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  1. This whole issue was caused by German federal authorities refusing to allow export to Turkey of MTU engine and Renk transmission.
  2. Nikolas93TS

    Centauro 2

    That is exactly the point: 120mm was requisted because it could use the same ammunition and benefit from the latest armour piercing and multirole rounds developed for a newer gun. When Centauro I was introduced, commonality with Leopard 1 was demanded (while M-47 were being withdrawn from second line units which were deployed down the peninsula).
  3. Let’s not forget that Patria acquisition was well “lubricated” by Patria officials. Same in Slovenia, including then PM Janez Janša.
  4. Hi Bojan, is there any obtainable study/source on those river crossing possibilities? I would like to read more and get something to back it up.
  5. Nikolas93TS

    Centauro 2

    Italians are sadisfied with Centauro because it offers heavy firepower for their wheeled medium brigades, both against infantry with DM-11 airbust rounds, and against "medium" armoured threats (with the flexibility of reliably engaging MBT if the needs arose). It also give heavy firepower for otherwise light reconnaissance units. The Ariete goes into heavy brigades which have tracked Dardo IFV. Chief role of medium brigades is rapid reaction force and force projection (paece keeping where Italians are very active).
  6. Nikolas93TS

    Centauro 2

    Actually, part of Ariete II modernisation should come from Centauro: Attila D panoramic sight for the commander, electrical traverse for turret and digital network suite. Ariete II prototypes should probably be ready the next year, after which modernisation project should be completed by 2027-2028 if funds allow. It will include uprated engine (1500-1600HP), improved transmission, wider tracks, new thermal sight and above mentioned improvements. Protection might be improved with active protection system, but the chief objective of the long-awaited modernisation is to expand Ariete service
  7. Nikolas93TS

    Centauro 2

    Italian designation is blindo, which is usually translated as armoured car in English. Which makes sense since it is operated by Cavalry units, where it provides heavy firepower in reconnaissance and security missions. It was argued during the Cold War that a wheeled platform could also provide a better strategic choice for a rapid redeployment in case of Warsaw Pact invasion on long Italian coasts. I never found an official confirmation for this theory, but it makes sense. However, Centauro soon found itself very well in peacekeeping missions and it is still highly appreciated by Italian
  8. No need as tecnology is already on the market, just not yet widespread in service. There are compact integrated suits with smart electronic-scanning radar target detection systems combined with necessary electro-optical (EO) tracking/classification and directional RF inhibition capability.
  9. A larger engine bay perharps?
  10. Challenger II. They are involved with LEP programe so this might be a marketing effort for a further modernisation.
  11. Carl Gustav requires a dedicated gunner and assistant (just like RPG-7) and sometimes is used at platoon level, while Panzerfaust 3 is a LAW type weapon with shorter range and can be carried by regular soldiers, so using both is fairly regular and even necessary.
  12. Crusader artillery system was envisioned to use mid-wall active liquid cooling in the gun barrel. Their studies have basically shown that active cooling helps with sustained, rather than single high RoF mission. This is because the cooling fluid even when flowing at the mid-wall does not have sufficient time available to affect a significant reduction in the chamber surface temperature. For example, during a 30 round mission at 10 rounds per minute, the active cooling system has just under 3 minutes to affect the chamber surface temperature at the time round 30 is loaded. Of the 3 minutes
  13. Centurions were bought because M47 were needed in Corea. Which turned up to be better long term for the end clients.
  14. I noticed a fair number of usually very useful Twitter conflict analist channels openly cheerishing Azerbaijan battlefield successes for IMO no other reason than Armenia being perceived as Russian ally (which is true, but out of necessity). It is a complex conflict, but what I find more troubling is that pretty much everyone except maybe France is ignoring another neo-Ottoman excursion of Sultan.
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