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  1. Drone tank to fight drones big and small. I wonder how much harder it would be to make this system target Mortar and ATGM rounds.
  2. Take aways: Drones will become the door dash amazon prime way of delivering warheads on demand Cheap and effective systems to counter will need to be everywhere Its only going to get worse since drones are dirt cheap yet systems to counter them can cost more then the drone Nations with small militaries can hedge their bet by stockpiling swarms of drone ordinance to spam any would be invaders
  3. Crop Duster turned crop buster....
  4. They crammed to many "features" into BMP1, profile is great, but cut the crap and it would have been better.
  5. Rumors of US dropping switchblade drones to Ukraine
  6. Thats a very good point, why not have drone just drop Munition. I am sure that will be common as well but sometimes a swarm of Kamikazi drones fire and forget might be the ticket. Im sure the future cybernetic/robotic battle field will be full of such horrors.
  7. Just what is on the web. Seems impressive enough given anti armor ability. Tactical Systems Ideal for anti-tank missions, or other strategic objectives, the Hero-120 is the largest of the short-range systems. It carries a 4.5 kg warhead and can endure an extended flight time of 60 minutes. Weight (kg): 12.5 Warhead (kg): 4.5 Range (LOS): 40 km Endurance (min): 60 Engine: Electrical Launch method: Canister https://uvisionuav.com/portfolio-view/hero-120/
  8. https://www.altereddimensions.net/2020/huge-drone-swarms-over-colorado-nebraska-and-wyoming-remain-unexplained I know a few people that saw these. FAA and DOD both said not theirs. They were big and long ranged
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