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  1. Daan

    Cyberpunk 2077

    That is a good deal. Did you get it to work?
  2. Ah Stuart, when the lockdowns end, you should really visit Belgian Wallonie, say around Charleroi, and try to examine your small versus big government story regarding to industrial transitions. Stay at an old industrialist's villa near Spa, they are really cheap to rent.
  3. In addition, most of the migrants are not in the age group that is most at risk from the virus.
  4. And German of-the-shelve boats would also have been cheaper and ready for service with less delays. However, the Australians wanted the second option and then with a design meeting their idiosyncratic requirements. Supposedly, the country is now considering a Collins-class derivative.
  5. Why would you assume so? According to the Drive the Australians are not only unsatisfied about the enormous cost of the French contract and missed deadlines, but also that the Australian demand, that at least 60% of the work is done through local contractors, has so far not been met. Australia has been 'annoyed' that the 'design work and intellectual property' is still held in France. As far as I know Japan has no recent history of exporting and / or transferring sensitive defense technology. A submarine deal with Australia would be a first, with no prior track record indicating that thi
  6. Posted on Hoggit, Soviet threat manual on the F-14A, quite detailed. https://drive.google.com/u/0/uc?id=1odQFv--70sFGWundYOn9CXoXkg5OYsvP&export=download
  7. Getting better on my traps, although most are still graded as B or C, being often positioned too much to the left of the glidescope. Apparently, a 3rd party developer is going to construct a IADS system for DCS, part to be incorporated in the core game and part as a DLC: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/259201-update-checking-interest-on-dcs-iads-integrated-air-defense-network-part-2/
  8. Some explosions seem far larger than others. What is the CEP of these munitions?
  9. The Drive has an article on the recent Iranian launches of ballistic missiles against sea-born targets. Interesting that the Iranian TELs shown underneath have this blue covering which allows them to be rapidly camouflaged as commercial trucks:
  10. Cockpit view of Super Hornet catapult shot:
  11. If the Biden administration would be able to launch multiple sustained foreign policy initiatives during its term this may well come to pass and not only indirectly from the newly emboldened Iranian regime. An advantage for the Israelis is that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is no longer on the frontpage of today's news, as compared to 20 years ago. Undoubtedly, Hamas will seek to draw renewed attention to its plight. However, the last flare-ups in the Gaza Strip only managed to generate a few weeks of moderate media attention at best. The construction of the elaborate fencing and borde
  12. By itself, especially given the recent experience in the ME.
  13. How would hypothetical measures to be taken by the Biden administration that are detrimental to Israel result in a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians? Fiery condemnatory speeches, a refusal to block unfavorable UN resolutions, a reduction in military aid, a ban on the transfer of certain military hardware etc. may well give the Democrats a nice smug feeling, but won't bring peace about. Israel could lobby to reduce the impact of certain measures and choose to wither the storm and wait for the next administration. Proposals for external peacekeepers or enforcers as an esse
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