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  1. I don't know anyone who plays any CM games in real time, at least not against a human opponent.
  2. Merry Christmas from a snowy and frozen Vancouver!
  3. The second picture Colin posted is Highway 1 where it passes through the Sumas Prairie. It is the major east-west route out of Vancouver to the interior of BC and the rest of Canada.
  4. We were roughly a mile away when that collapse occurred. The day before, I had parked literally next door to the construction site when we were downtown.
  5. Rick, if you like Father Brown, give Inspector Morse a try. I think you may like that too. Well written mysteries with gorgeous views of Oxford and the surrounding countryside.
  6. Long time Tanknet member Jeff passed away today.
  7. No they didn't. https://www.reuters.com/article/factcheck-italy-deathsnotreduced-idUSL1N2S0014
  8. The S-500 can't shoot what it can't see. To see a target at 480 km, the target would have to be flying at well over 40000 feet. If your C-17 drops down to 10000 feet, its below the S-500's radar horizon at 126 miles. That's before things like mountains and jamming are taken into account. The S-500 problem can easily be mitigated by the C-17.
  9. Not quite sure about that. I've had a half dozen games this weekend that had one and sometimes two subs in them. It may have been the sub drivers, but submarines didn't seem particularly effective.
  10. My ex-brother in law and his father owned a Sherman (M4A2 with HVSS suspension IIRC) that they used as a yarder in their logging operations in Oregon.
  11. Via Nashville and Memphis? We could stop in and see the King on the way. The Jungle Room is way cool.
  12. I was thinking of a quick trip to the USAF museum in Dayton OH, next year. I don't know if there is enough else in the area to turn it in to an I&I though...
  13. According to the BBC, the French have recalled their ambassadors to the US and Australia...
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