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  1. Some interesting stuff related to this topic. The Army didn't accept the A10s because they wanted the Patriots and also realized the opertions and maintenance costs for the A10s were going to be very much higher than what they had initially believed. They were also "all in" on the Apache as the aerial option for CAS... There is going to be a massive RIF. The first taste is coming next year, 3500-4000 Captains are getting the axe. There's another massive force structure reduction coming to the Army...currently dense friction between OSD and HQDA on how small the AC will actually get. More t
  2. Ken - thanks for the data dump. Interesting stuff, especially the 1st Armored Div version of events.
  3. 1st CAV Div had 47 battalions under its span of control in Iraq when it was commanded by then MG Chiarelli in 04-05. The 101st had between six and eight BCTs under its span of control in 10-11 in Afghanistan. When I was a planner at the Corps in Afghanistan in 10-11, we had three US Division HQs, and 15-18 BCTs/RCTs under the span of control. This included a German Battlegroup in RC-North, a British BDE in RC-Southwest, a Polish BDE in RC-East, US Army and National Guard BCTs in RC-North, South, and East, and USMC Regiments in RC-Southwest. This does not include the Turkish BDE in RC-Capi
  4. Some more info about the SCMR cuts: http://www.defensenews.com/article/20130801/DEFREG02/308010021/Army-s-Problems-go-Deeper-Than-SCMR This article says the Army is losing three maneuver battalions, seems a little low from what I have seen but certainly in the ballpark. These are for the cuts down to 490K. Light M1A1 and FA stated, the switch from Armor or Light Infantry to a SBCT is not as easy as it seems at first blush. The biggest issue for the light guys to grasp is the huge amplification of maintenance requirements - something that easier for a personnel in an ABCT to SBCT conversi
  5. This is probably going to happen. Like 95% certain. If my math is correct, the AC is only losing six battalions or so out of this BCT drawdown. But there's another cut coming... http://www.stripes.com/news/us/hagel-s-sequestration-review-points-to-few-good-choices-1.233231 Takeaway quote: "With 420,000 to 450,000 active-duty troops, the Army could fulfill the mission required by the recent national defense strategy that redirects the military’s focus to Asia, Hagel said." Another SBCT makes a great deal sense, especially in Washington state as most of the Western part of the state is b
  6. Does anything on this plane actually work as specified? More issues involving the missiles and particulate matter in the missile exhaust system. http://elpdefensenews.blogspot.com/2013/07/the-navy-problem-part-2.html
  7. The combined arms battalions are staying. FALF has it down pat. This whole deal is a bit of a shell game. They are cutting a lot of the temporary force structure that was approved for the expansion of the Army during the GWOT. In addition, the TTHS account is getting cut by another 6K or so, this is a temporary holding pool for personnel in schools, training, transient status and those who are hospitalized. The next round of cuts are the ones into the bone. The Army has known since 2004 that the two infantry battalion BCTs were tactically deficient. The RSTA more often than not ended b
  8. There was a German transgender officer in the ISAF HQ back in 2010-2011. Used to see he/she in the mess hall occasionally. Looked like Steven Segall...including the long black hair in a braid. Weird. Wondered what the Taliban would have done if he/she was captured...
  9. If you think this is bad, wait for the Sequestration related cuts next year.
  10. There are three Mortuary Affairs Companies in the Army. Two are in the Active Component and one is a USAR unit out of Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rico Company actually was used in the aftermath of the 9/11 attack at the Pentagon. http://amhistory.si.edu/september11/collection/record.asp?ID=21 Aberdeen and Dover are the two areas where KIAs are brought home. Dover gets the bodies, Aberdeen gets the personal effects - both are eventually restored to the KIAs family. The Aberdeen crew go through the personal effects to ensure there is nothing embarrassing that is given to the family - there is a
  11. A topic close to my heart. The "up or out" system is the root of the problem, and the "key developmental" positions also lend itself to the problem. The entire officer corps consists of journeymen because the individual officer spends, on average, less than two years in each position. Don Vandergriff has written all you need to know about how screwed up the personnel system has become...one Congressional Aide I know said "The KGB couldn't design a personnel system that was this fucked up." Master's degrees are valued added, but the officer must get one in a field that directly benefits th
  12. Lujan is a stiff. I was at the conference that is shown here. He was used as a show pony by CNAS to support the furthering of the war in Afghanistan. I work with think tanks on a daily basis now - I can assure you that the people who are speaking at them are by no means impartial or unbiased. What Lujan was saying was correct - from his perspective - and he was in the one place in Afghanistan (Zabul) where the ANA have managed to scrape together a couple of battalions that don't suck. The rest of the ANA ranges from mediocre to bad to god awful. The ANP are far worse across the board. I
  13. BP - that's already happening with men...a friend was down there speaking to them and the RI's said they are being forced to graduate almost everyone who comes through because of the wars.
  14. Benson was a senior mentor of my SAMS seminar. I spent the better part of a year listening and even learning from him. Couple of things. Number one, he was the CFLLC G5 for OIF 1. He still declares to this day that there was a Phase IV plan...he showed it to me and it was two pages long and really weak. Number two, our seminar was NORTHCOM focused. There was a retired Deputy NORTHCOM CDR present for most of our seminar who stated "boys, you need to grab some of that Homeland Security money, there's a lot of it and it's going to save force structure." Benson was there for that hot air as
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