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  1. DB

    Chieftain Questions

    There is a similar UK-built radar test model. Not quite the same vehicle, though.
  2. I understand the risk, but removing the function that can prevent the hit in the first place versus reducing post-hit secondary effects seems a little odd. I suppose it depends rather a lot on how likely the fire was to be caused by impacts that were not otherwise significant risks to the tank versus the risk reduction of having the smoke discharger available. Ultimately the solution is to use a different type of smoke grenade.
  3. Cosmetics in a nutshell.
  4. OK. But I've seen carrot and lettuce on pizza, in Belgium.
  5. The one genuinely good thing that the UK government did was to use their local authority to get moving on approvals rather than waiting for the EU body to do it. Given that the framework to declare an emergency and do just that is in place, it's curious that no other EU state (except possibly Hungary?) chose to do the same. The UK has administered vaccines to about 4.8 million people (with 10% of those also having a second dose). The EU as a whole has managed a bit less than 7 million doses (EU figures *do not* include the UK data).
  6. Bloomberg's tracker notes that the US managed close to 1 million vaccinations per day for the last week. Of course, that will because of Biden, right? It couldn't possibly be due to Trump's enabling the vaccine research with shed loads of cash and purchase guarantees.
  7. DB

    NASA G2

    I think that Falcon may only be cost competitive if you're launching constellations. For single smallsats, the competition is more more along the lines of the Electron. Of course, air launch gives additional flexibility in relation to weather and launch site so may be more convenient for that reason - a missed window can mean weeks of delay from a fixed launch site.
  8. "... poor to fair quality... ". Now that's praise.
  9. The new default would be perfect if it didn't use red for quoted posts. Vogon poetry is the second worst colour scheme of all time.
  10. More on the Hong Kong immigration topic. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-55357495 For a BBC that's very intemperate regarding its use of language over the last few weeks concerning the rogue state that was the US (hail Biden, be praised!), the last two sentences grind my gears because the BBC simply won't come out and say that China is a totalitarian regime that disappears citizens who don't restrict themselves to the allowed "space for expressing opinions".
  11. In other news, 5.5 million doses given in the UK, which means probably 5.2 million treated with at least a first dose. Also, I found this interesting https://www.fr24news.com/a/2021/01/britain-will-be-able-to-vaccinate-the-country-against-new-strains-of-covid-in-the-months-following-the-opening-of-a-new-super-factory.html UK outlets covering the story are the Mail and Telegraph. I'm not seeing the Guardian or other anti-government rags pushing this story, which amuses me. Perhaps it doesn't fit the narrative that the current UK government (and the last one) is completely incompetent,
  12. DB

    weird news

    On the first part, I deliberately did not speak of the creation of the universe, but implicitly the argument is "given that the universe exists with this set of physical laws, the (further*) intervention of a divine being does not seem to be needed for life to occur". * Word added in parenthesis for agnosticism reasons. On the second part, the New Testament explicitly refers to the Ten Commandments, for example when Jesus was asked which was the greatest of them, so I will weasel my way out of this by suggesting that a cross reference is allowed in these circumstances. All the
  13. Well, I don't know what message they're pushing in the US, but every time there is a statement that the NHS is under pressure, they include a reminder that people should still contact it if they have concerns about other conditions. If you're life-threateningly ill and you choose to let the fear win, then by my lights, you're stupid. You have a brain for a reason. Being able to think is supposed to be a survival mechanism.
  14. Unlike Rick, I'm going to suggest that a significant proportion of the increased murders/violent crimes are going to be domestic. NYC lockdown induced conflict inside single households resulting in a massive increase in domestic violence. It won't be the only source of the increase, but it will be significant. Sadly, many households are dysfunctional and only avoid more deaths because the involved parties can get away from each other to cool off. I'm basing this on anecdotal evidence that domestic violence cases in the UK are up and correlate with lockdown and furlough.
  15. How do we tell that they're minority owned? Sticking a picture of a Native American on the packaging?
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