, but the damage that is inflicted whilst the organism learns can be crippling. And that's the goal of the bad actors involved. Death by a thousand cuts, to use the cliche. Incidentally, my science classes taught me to perform a critical review of sources, but was only emphasised at university. My generation trusted the news back then. With a better view of history now, it was always lies and half truths, but that may have been because they allowed the politicians to speak with less of an adversarial aspect.
  14. DB


    But "Generic Asian" fails the woke criterion. It is reinforcing the "they all look alike" stereotype.
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