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  1. Thats a very good point, why not have drone just drop Munition. I am sure that will be common as well but sometimes a swarm of Kamikazi drones fire and forget might be the ticket. Im sure the future cybernetic/robotic battle field will be full of such horrors.
  2. Just what is on the web. Seems impressive enough given anti armor ability. Tactical Systems Ideal for anti-tank missions, or other strategic objectives, the Hero-120 is the largest of the short-range systems. It carries a 4.5 kg warhead and can endure an extended flight time of 60 minutes. Weight (kg): 12.5 Warhead (kg): 4.5 Range (LOS): 40 km Endurance (min): 60 Engine: Electrical Launch method: Canister https://uvisionuav.com/portfolio-view/hero-120/
  3. https://www.altereddimensions.net/2020/huge-drone-swarms-over-colorado-nebraska-and-wyoming-remain-unexplained I know a few people that saw these. FAA and DOD both said not theirs. They were big and long ranged
  4. It would be so easy at this point to saturate a kill box with a mass swarm of drones to go after AFV as well as troops. Scary thought.
  5. Imagine a Twister 2.0 with all wheel in hub drive, independent traction/steering/suspension control, composite tweel tech so no flat ever stays flat, etc... What they could do now would be amazing and be a cross between a F1 car, a rock crawler, an IFV, and a work truck
  6. That is very interesting, UGVs open the door to mobile mines for bottom attack, etc...
  7. Its been long ago but I remember ready a speculative book on future warfare. Once concept was and armored pod with jet thrusters that housed a pilot. It was ultra maneuverable and would stay low and behind cover as much as possible. Carried now weapons, all weapons were carried by other armed drones that would fire or be exposed to enemy fire. Controlled via a nueralink like interface. We are closer to this type of thing then we know, human trails in 2021. https://screenrant.com/neuralink-human-trials-2021-brain-implant-elon-musk/ Future tank may be hover tank with its own drone swarm controlled by a cyborg.
  8. Everybody will just die tired then. Hunter Killer drones, artillery, directed energy weapons, air power, machine guns with smart scopes. Man the cybernetic battlespace is depressing.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98aOlqQT0HU More drone attack video
  10. Robot Voice so you know is quality. Actually some interesting drone footage. I would say we are already to the point a small autonomous drone could be mass produced to attack AFV vulnerable points. The technology has been there for a while just nobody has done the programming and added a warhead. That will come soon enough. I think the hold up has been man in the loop, but if you draw and kill box and dont care if everything dies in it then there is no reason it cant already be done.
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