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  1. In related news, I'll soon have a used copy each of The Great Tank Scandal and The Universal Tank for sale.
  2. You recall correctly. The cable was dumped with the Bradley, however.
  3. Yes, the final drive ratios were increased from 2.84:1 to 3.36:1, but that was the only change to the powertrain. I haven't seen any mention of wheel bearings in what I've read, at least. FWIW, the M4A3E2 weighed 84,000 lb compared to the 71,100 lb of an M4A3(76)W. Edit: Great videos, by the way. What a project!
  4. Thanks for posting this; will definitely look this up. The US Army drew the conclusion from the Spanish Civil War that basically the power of defensive weapons such as the antitank gun had grown paramount, and therefore that the tank remained an auxiliary for aiding the infantry. It'll be interesting to read these reports. Always heard good things about Red Army but never got around to reading it.
  5. Wow hadn't heard that detail before. Where can we read about this? Thanks!
  6. If you're quite patient I'll eventually be able to let you know, but these are currently 55th-58th in line to read. If you get through them before that let us know what you think. https://i.imgur.com/UZebAZA.jpg
  7. The fact that fascines assisted in surmounting trenches that were wider than the tanks were designed to cross indicates that the rhomboid shape was "far from perfect"? And this implicitly makes the A7V's design relatively not as bad? According to Hundleby and Strasheim, when Sturmpanzer Abteilung 1 arrived at the Leader and General Staff Training Course outside Sedan in early 1918, the course's commander Major von Schutz asserted, "The 'low nose' made the vehicles unfit for cross-country movement over rough or shell-torn terrain", and this is not to mention the 20 cm ground clearance under the
  8. I had the Haynes Manual for the A12 preordered, but got an email yesterday from Amazon saying they won't in fact be able to get it, and it doesn't seem to be listed on the publisher's website. I was looking forward to that one.
  9. Wow, convertible medium tank M1 in the foreground and M2s in the background at 1:35? And although it (disappointingly) wasn't in the video, the video thumbnail teaser had an interesting direct-vision M4A1 with the early small-spring suspension bogies and gun mount M34 but a single-piece final drive and differential cover.
  10. Not really relevant to Steel Beasts, but I always thought this was a cool picture.
  11. Only 10 pounds, too. Thanks for the tip!
  12. Definitely appreciate all the stuff being posted!
  13. T-26, not T26. Thanks for the explanation, Gorka!
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