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  1. So NATO is preparing for an invasion of Kaliningrad?
  2. Biden has no idea what he says or where he is.
  3. Or much more simple, they do not want a big war in Europe and would like to keep a secure energy supply. Apart from that just looking a the historic context Germany should not support an offensive war against Russia.
  4. Personally I hope Germany works with Russia to reach an agreement on the future of Eastern Europe.
  5. Everything needs be tried, sadly big pharma and the governments have limited our solutions to lockdowns and vaccines, with neither being effective in stopping the pandemic. Wearing a FFP2 mask properly, gives you a protection 100 times higher than 3 vaccine shots and it also protects other people 100 times better. In my opinion we can end all COVID measures, as every person has an option to protect himself by wearing a FFP2 mask. It should be a personal choice to wear one or not.
  6. No, both sides miss reality, a reality which has not happened since we have modern medicine. We have have a highly infectious virus spreading through the global population, a population which has nearly no natural immunities to it. Everything that is done, is done as an emergency measure, because nobody has ever dealt with such a scenario. At the moment everything is tried. Every known drug is tested and new drugs are rushed to the market. Corners are cut, but that is necessary.
  7. It is normal. Just one wedding or larger social gathering can be the nucleus of a larger outbreak.
  8. It means denying people treatment and access to working medicine, because government decided to waste money on useless "vaccines" and masks. Money that should have been used to increase capacity for sick patients and finding a working drug. Or better yet accepting that we have existing drugs that work. It seems that smoking a joint offers more protecting than the vaccines. https://www.dazeddigital.com/science-tech/article/55228/1/new-research-shows-cannabis-can-prevent-covid
  9. I personally think that this would destroy NATO, as you won´t find Western European Nations willing to sent their young people to die for the Eastern Europeans.
  10. A conflict with NATO is unavoidable for Russia.It makes sense to go all out and not only take back the Ukraine, but also the Baltics and at least parts of Eastern Europe.
  11. Every medicine is specially tailored for use. Otherwise you would take too much or too little or would miss an important element in the mix. The first reaction to the new virus was testing existing substances and see if they work. Remember Remdesivir? So one would assume that Ivermetcin war tested as well. And it was. Turns out it does inhibit the replication of the Corona virus in cells when applied in cell cultures. Sadly to achieve the required IC50 in humans, you would vastly exceed the safe dosage of the product. The positive effect was also not scientifically proven, nor was the safety of the high dosage. But still people rather took that, than the vaccines. That is stupid. I respect every person who refuses to take the vaccine, because the vaccines are not tested, but the Ivermetcin crowd are just stupid.
  12. If you think an apple heals covid - good for you. If you think that a medicine designed to treat infestations like lice or worms will work against COVID and better than specially designed medicines, I think you have been mislead.
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