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  1. Didn't the last season of 'Homeland' feature the chopper the POTUS and the Afghan PM crashing due to technical issues? Yeah, the maintenance crew for 'normal' Blackhawks' were a bunch of incompetent, uncaring "f/k-nuts", so naturally they were turned loose on the Prez's 'ride'. That was just ONE of the reasons the final season was totally cringe worthy.
  2. But what does it mean??! The Arctic has been warming for longer than the 'Anthro/Genic' theory's been around or something? I recall an Attenborough docco, where the region is SO cold it freezes the water to form the ice and that 'squeezes' the salt out of the water (which sinks to the bottom to form incredibly salty brine 'pools' ), and since we can't have a 'vacuum' in nature, warmer water from the gulf stream flows in to replace it. As a result, the Ocean is substantially warmer than the air temps.
  3. Well the anarchist and crack pipe huffers seem to object to having their graffiti cleaned up==perhaps having that armalite handy is prudent.
  4. Using weed laws to get 'stone killers' of the street (like that MS13 guy who shot that family in my old neighborhood) , at least for a little, is not that uncommon--ESPECIALLY since nobody wants to 'rat out' a psycho who's "connected"
  5. Listening to one of my favorite chat shows: one of them quotes that old crone Maria Shriver as she 'laments' how her son asks her 'can stuff like that happen?' Well, fer f/k's sake, Shriver's sons are both well into adulthood, and Maria is will into senior citizenhood. I'm sure her kids didn't speak to her like a couple of toddlers. Meanwhile, the Walnut Creek Nordstoms gets looted by a mob and nobody is arrested; certain people known to me said it was obvious that it happened due to the Rittenhouse verdict: well it's OK to shoot people, so it must be OK to shoplift (I didn't bother trying to point out, different states/"different" DAs); Same person talked about that other case in Georgia of the white guys who shot the black guy. Naturally, in her mind NOTHING has changed in nearly 60 years in Georgia (she's from the greater NYC area, so perhaps the only 'cliche' is the mentality about Southern Folks) so there's no chance a 'jury of their peers' will convict.
  6. no place on the story to make comments, I noticed.
  7. Well my family is from the very far North West of Greece. But who's the 'other' Nick?
  8. wait, there's more than ONE Nick on the grate site(tm)? Is this a Greek wedding or something?
  9. It's occurred to me over the years that the Euro press knows somewhere between 'Jack' and 'Shit' about the USians.
  10. and here is proof: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/old-dominion-professor-seeks-to-normalize-pedophilia/
  11. Suppressed semiauto 9 mil is called for in this case===probably for both mom and child. Dig a trench, you two!
  12. Is that Helen Carter anybody or is she just a mouthy 'nobody'.
  13. How funny you mention Huma...who would happened to be featured on the most recent CBS Sunday Morning show but her...she must have something she's trying to 'hawk'; in addition she's making the rounds on the talk shows as well. I used to think she was 'Ay-Rabian', she she was a point of 'fascination' for me. Until I found out she was Indian/Pakistani and especially when she was 'mated' with that foul Kufar Anthony "Wiener".
  14. I tried to post this on my instragram and while I can see this image and quote, the powers that be have struck it down as a 'mistake' because there's no evidence Dostoievski ever really said it, so it can't be seen 'publicly'
  15. You forgot 'diversity is our strength'.
  16. It's not my 'bag' either but...it's like the 'GIs raping girls in Hijabs' porn--it's only sniffing out the political 'wave'; And is the shitty, dangerous job, enforcing the border or trying to smuggle senoritas?
  17. You mean the pressies slighting LEOs in the news? Be still my heart!
  18. Here we are almost 2 years later.... I know it's Porn and it TOTALLY LACKS morality but... There was actually something that actually bugged the hell out of me: a movie where 'uniformed' Border Patrol agents 'sexually exploit' Young Latina wymmyn. DON'T the makers realize that something like 90% of the women who are smuggled across the border get raped/sexually abused by the smugglers/Coyotes etc? I'm sure they probably do, but if they mentioned it, the 'human smugglers and the cartels they're aligned' with would probably bathe the film makers in a vat of acid as they choked them to death with their own intestines.
  19. OK it's a week later but now's as good a time as any: In keeping with the race baiting business, CBS Sunday Morning was highlighting 'Passing', IE: light skinned blacks, passing as white==Nobody I knew was on (clearly Paula Patton and Jessica Szhor were not available, apparently); It must be some project I'm not aware of OR interested in. And Bruce Springsteen and 'Barry' Obama were being interviewed at the same time==must be some sort of 'project' they're working on to 'save the rest of us from ourselves'.==I also didn't tune it, Hard to take 'The Boss' seriously as a working class hero, when his daughter was a contestant in the last Olympics as an 'equestrian'.
  20. Don't those meat headed mooks have anything better to concern themselves with?
  21. not to mention that Santa Cruz Moutains are is one of the WETTEST places in Cali==I'm sure after this last storm, they just go drenched. Maybe those 'climate refugees' who left the area due to those fires will ever go back?
  22. I presume you're referring to this?
  23. speaking of the DC 'Po=Po', early this morning (4am) on my way to work, on one of my 'go to' conservative stations, there was a very s'tatic-y' newsstory about a speech 'Sleepy Joe' gave to salute the DC PD. I shut off my radio before Ol' Joe got too far into his story, but the news voiceover mentioned that the "January 6 insurrection killed 5 police officers and injured over 150 others'. I thought .'I beg your pardon, what did you just say?' It was almost like at late nights local stations have other broadcasts bleed into their 'slot'.
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