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  1. They don't have to be experts but if you don't even know the basics, you may want to sit down and STFU until you at least have some basic knowledge. If you've never heard the term "coyote" before you really don't have a clue on this important topic. I'm actually shocked that so many people, especially talking heads don't know what it means, to the point that I think many of those are lying about it to try and keep the "Drumpf thinks real coyotes are carrying children over the border" scam going. Don't they realize it's a total self own? It's the equivalent of someone calling someone an id
  2. It will be interesting to see how they explain not giving him the Nobel Peace Prize.
  3. All Drumpf is doing is replacing wall that already exists!
  4. And yet they're immigration experts and telling us what America should do. Like anti-second amendment people who don't know a thing about guns except "guns bad!".
  5. You can tell it's fake, we have an actual participant to the activities with emails and texts and first hand descriptions. Now if we had anonymous sources with third hand accounts it would be undeniably true.
  6. So he "leaked" the tape? No, he released his recordings. We can watch the tape ourselves or we can have the LA Times mediasplain it to us if we're too stupid to make our own determination.
  7. Cue the media spending all their time destroying Bobulinski and none investigating the Bidens.
  8. Yes, those were the ones from the Iranians.
  9. Doesn't everyone wank off on Zoom work calls? I mean, come on!
  10. These are the "antifascists".
  11. The circular logic train is certainly rolling along. Media - It's not been verified! [well, get to it, isn't that what you guys do?] Biden campaign - The media says it's not true so we're not commenting further! Former Intel officials - Sure we're all swamp creatures but we say it's Russia! Current intel officials - There's no evidence it's Russia Media - Trump humpers in government are lying, though we have no evidence, but it's RUSSIA! Others - It's all an elaborate plot by RUSSIA! So the media doesn't cover it so people can claim it's all some kind of hoax
  12. And yet current intel officers, the ones who have actually seen the intel, say there is no evidence it is Russian disinformation.
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