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  1. Radical terrorist Kathy Boudin, mother of San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin, has finally passed. https://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Kathy-Boudin-radical-mother-of-Chesa-Boudin-dies-17140599.php It's not very Christian to speak ill of the dead but in her case, she should never have been set free by our "justice system." Much venerated by the left, granted an esteemed adjunct professorship at Columbia University, she and her cohorts were responsible for the deaths of a Brinks armored car guard and two police officers in the town next to mine when I lived on New Jersey. As one of the leading members of the violent Weather Underground group, she was involved with the planning of multiple other acts of violence.
  2. I missed this one: Graeme Edge, founder and drummer for The Moody Blues, died earlier this month. Graeme Edge, co-founder and drummer for The Moody Blues, dies age 80
  3. Jeff's obituary in The New London Day: Jeffrey Todd Nelson
  4. Yes, it is my sad duty to report that my brother, long time devoted Tanknet member Jeff, passed away at 2:30 PM this afternoon, surrounded by his family. Jeff had fought a long and valiant fight against an autoimmune disease that eventually caused him to develop liver cancer. He was not in pain at the end, and faced his fate bravely and without complaint. He and his wife Lisa did not have children, rather they had a collection of dogs and cats they were devoted to. Jeff also loved this Grate Site over the years and had attended several I&I's. He treasured the relationships he had with many here. He felt privileged to have met many of you as well as Jacques Littlefield and to have received a personal tour during the I&I that took place at the Littlefield Collection. He felt more like a twin than a little brother to me, and we often completed each other's thoughts while the briefest allusions to favorite movies brought on quotes that often left those around us puzzled. I will miss him immensely. Here is a photo I took at the 2019 Battle for the Airfield at the Collings Foundation when he ran across fellow Tanknetter Nick Moran:
  5. Joe is absolutely right- America is back! Where it was in April 1975.
  6. And, per the usual cast of characters: Boeing’s troubled Starliner spacecraft must return to factory, causing more delays Be that this decade or the next. And, from our friends and partners in space: Russia’s space program just threw a NASA astronaut under the bus After its initial weak response, NASA subsequently showed more support for its unfairly accused astronaut. I can't imagine the astronaut corps was pleased with NASA's initial lack of support: NASA stands by its astronaut after incendiary Russian claims
  7. Yeah, but, but, Boeing has more EXPERIENCE.
  8. Turns out it wasn't one sticky valve in the propulsion system that delayed Starliner's launch, but THIRTEEN. Boeing Advances Starliner Solutions in the Vertical Integration Facility That's an awful lot of malfunctioning hardware for a vehicle that was supposedly ready to launch. No wonder their chief astronaut, who was scheduled to fly this craft, suddenly retired earlier this year, citing "personal reasons." I'm guessing those personal reasons could have included that he didn't want to done get blowed up.
  9. The real situation regarding the Nauka module uncontrolled thruster firing was far more serious than first reported. The station did not move 45 degrees out of alignment. The entire ISS, solar panels and all, completed one and a half revolutions before coming to a stop upside down. Which begs the question, just how do you clean a brown flight suit in space? Space station situation with Russian module misfire more serious than stated: report In battle with Russian lab module, space station ‘brought a knife to a gun fight’
  10. In contrast to SpaceX's upstart efforts, I didn't want anyone to miss what happens when the established aerospace giants, given more than 10 years and $20 billion of NASA's budget, attempt a static fire of space shuttle main engines that functioned well for over 30 years: SLS Static Engine Test Shuts Down Early After a decade with no flying prototype yet to show, ULA and NASA finally attempted a full duration static fire of their boondoggle SLS system. It only made it 67 seconds out of a planned eight minute burn due to a "major component failure." The NASA spokesperson would make Herr Goebbels proud as she painted this fiasco as a major success. NASA Spin On Failed Static Fire I guess as long as the Cost Plus bonus checks keep going to Boeing this would be considered a successful program.
  11. I took this photo of the New York Times website on election night 2016.
  12. Video starts at 23 seconds in. Violent struggle, guy gets loose, punches cop, ignores Taser, runs off. https://youtu.be/tCdo1YA2x60?t=22 Here's the rest of the incident: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCvca3Qo664
  13. The last American to collect a Civil War pension has died. Irene Triplett was 90 and living in a nursing home in North Carolina. https://www.stripes.com/news/us/the-last-american-to-collect-a-civil-war-pension-has-died-1.632424
  14. Stood outside our home with my 10 year old son the night of the launch and watched the ISS pass overhead. Not far behind a small bright star was visible in pursuit. I don't think my son was as excited as I was to witness Bob and Doug passing over as well, but I hope he remembers that we once did that together. Thinks will get really interesting when SpaceX starts launching non-astronauts. Not sure what altitude Crew Dragon 2 can reach, but a few orbits at 400 miles should be well worth the cost to a handful of bazillionaires.
  15. Fernwood Tonight: "Talk to a Jew." https://youtu.be/tCsnTxjRNPA
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