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  1. There are enough local powers that have the means to protect international shipping. Maybe they are not that friendly towards us, if they do not want to?
  2. To keep China out of Africa we need more investment there. They create jobs and infrastructure.
  3. And you do not need forces in the Indian Ocean either, the Iranian Navy is not a threat.
  4. For what? To sabotage the war effort of the assholes beating you daily?
  5. The SOE could not have been more effective than the Gestapo in encouraging sabotage.
  6. I have see a report from Krupp Iron works, warning of the problem as early as 1943. The basic problem was that the factory workers were drafted to the front and replaced by forced labour overseen by Gestapo bullies. Gestapo had very little problem using violence but even less technical knowledge. In addition they had an outstanding talent to piss off the remaining German workers by rounding them up just like the forced labour.
  7. Biden paying the Ukrainians to not expose the criminal activities of his son? I can see that.
  8. As fire on the move would not work with the 37mm nor the 6 pounder, I think it would make little difference.
  9. There is no goodness without God.
  10. They had an uprising, because the West supported it.
  11. Stability has a value. A more Russian leaning government in the Ukraine would probably never have created the civil war, which would probably mean the country would be better off. It is different in the west where governments try to enforce rules on the lives of the people, as Glenn explained. But western Liberlas do not want stability, they want a dictatorship to enforce their will on everybody - be it Russians, Conservatives or Christians. Those people are the true enemy.
  12. No, Germany is a leftist shit hole, but still the US pays money for their defence via NATO. So there is only one side that is stupid.
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