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  1. The idea that the world will not return to ante-pandemic normality is probably their way of priming us for a number of inter-related issues. Firstly, there's the level of immunity needed to reduce or eliminate the pandemic worldwide - this is unknown but is based on the R0 value that's often used and abused in news reports. Second is the rate at which vaccinations are being administered and how long it takes to reach the level of immunity mentioned above. Third is the duration of effectiveness of the vaccine - how long your immune system continues to recognise the virus as a thr
  2. Looking at the wikipedia article on tasers, one of the variants pictured looks rather more like an automatic pistol than the others. Does anyone know what type of taser the officer was issued with? Also, this is far from the first time that we've seen incidents that would likely have gone a lot better if hte police offiers were adequately trained. Although this type of occurrence is thankfully rare, there have been enough similar incidents over the years to be noteworthy. This looks like a syndicated article covering several instances, with various legal conclusions. (It's a lot hard
  3. Just one of the many cases where the US is not to be relied upon in "cooperative" agreements.
  4. To be fair, a Beechcraft 1900D is likely to have less margin than the Tui aircraft, and the lower number of passengers increases the scope for significant deviations from the mean. It does suggest that load sensing on the undercarriage might be a useful thing, not sure if anyone does that though.
  5. The article in Wikipedia cites English Wikipedia's deprecation of TGP as supporting evidence that it's a fake news site. Not sure that's really good practice, even by Wikipedia's standards.
  6. As this seems to have developed into a general "what is going on with planes" topic... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-56690529 So, where was the code produced?
  7. A bit of BBC propaganda, clearly aimed at undermining the completely legitimate Chinese response to claims that the virus originated in Wuhan, when clearly it is all a US plot to undermine the Chinese Communist Party. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-asia-china-56513257
  8. This is a far more productive discussion of the issues than I've seen for quite a long time. The interaction between the constitutional amendments is very interesting.
  9. It's funny. The left seeks to control truth (by pretending that pi is 4, more or less), whereas the right appears to have an irrational fear and distrust of all science, because they believe it all to have been tainted by the left. Or something. It's almost as if both sides can't handle the truth. The above was written exclusively to support the punchline. In common with most of the population, I don't believe anything I read, and most of what I write. It's the only way to be sure.
  10. Didn't you all dance round this maypole once already?
  11. The second one is the one with the wifi connection. You'll be broadcasting fine in a few weeks. Anyhoo. Whatever the actual facts, one assumes that this Chinese official is now on Beijing's least favoured list. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-56713663 More interestingly than whether the Chinese vaccines' effectiveness is high or low is that China appears to be insisting that visitors show that they've had one of the Chinese vaccines, not one of those nasty, unreliable Western ones. Data from Israel seems to confirm that the Pfizer BioNtech vaccine offers less pr
  12. Meh, they would probably prefer crystals, magic pyramids or Goop. Let them have those.
  13. The duration of effectiveness matters when you need to achieve the herd immunity level required before you have to start vaccinating again... It's a variation of the Forth Rail Bridge painting problem, if you're familiar with that. If you want conspiracies, I saw a hint of an article that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is being looked at for blood clot issues. Funny how this happens with the more affordable vaccine options.
  14. Perhaps we should offer a role in Tempest (to the Koreans, there is no desire to have any US technology in Tempest at all, if possible, not least because of ITAR).
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