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  1. And to think that all Trump had to do even as late as August was some window dressing for COVID/BLM and he would have squeaked by Biden--the weakest Democratic candidate since at least Dukakis--and into the White House. And here we are. It's the biggest political own goal in US history--and I'm even including the run up to the Civil War by the Southern Democrats. Unless the GOP does some Stalin-esque purges and develop a real, Trump delivered the government on a platter to the Democrats for at least 4-6 years. No matter how inept Biden and Co. will be, they can just run footage from today on a loop and collect their votes for free. And on the topic of storming the Capitol, if you feel the urge to make any qualification or whataboutery about what happened, you're part of the problem.
  2. Boy, I spent this afternoon at school taking charge of an evacuation because of a suspected gas leak, because I'm the only one who remembers to look at the Crisis Plan, and was like "What else could go wrong today?" Welp...
  3. That's what leaving me bemused about FARA: 15 years ago the Comanche was cancelled because UAV's were going to supplant the role. Now we're here looking for an upgraded Comanche because UAV's haven't been able to supplant the role.
  4. OK, stupid question time: How different would this be compared to the Comanche had it gone into service? At this point we'd be on the RAH-66C model I suppose, but a stealthy recon helicopter with a bit of a bite is what the Comanche was supposed to be. I do understand the cost overruns and general mismanagement, but that's not stopping the F-35!
  5. Ah but grasshopper, the students don't turn on their cameras because they don't want to learn--they do it because they are ashamed of where they live and don't want to be bullied by their peers. That is the consensus view of a ton of people I know in education and it only exacerbates the problem of students not doing work. There's this pathological fear of holding students accountable during this entire saga that I find baffling. Online learning has best practices that we know work, but the Educational-Industrial Complex is so set in their heels about what students think and feel that they go with that rather than pivoting to what works.
  6. Ugh, I have a less-than-stellar bunch of kids this year (Despite being academically-gifted), and I'd just as soon punch myself in the face repeatedly than try to get students to turn in assignments. They don't do work at home, they pay attention in class, but because they don't do anything at home I'm cramming two days of work into one... and our class times were cut by 10% because we sometimes have to have two shifts of students on a bus in an afternoon so we won't have to stay at school until 5 PM. The two weeks we were all at school we got so much done and now we're back to the spend-a-week-taking-a-test-that-normally-takes-a-single-class-period-or-two mode. I feel like I'm getting nothing done, and while parents are trying to keep their kids motivated and on task, they're both at work while their little genius is at home alone all day. As far as regular-ed is concerned, almost nothing is getting done. We were instructed that any student who made an F the First Nine Weeks was to receive an Incomplete and double-up their Second Nine Weeks grade. Well, they're still doing nothing and Pupil Progression Plan states that you fail for the year with F's in the first semester, so it's conceivable we'll have over a quarter of our students fail for the year by Christmas. On our first science assessment for the year, my students are averaging about 75%, while the regular ed class is averaging just under 20% for content we were supposed to cover in the first 9 weeks of the year. On top of all this, the State is bound and determined to complete standardized testing, if for no other reason than to quantify the losses in achievement over the past two years. The testing window has been pushed back and compressed, and they're going to go all-out to get students tested. I talk to my students about the "metagame" of school, and I told them now's the time to bank super-high test scores because everyone will do so horribly that the way the scale scores are calculated, doing well will get you a far better score than normal. Plus, a ton of super-high scores would completely shut up my supervisor who is trying to force me to use the same curriculum as regular ed, a violation of state law as it is...
  7. I have Photosynthesis for my classroom, as well as Evolution: The Game and Evolution: The Beginning. The students love The Beginning because it's pretty simple rock-paper-scissors and they get cutthroat with each other in no time. Trying to find high-quality games for my classroom post-COVID so we can have a game for each unit. The kids love it and well-made games do well in teaching the basics of some deep scientific principles. We also have Munchkin for testing time where they can just play something dumb.
  8. Yeah, I'm normally about 800% pro-vaccine and have zero time for antivaxxers, but the speed which a vaccine has been cobbled together has me a little concerned about side effects, especially considering I have a pretty hyperactive immune system as it is with some severe allergies that were adult-onset, and I take my flu vaccine annually on Fridays to recuperate over the weekend. It will be interesting to hear the professional discussion over side effects, and watch how it gets rolled out in schools. Of course, any misstep will give a mountain of ammunition for antivaxxers, and do public health a ton of long-term harm.
  9. Well, they claimed it was illegitimate and set out their plan of revenge, which they now are preparing to unleash upon the country... with a lower advantage in the House and a greater deficit in the Senate compared to a week ago, and a milquetoast President whose biggest claim to fame is being Barack Obama's life insurance policy. Oh, and a definite conservative advantage in the Supreme Court to boot. If people could stop being completely unhinged and look at how the election seems to have turned out, despite all of the totally-not-getting-people-out-solely-to-support-Biden campaigns to get people out to vote, the coordinated media campaign to give Trump not a single byte of positive news about his administration, and Trump's eternal ability to run his mouth to no benefit to himself, he lost the electoral college vote by razor-thin margins in 4-5 states. The down ballot votes show that the American people are far less enamoured with the Democrats' platform than the presidential vote might show, and it seems more that the American people didn't think that Donald Trump's policy accomplishments were worth the chaotic media circus that came with it. If the Democrats try any of the shenanigans they're screeching about on social media, the bloodbath in 2022's Congressional elections will make 1994 look quaint in comparison.
  10. I've had this one for nearly three years. Facebook is now after the guy with the Old Layout extension, so he just rewrote it to automatically opt out of the new layout for 48 hours each time you visit it. As far as that tweet is concerned, one of the amusing bits of bureaucracy is how students are classified by ethnicity. I've had a white student whose parents are Chilean classified as Hispanic, African-American student who was adopted by white parents classified as white, and my personal favourite, a white student born in South Africa to white Boer parents classified as "Mixed-Race"
  11. I essentially don't use Facebook anymore, but the "Remove Politics from Facebook" extension from Chrome is magnificent. Any post or comment with trigger words gets hidden. Doesn't help with the "OMG FACEBOOK DELETED THIS OBVIOUSLY WRONG POST. HERE IS A SCREENSHOT SO YOU CAN SHARE IT" or "HERE IS A LOW-EFFORT MEME DESIGNED TO MAKE TODDLERS LAUGH ABOUT YOUR OPPOSITION" pictures, but I just block their pages.
  12. For school I've bought 50 N95 masks, individually-bagged and bagged into separate weeks. I rotate them out every day, with the idea that by the end of the school year I'll only wear them four times, with over two months' time for any virii to deactivate. May bake them over Christmas break too.
  13. Southern Hemisphere flu cases this winter (Read, our summer) were remarkably lower when compared to normal. https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/wr/mm6937a6.htm https://www.advisory.com/daily-briefing/2020/07/24/coronavirus-restrictions https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/flu-season-never-came-to-the-southern-hemisphere1/
  14. Guess the double-post quirk still exists!
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