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  1. I had the Haynes Manual for the A12 preordered, but got an email yesterday from Amazon saying they won't in fact be able to get it, and it doesn't seem to be listed on the publisher's website. I was looking forward to that one.
  2. Wow, convertible medium tank M1 in the foreground and M2s in the background at 1:35? And although it (disappointingly) wasn't in the video, the video thumbnail teaser had an interesting direct-vision M4A1 with the early small-spring suspension bogies and gun mount M34 but a single-piece final drive and differential cover.
  3. Not really relevant to Steel Beasts, but I always thought this was a cool picture.
  4. Only 10 pounds, too. Thanks for the tip!
  5. Definitely appreciate all the stuff being posted!
  6. T-26, not T26. Thanks for the explanation, Gorka!
  7. Which Zaloga book was this? I flipped through his New Vanguard #35, but didn't see such a reference. Thanks! And for what it's worth, the 50-hour/100-hour maintenance checklist from the 15 January 1945 edition of TM 9-735 advises of the Pershing's engine: "Remove power unit at 100-hour maintenance service only if inspections made in items 9 [irregular engine idle, acceleration, power, smoke, noise, oil consumption], 13 [water, oil fuel leaks] and 17 [crankcase leaks/levels], and a check on oil consumption indicates a definite need." Removing the engine at the 50-hour interval is not me
  8. He's 78 years old and does appear to be rambling off the cuff during some videos, but with the research and library to his name that's probably ok. I take his videos more as entertainment than scholarship, really. He's already done scholarship.
  9. Great interview; had no idea about most of his history and how he got started writing.
  10. Although to be fair, Major Northy was serving with the British Royal Army Ordnance Corps, no?
  11. The Panther mantlet possibility was likely enough that Germany changed the design, at least.
  12. Might be a lens effect but, it looked like those smoke grenades ended up awfully close to that TC at 2:05...
  13. Definitely appreciate all the work!
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