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  1. In Hungary there is a war over the Chinese vaxx. The opposition-ruled capital was first to organize a public measurement of immunity levels, and they found the effectiveness of it in the 60+ population lacking. The government countered that with another measurement campaign, aimig mostly those who were told they lack immunity before. The Chinese documentatiton did not advised to use it on above 59 years people. The government used it as a weapon to prove the EU is weak, and the West is lacking. An immunologist said that the capital's test was better, the gov test was not able to separate current immunity from former illness. The gov thest used a Roche suite, 1,200 people re-tested. So the numbers of the re-measurement: Sinopharm 84% immune Pfizer 97% Moderna 94% AZ 97% Sputnik-V 100% Average 88% of vaxxed was immune. In other news, the government snapped and said yes to the till now vehemently opposed third shot for the lacking. Of course, there is no advice on what to give to those who got two shots of Sinopharm.
  2. Plywood Satellite Cleared for Space Launch
  3. I am still waiting for the final score. UEFA fined Hungary 100.000 €, three closed matches (one suspended for 2 years), and flying an #EqualGame banner for anti-LGBTQIA+, anti-BLM slogans, throwing water bottles, and operating smoke grenades. UK FA is fined 30.000 € (without the final match) for disturbing the anthem, fireworks, and for trying to blind the goalkeeper with laser. Lucky FA, a Harrier with a Paveway stuck at a pub, and missed the party.
  4. "quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur" - with subtitles, meaning quite contradicts how it sounds
  5. Will these tanks repaired and maintained by Poland alone, with "war with Russia" sized amount of spare parts, APS reloads and DU APFSDS? If not, will their contract contains the Iraqi closure ("we don't follow you to places where there is any chance of meeting the enemy")?
  6. Maybe they are wanted by their parents to be killed, while the rest was wanted alive by the parents but not by the RCC. Finally they follow their southern neighbor. What the states united will be called? U2SA?
  7. German, remaining main language of the 4th Reich.
  8. I have noticed a trend at Duolingo. Example sentences to repeat or translate: Scotland is in Europe: 2 out of 10 sentences Ireland is in Europe: 2 out of 20 sentences Scotland is not England: 1 out of 20 sentences
  9. Hear what the Ivermectin money says. I love the Drug Interactions part the most, as a person shot with AZ.
  10. Civil War is not peacetime. mRNA vaccines are cheaper to produce than vector vaccines, because it has no natural ingredients. Here the press adequately covered the deadly side effects from the AZ blood cloths to the Pfizer heart inflammation. No one wants vector vaccines because if the covid turns out to be yearly like flu is, they will run out of usable adenoviruses fast. A private company sent it's employees for testing for both T-cell and humoral response, found that Sinopharm failed to trigger any immune reaction in 33% of cases in the above 60 years old group. They found that - in contrary what Our Taliban shouted - when no T-cell response, then no humoral response, too.
  11. Never knew Canada was so involved
  12. It’s now illegal in Norway to not label retouched photos on social media
  13. It is in the name, I .. ops. Hungarian one called Robocop, literally. Policemen, they are rare. Now, due to covid, conveniently the army makes up the numbers, but due to law, only up 50 percent can be army. Dashcams show traffic is already on Russian level, we can only imagine the rest of the policing areas.
  14. Égalité, Fraternité, error of Mbappé
  15. In the discussion they mention that very hard to land the plane because the ground clearance of the airscrew is very small, and longitudinal stability is bad.
  16. My point? They did not use WMD against their own people. Oh, and check your numbers, we know Russia is big and evil, but I doubt Russia had two German invasions in the 30's/40's.
  17. Lokks like not the only animal that does not like the prey in bites
  18. Yes, Commies killed a lot of their own people in peacetime - but never with WMD.
  19. Canada: 751 unmarked graves found at residential school
  20. Larger-than-life software mogul John McAfee dies in Spain by suicide, lawyer says He had an interesting life for a programmer. Heirs of his antivirus developed it into such a bad product once it was considered malware...
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