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  1. Video of an alleged strike by a Spike ER on an Armenian tank / SPH (?):
  2. On Thursday the retired Armenian Colonel-General Movses Hakobyan gave a press conference and stated that Armenia had originally planned to purchase several Tor battalions, but instead decided to spend the money on Su-30SM instead after purchasing only a few Tor-M2KM. Moreover, he claimed that Russia subsequently refused to sell missiles to equip the Su-30s and criticized the decision to acquire the aircraft. In addition, the general stated the country's Osa AD-systems had not managed to shoot down a single Azeri drone. Sputnik
  3. Presumably relatively limited when it comes to drones. The Armenians gave extensive publicity to the handful of successful engagements and drone wreckages encountered on territory they controlled.
  4. I gained the impression that the usage of the AN-2 drones was more to identify the enemy's AD positions and perhaps serve as a form of distraction. Furthermore, this may have only been prudence on part of the Azerbaijan military, as the Armenians with their odd collection of older and a handful of more modern Russian AD systems had no apparent ability to detect and engage any of the other Azeri UAVs.
  5. Azerbaijan also released footage of a strike on an operational Osa air defense system. At the beginning of the video the vehicle is still covered in camouflage, this is then removed by the crew, after which the system starts functioning:
  6. We have not seen a Tor system engage any UAVs or airborne munitions in this conflict, so that particular conclusion is not warranted. It could be that the observing UAV was either too far away or that it remained undetected. Hypothetically, the Tor system may have detected the observing UAV (and perhaps others as well), fear arose of a potential attack and, with the crew uncertain whether their system could repel the attack, the vehicle was moved into cover.
  7. Interestingly, the Azeris took out a modern Armenian Tor-M2KM system (SA-15) using drones. First, the UAV observes the operational system with rotating radar sitting on a road in relatively open countryside, then the vehicle takes cover in an agricultural barn, after which no less than three munitions are dropped on the barn:
  8. The Azeri version of a double tap in the video below. Weird that this footage is published with pride, it does not strike me as overly sympathetic.
  9. Some newer Russian small arms have been seen with Armenian infantry:
  10. Perhaps the front BMP had not burned out yet out as the recovery (of personnel?) was attempted. New ANNA report. Interesting that the fighting has prompted the Armenians to paint white crosses on their vehicles, as well as on some soldiers helmets and body armor. Moreover, some infantry are wearing torn pieces of white cloth around their arms to help distinguishing them from their Azeri foes.
  11. Armenian Igla-S manpads left behind on the retreat: More Armenian UAV footage of smoking Azeri vehicles and casualties after an engagement.
  12. Video from a strike by a different Azeri loitering munition, this time against a Kub TEL: ANNA journalists walking with a band of Armenian Volkssturm, later spotting a unit of Azeri infantry silhouetted against a hill crest. Artillery is called in to engage the Azeris.
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