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  1. Had to drive in-between 2 of those on a highway just outside of Belgrade the last week. Impressive machines, albeit I think truck chassis was different (KamAZ I think?)
  2. Interesting, I was not aware of that. It would be highly appreciated if you could upload them up.
  3. Tracked and wheeled platforms both have their purpose and advantages, but it is essential to recognise the drawbacks as well. By the way, importance of networking (but also the countermeasures) was long recognised in Russian military theory.
  4. Somewhere in early 2000s, certainly before 2007. I think they were given Panther in exchange for some restoration work in Saumur.
  5. This tank served with either the French 501-503 RCC army regiment or the 6e Cuir cavalry regiment before spending some time on a French target range. It was rescued and taken to the French Tank Museum in Saumur along with eleven other Panther tanks. It was then sold to War & Peace Show at Beltring, England.
  6. You are not alone, a know quite a few players who like to tinker with the database. I have just installed WW2 mod and I am having a blast.
  7. Czechoslovakia and Netherlands will be arriving on Matrix stores and on Steam on February 25th as part of the third Nation Pack.
  8. I have seen claims it was more accurate than bipod version, as vehicle-mount provided a more stable firing platform.
  9. Given the long braking distances on tram, I doubt there was much more they could do except watch the impact.
  10. It is no less a triumph of Western silence in face of failures in the witness protection system and unpleasant prosecuting of their former allies.
  11. I thought Magachs were in active service until 2005 and probably deactivated around 2014 already?
  12. TOUCAN I turret was installed in 1970, transforming AMX VTT in VCI. As it was being withdrawn from service, turrets were striped down in 1985 and used to create VAB T20/13. There were three turret variations available. Original CAFL 38 turret with 7.5mm was quickly augmented with open, electrically powered 12.7mm (some export clients like Belgians would operate unpowered variant) and eventually 20mm was introduced. IIRC I think French operated one 12.7mm vehicle in the platoon (others were CAFL 38) or pure 20mm IFV.
  13. What was the reasoning behind Israeli removal of the smoke dischargers? It is a bit odd decision, given the tendency.
  14. Regarding the Jewish population, there is also The Spy with Sacha Baron Cohen, and very important part of plot is the fact he is an Egyptian Jew.
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