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  1. how the Luftwaffe was destroyed, historically accurate depiction
  2. The panther was a collateral damage, the main target was art Die Wehrmacht on the rechts Probably sold to western nazi collectors by the soviets via the stasi to get hard currency for the GDR.
  3. The root cause of the skilled labor shortage, the need for immigrants
  4. Like the integrated medieval helmet
  5. Very interesting, armies of amateurs monitoring the ISS and more vigorously the space communications, and there were only one man who knew it was more than 45 degrees ... What is the final verdict? The engines worked for 15 minutes, or 44 minutes, stopped suddenly, or burned all fuel? I have heard all these versions, but then silence.
  6. The civilian leg of the research: MIT researchers use AI to predict the next big things in tech
  7. Riveting is still used in weight-constrained areas like aircraft manufacture. The drawback in weight is that the plates are riveted to a structure (Facebook restoration page), while welded ones can be unibody. Heated and cooled rivets contains stress in themselves, also in the plates around the holes. See the stress here, at the bottom of the page. Unlike bolts*, the stress in the rivets can't be removed. *More or less. That nice 90 degrees at the joint of the head and the shank (radius?) always a good start for a break.
  8. When it shoots first... is it action or reaction to a future event? Pentagon believes its precognitive AI can predict events 'days in advance'
  9. 2 more DC police officers who responded to Capitol insurrection have died by suicide
  10. Probably totally unrelated to the density of the people, and to the humidity level of the climate. Also unrelated to the development of knowledge of the virus.
  11. Unfortunately, not fat is what kills but the increased metabolism to support the body. Like cold and flu, which hits men far more than women, tied to increased metabolism to having genetically more muscles. This is why a bunch of elite sportsmen were hit hard at first here. Their story was moderately newsworthy, as none of them died. But some of them will never be a professional sportsman ever again. But a fitness coach, early 40 woman, died here, which quite shocked a dentist I work for, who told me her story.
  12. D'oh! Misplaced chair shuts down nuclear plant in Taiwan
  13. https://www.greatdisasters.co.uk/hms-thetis/
  14. Not that British Lion scenery at start
  15. Hungary would join Turkey to send troops to Afghanistan, not without internal opposition (like there was recently a big change in the top level leadership, maybe connected). Unfortunately the Hungarian Army reached level of own equipment and weapons for peacekeeping operations just in time to see the dialing down of these operations from Afghanistan to Africa.
  16. In Hungary a doctor from the topmost child hospital said that all the covid-positive children ventilated (without quite serious problems like cancer or Down) were severe overweight ones.
  17. I have seen this picture but did not share it because I am quite unsure of it's authenticity. There was no fuel to explode? If not penetrated then where the engine/front went? Or it lost the engine before the collision?
  18. Liverpool 80's Rob Bremner's photos I thought only Esztergom and Buda kept the scars form WW2 till the 80's...
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