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    I saw the flames and noticed they seemed to be spraying water, but thought it was maybe just something at the platform burning and went to sleep after few mins and missed the kaboom. Looked like rocket was also leaning just a bit? Well, first soft landing is still progress.
  2. Oh come on, that was like last week. It's time to move on!
  3. It was not that extreme however especially within the contemporary mindset, as ideas about democracies and fascist regimes joining together against the real enemy - bolshevism - were very commonly floated around in public. And Winter War nearly brought Allied to blows with Soviet Union, and even after it USSR was viewed a borderline enemy and plans to bomb Soviet oil industry were well underway when Fall Gelb derailed it (a truly lunatic idea if any). It was only after Barbarossa began when British declared how they really had been friends with Soviet Union all along.
  4. I don't see the point of invading either Spain or Turkey in this setup. As has been noted, those are not the easiest countries to invade. Yes they did not have similar capability to resist militarily as Soviet Union and undoubtely could have been conquered. But they would not have been easy campaigns. Whole point of not invading USSR in this scenario is to avoid quagmires, not create new ones. Thing with 'neutral' contries in WW2 was that they became less neutral when the outcome began to look clearer and they began to be geographically surrounded by winning side. Turkey - generally a fri
  5. Thanks, very interesting. Have not heard of the Talisman pod before, that placement seems innovative: saves you a hardpoint basically. Has there been any official confirmation or claim about Armenian Su-25 shot down early in the war, which was claimed to be attacked by Turkish F-16?
  6. Lithuania and Poland had no diplomatic relations due to some land grabbing by the Poles. They were basically at verge of war whole '20s and '30s. And all the Baltics really hated the Germans. Any constructive policy there would have been faced by rather massive obstacles. It was basically like post-Yugoslavia breakup Balkans.
  7. Z-plan was derived because Empires needed a strong Navy and Third Reich wanted an Empire, including colonies. Pre-Z-plan building was, as glenn noted, directed against France, not because it was a likely scenario but because there the surface fleet would not be so ridiculously overmatched so it would seem irrelevant and thus could justify itself. In actual war, Germans were (until Norway) actually astonished that their losses had been so low against combined might of Anglo-French navies. Another factor often forgotten is Soviet naval ambitions, which Germany could not completely ignore. I
  8. Oh, I did not meant to promote going all-out in U-Boats as a panacea, just said that they are popularly claimed to be one.
  9. I am totally baffled at the cost. Even if we go with the lower estimates, these ships will still end up costing much more than Flight IIA Burkes, which were widely complained to be overpriced. And this is not some unique special snowflake just for us -project like Australian sub acquisition, but major collaboration which should result to savings. Maybe Canada should outsource military procurement to India. How much worse they could screw it up?
  10. Dilemma of Kriegsmarine was well recognized by KM itself and fiercely debated even before the war. With little in way of legacy fleet and distant third in priority between services, facing overwhelming superiority from most likely opponents, there were just no clear good answers. Should they build pure commerce raiding fleet, or a fleet which maybe could take on France, or start building 'second to none' major power fleet which could take on Royal Navy? In the end, sort of compromise was reached where little bit of everything was done. Now, in hindsight - and this has been particularly popular
  11. All things which were considered at some point, some more seriously than others I don't agree with the notion that Allied victory was predetermined. Obviously they would have needed to work much harder to screw it all up, but it would have been possible.
  12. Wasn't end of independent Poland pretty much one of the core tenets of Hitler's ideology? And certainly he was not the only high-positioned German to espouse such opinions. Of course he DID make friends with USSR which was if possible, even Greater Satan than Poland, but...
  13. Invading Scandinavia was essentially a necessary for Germany as otherwise they would have had their most important iron supply cut off. So there is really no way of getting around it, one way or another.
  14. What Su-25 versions they operate? Wikipedia claims Su-25T, but surely that cannot be right.
  15. Although defeat needs scapegoats and Pashinyan probably should resign, I don't understand how he can be considered at fault for the outcome of war. He was PM for only like 2 years, too short a time to make any kind of significant turn in defence policy for either better or worse. As for the armistice, he had no other option. Any delay and entire Artsakh would have been lost.
  16. F-35 is fat largely because of range and F-35B STOVL requirements, rather than stealth. Any way, supercruise kinda needs an engine designed for it, high-bypass engines meant for economical cruise/high reheat thrust like F135 are not really ideal. Also, supercruise is not in vogue right now as it eats too much of your endurance.
  17. What former Artsakhians? Everybody fled. Staying behind is not good for one's health in these conflicts.
  18. Thank you, this was very interesting. I have always wanted to see a good source about F-16XL, documenting the vices as well, instead of typical market hype how it was that-and-that many % superior to conventional F-16. At the time, sustained turn performance was still seen very important and F-16XL did not excel there. Also, takeoff/landing performance seems to have been pretty marginal. Interesting that XL did not suffer from 'deep stall' phenomenon as Draken and regular F-16 did. Also funny bit how 'black projects' can be beneficial: most of the Congressmen were ignorant of the F-
  19. ...yet. Brown said they'll be starting a study about a solution to this dilemma, and it should be done within couple of years. Probably it will result to some kind of new platform, remains to be seen what.
  20. Done already, and I understood Japanese actually had to share the technics with US:
  21. He's not, I left out the preceding paragraph which mentioned NGAD as part of the 'high end'. But yes, NGAD is also referred (or at least Navy does) as 'system of systems' rather than single aircraft type.
  22. Might not...lot of the artillery we bought or were donated to us during Winter War came without tables, or they had to be redone for whatever reason (climate?), and thus they never made it to front before war was over.
  23. This is what Brown said, from transcript: " Then there’s other, for lower end -- there’s a high end fight, there’s also a mix for a low end fight. I don’t know actually it would be F-16s. Actually I want to be able to build something new and different that’s not the F-16 that has some of those capabilities but gets there faster using a digital approach, whatever comes next. I realize that folks are going allude that it will be a particular airplane but I’m open to looking at other platforms to see what that right force mix is. That TacAir mix has to do some analysi
  24. Yes Ploesti was heavily defended and Romanian Air Force were tough hosts to deal with. Early actual attempts were indeed a disaster, to the point of making Schweinfurt look like a picnic. Still, it was such an obvious opportunity that the Brits surely would have tried it. Although actual results would have come only when American heavy bombers came available in sufficient numbers. Campaign would have been, in the end, surely easier had they held Crete.
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