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  1. I think that cat has been out of the bag far too long.
  2. Looks like it has a penetrative cap still on, and two drive bands. Maybe an APC or APCBC round that someone has scavenged the copper bands off? It's a bit hard to judge the size, and given where it was found could be just about anything, but first guess might be something like 17 pdr APC, but the drive band interfaces looks wrong as the British use a wave not straight knurling like that. I think the French also used rounds with pairs of drive bands could be one of theirs?
  3. Don't worry, we have the solution.
  4. It is a little known fact that towards the end of Great Financial Crisis that the Queen's Own Accountant Rifles suffered irrecoverable losses in a hostile takeover by the Crimson Permanent Assurance. Their ledger was closed after that.
  5. Unless I'm greatly misunderstanding the terminology, the Centurion has an intermediate shaft and so reduction occurs over two pairs of gears, so two steps.
  6. Budget cuts. I believe I've read what was wanted was something nearer 4 inches but 3.45" was the largest the bore of the 3.3" 18 pounder could be increased to safely, to enable the existing 18 pounders to be reused and save money.
  7. Sorry, the interwebz was totally down here for a little while or I'd have got back to you sooner. Exactly what Doug said, subdivisions of an once. I'd really rather not have to know this, but it is WWII British ordnance so that's the specified measurement used at the time.
  8. Between 6oz 7dr and 6oz 10dr of TNT including the weight of the exploder.
  9. Yeah, that's not right, 243 is a nose fuze. Australia used a firing plug in place of the tracer igniter, or inerted the igniter for trace only, UK seem to have used the Pom Pom round as is before replacing it with the Bofors shell.
  10. The AP shell? Yeah that was apparently about as effective as AP shot while being more complex, so the shot replaced it. I thought you were asking about the HE shell.
  11. Re the 2pdr HE. I believe that is pretty much what happened in a round about sort of way. Australia fitted shells from the Vickers 40mm Automatic naval AA gun, the Pom-Pom, to the OQF 2pr case for use in Matildas and other 2 pounders, the UK did the same and then went a little further and used what I'm reasonably sure is a Bofors shell to make a 2pr HE round.
  12. Well if you want "not a horn" and therefore maybe legal
  13. I usually can't hardly misunderstand what uncle bumblefuck says, but if I got the gist right I don't think he's a fan of Justine Castro here.
  14. The 50-55 tonne rail weight limit reason sounds odd, or at the least missing context. Locomotives by themselves can easily weigh more than that, the flatcars might not have been up to the job, but specialised rolling stock shouldn't have been out of the question. To drop the "best tank in the world" on that pretext doesn't sound right, but then I don't know enough about Soviet tank development to know one way or the other. 'Dunno, ConeOfArc seems a little all over the shop at times. The finding the Tonk video was interesting and showed some dedication and patience, His Zimmerit video shows some very strange understandings, it comes across like he believes magnetic influence sea mines are attracted to and magnetically adhere to ships prior to detonation and that degaussing coils are there to stop this? He edited it partly out but it is in no way helpful to explaining Zimmerit. You could chalk it up to disordered thinking if he were speaking off the cuff, but this sounds scripted. He then later brings up the Clam as though it is an anti tank device, it's not it is a sabotage charge, once placed it isn't meant to go off for hours or days, taking out tanks on the battlefield isn't what it is for.
  15. I would think that would simply be labeled: Imitation Cheese Product this was very definitely labeled: "Imitation Cheese Product" either way I'm not buying it.
  16. Years ago there was some thing in the shop with this on the label: "Imitation Cheese Product" in quotes exactly as written here. I have no idea what it was. I am still curious but fearful of the answer.
  17. Youtube is loaded with various films of all types, the only difficulty is finding what you are after. The AWM uploaded it but I'm pretty sure that's in the UK. India Australia, mostly about the Short 25 pounder.
  18. Infra-red Matilda: For night-time fun!
  19. I is guilty of cultural appropriation. 'm sorry. Back to Australia:
  20. *scribbles furiously* ... send ... any ... balls. Right, got it. Anything else?
  21. I was under the impression that British practice was that ammunition should under no circumstances be oiled or lubricated?
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