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  1. The more likely explanation is God. God wants Trump to save America. This event has made it obvious.
  2. An end of the corrupt capitalism in Russia, would surely be a good reason to deepen the ties with China and from a strong anti-capitalist block. But yes, as long as the Russian Elite is serving the West, nothing will improve.
  3. China as strong interest in making Russia strong and not have NATO on its northern border. I think the co-operation between China-Russia-Iran (Brazil, South Africa, India, North Korea) as a block of free nations will deepen.
  4. I would guess chemical and biological weapons from the secret laboratories in the Ukraine.
  5. If you can see from a video what the guy looking through a scope is seeing, you are either extremely skilled or never looked through a scope.
  6. Wait till you reach Rank III, then you will love artillery again.
  7. Germany has no desire for a war with Russia and hopefully will continue to disarm.
  8. Best players use keyboard and mouse
  9. It is nice to have people do your dirty work, without actually paying them or even ordering them, if you indoctrinate them enough, they will see it as their duty.
  10. Nobody needs a Civil war, but political violence tends to lead to one. Obviously politicians are always at danger from people with mental disorders, but that is no longer the only case in the USA. Remember that the US president wanted to put Trump into the bullseye merely days before the attempted murder. Then add the fact that both sides are building forces to use in the civil war. Normally you would still need to reach the point when weapons are given to organisations outside of the normal security and military forces, but that step can be skipped in the US, as weapons are freely available. It does no take much. Say Trump wins and the left responds by violent general strikes and attacks on Trump supporters. They have the means available and anarchists, communists and BLM will be happy to wreak havoc. If the security forces do not stomp this out with full force and no mercy, the civil war will be on, especially if the actions are tolerated in parts of the country and if you look at Shitcago and other liberal cities, you know it would be tolerated.
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