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  1. The Winter of 1944-45 is remembered in the Netherlands as the "Hongerwinter", which means the "Hunger Winter". North of the main rivers transecting the Netherlands (and thus remaining under German rule) the food situation was really desperate. My grandmother, who was living in the wooded areas North of Arnhem, had to leave her town together with his sisters and go begging elsewhere. Somehow they managed to cross the lines and traveled on bicycle and on foot all the way to the panhandle near Maastricht in the South to seek refuge with family members in the American held areas. Other people were forced to eat tulip bulbs to fill their bellies. Mistaken bombardments by USAAF occurred as well. In early 1944 the USAAF bombed the Dutch city of Nijmegen, destroyed much of the historic center and killed around 800 civilians, possibly more. This air raid killed about as much civilians as the much more well known German bombing of Rotterdam in 1940.
  2. The F-35A and C can carry the new AGM-88G internally: I cannot find any definite information on whether AAMs can be carried simultaneously. However, large ordnance such as 2 x 2000 pound bombs or 2 x JSOWs goes together with 2 x AIM-120.
  3. Beast mode is only for an expo. On real world missions SEAD and Wild Weasel aircraft like the F-4G, F-16CJ, E/A-18G and Tornado typically carry just two ARMs per aircraft. The other pylons are reserved for fuel tanks and various EW pods, CMs and AAMs for self-defense.
  4. The I-16 was one of the most fun planes in Il2 Sturmovik / 1946, but when I tried it in Il2 Great Battles I found very hard to get into the air without crashing and then there was all the engine management to take care off. Moreover, it was terribly slow and the forward vision over the engine cowl is poor. It still looks great though.
  5. Except for the cost to international trade, I cannot imagine the Kanak people from New Caledonia being that concerned either. That is why I specified the Houthi themselves. When it comes to Israeli reactions to attacks on ships remotely associated to it in that area, we saw limpet mines appear on Iranian vessels, after which the tit for tat came to a halt. The costs to Iran are more indirectly, vis a vis its negotiating position with the USA, that is, due to the Obama left-overs, currently positively disposed towards Iran.
  6. It seems that some of our posters do not realize that moving up the escalation ladder is not always a benefit to the party initiating that step. The low intensity conflict between Iran and Israel has been deliberately kept at a low intensity in the aerial and naval spheres as moving up several rungs hurts both parties. The naval tit-for-tat attacks have never moved beyond small scale quasi-symbolic acts (drones, small limpet mines, bearded fanatics in small boats etc.) with no sunken ships, even though both parties posses the military means to sink each other vessels. Similarly, before attacking rocket / drone shipments from Iran, Israel always waits until these are unloaded and never attacks the transporting ship in the sea or harbor. Similar with aerial cargo delivered to Lebanon or Syria. Leaving international shipping in one of the world's busiest shipping lanes at the mercy of some militia at the tip of the Arabian peninsula cannot be condoned and would prompt US intervention likely costing the Houthi dearly. Their leaders of course know this very well and have left it at the occasional pin prick attack.
  7. The Russians are using Su-30SMs to hunt Ukrainian drone boats with cannon fire and unguided bombs. Also, note the R-27 and R-77 combination under the wings. Or https://t.me/fighter_bomber/14839
  8. T-90M with cage and added ERA tiles near Debaltseve November 20th, 2023:
  9. Brave Hamas militant running up to a Namer APC in order to place explosives on its rear door, all while the crew is scanning the surroundings with its RWS and a soldier is manning the firing port inside the door 😮
  10. Exploring a tunnel shaft near the Al-Shifa hospital with a robot, the tunnel ends at a "blast door":
  11. Footage of a Russian Pantsir system getting destroyed, Kherson left bank allegedly: https://t.me/SJTF_Odes/2894
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