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  1. Sooooo, is this pretty much dead and buried? So to speak.
  2. I always love how Trump's(or any Republican's) policies are both the most stupid, criminal, anti-American, horrible possible and yet no different than the Dem predecessor. It's amazing, how do you do that?
  3. Exactly, the digital ghetto.
  4. God, what a horrible thought.
  5. Biden hasn't made the right call on foreign policy in 47 years, I don't expect him to get any better now. ☹️
  6. Jeff

    NASA G2

    Well put. It is nice to have too many companies rather than just the usual government grifters. We'll have to see how long SLS can keep funding failure. In the meantime, where's Lexx Luthor? Blue Origin? Blue Origin? Bueller?
  7. This is gonna hurt, isn't it? 😬
  8. This is the person who ordered everyone else not to move their parents out of nursing homes while moving "hers" into a hotel.
  9. I'm sure the NG appreciates the anal probing of their personal lives. Are they expecting a Sadat style coup attempt?
  10. Jeff

    NASA G2

    We had forgotten how badly NASA sucks at manned spaceflight until SpaceX showed us how it could be done.
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