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  1. It's not an easy airplane to land.
  2. I flew on Witchcraft. This accident both saddens and angers me.
  3. Possibly the Israelis could use unconventional techniques aka special operations. If the Israelis wanted to use airpower, their new pals in the region who share an antipathy towards the Iranian regime mean that they could base forces close to Iran. Also their new pals might want to participate in cooperation with Iran. Israel joined by Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and UAE would have formidable capabilities.
  4. I am skeptical that these nuclear warheads, which have not been tested in decades or in the case of the new ones will never be tested, will actually work.
  5. https://www.csis.org/analysis/strategic-implications-strikes-saudi-arabia
  6. What is the Merkava 4 Barak?
  7. Fascinating Speaking of that, does anyone know exactly how many Arab tanks (Tiran + unmodified T-54/55 and T-62) did Israel have after the 1973 war? Because based on what I've been able to find so far, it seems that during the 1973 war, most of the Arab tank losses (70-80%) were due to the abandonment of fully intact, repairable tanks. The Israelis ended up with enough captured tanks to fully replace all of their losses with a bunch left over for their reserves. They gave out captured T-62s like candy to West Germany, France and the U.S, and all of them were in pristine condition. The fol
  8. Me too. I was in Israeli about 20 years ago and saw a horribly burned middle aged man, and my guess is that he was a tanker injured in the 1973 war.
  9. Hanging things on airplanes is more difficult than you seem to think.
  10. Yes I don't see what that would buy you - if its a different missile using a different motor, you'd still have different CoG and such. It would still be completely different certifications, captive carries, etc. I suspect the project does use a current missile as its basis to save time and design work, but I think it is something much more modern and solid fueled that hasn't previously been air launched.
  11. I was at Dyess AFB last April. That made me feel old! The B-1B aircraft (in production when I was on active duty) are older than the captains and lieutenants flying them.The young airmen are the same age as my children.SAC is gone; it's now called AFGSC.The BDUs are gone.The ranks chevrons for E-7 through E-9 are different.Every active duty person on the base is younger than me.
  12. Thanks for the compliments. Flying the B-1B Weapon System Trainer was a blast. Its a big, fast, complex aircraft, about as different as any airplane can be from the PA -28-161 Piper Warrior that is my usual mount. But it has excellent flying qualities and to a large extent an airplane is an airplane. I wasnt ready to pass a check ride but I actually flew it fairly well.
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