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  1. Jeff

    Health Update

    Exactly Someday, we'll make a point of it.
  2. Jeff

    Health Update

    Thanks all. As Leo said, we fight tooth and nail but in the end, we're family.
  3. Jeff

    Health Update

    Worse than that, barely six months. I think I surprised the doctors. 😬 My brother the doctor always said, don't be the interesting patient. I've been pretty interesting lately. 😁
  4. I've been away for a few weeks. Some of you may remember I have an autoimmune disease that attacks the liver called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis(PSC). This has been starting to really wear on my health. Chronic fatigue, brain fog, etc. to the point that I can't work. It also increases your risk of getting Cholangio Carcinoma (liver cancer). You may remember I was starting a drug trial when COVID hit. In order to get on the trial, I had to go through multiple tests to prove I didn't have CC, MRI, biopsy, blood tests including a CA19-9 cancer antigen test, fibroscan. All came back clear. Four months into the trial, I had a sit down with my trial hepatologist and said I felt something wasn't right. Nothing pointed to cancer. She agreed to do another MRI(good doctor). this was done on a Friday, On the next Monday she called with the results. I could tell from her voice it was not the Costanza "Cancer? Get out of here!" call. Sure enough, I had a 7 cm tumor in my left lobe. The CA19-9 was still normal, so much for that one! She brought together a team at Yale to handle the case. The surgeon feels he can operate and resect that part of the liver. The oncologist is hitting it with chemo, 2 Mondays on 1 Monday off, this is my off week. They want to do that 3 times and take a fresh look. If all looks good, the surgeon will go in and cut it out. Big operation, no small risk and it leaves me with half an ailing liver to go on. If the tumor had been smaller, they might have gone for a transplant but no dice. First, chemo sucks but it beats the alternative. Second, I'm lucky to have resection as an option though the operation scares the hell out of me. Needless to say, I've stayed away from politics and Tanknet. In a world where people are at each other's throats, my wife and I have been blessed with a wealth of good will from friends, family, healthcare workers and people I've never met before. It's truly humbling and a great reminder of the goodness in the world it's easy to miss. I choose to focus on that now. God bless.
  5. Jeff

    NASA G2

    Then the same innocent bureaucratitis seems to have infected the DOJ too, purely coincidental of course.
  6. Jeff

    NASA G2

    Which makes his apostasy even more dangerous.
  7. The purges are starting, next up political kommissars in every unit.
  8. Lexx Luthor decides he needs to spend more time as an evil mastermind, gives up his day job. Jeff Bezos to step down as Amazon CEO, Andy Jassy to take over in Q3
  9. Jeff

    NASA G2

    I've had the idea of political coincidences beaten out of me lately. It was a very useful shot across the bow for Musk and others. Mostly it's not to crush but the classic "plata o plomo" game to keep them in line and to exact tribute for further political games. I know you will never see it that way but there it is.
  10. Because maybe we're learning it's not capitalist(free market). "Just give us your 401k money and shut up."
  11. Trump that horrible dictator! Wait, wut? Pentagon purges advisory boards after flurry of Trump end-of-term appointees
  12. Jeff

    NASA G2

    SN9, RUD on the landing pad.
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