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  1. We were told the polar opposite The Taliban reduced the world’s supply of heroin by two-thirds the last time they were in power For comparison:
  2. Weird news or Because, Russia - is there a difference? A Soviet submarine nuclear reactor has been found in Russia’s Kara Sea
  3. Cultural thing, they learned to act instead of waiting for someone to act. In the cui prodest? section: Who made sure that ISIS-K reach the gate for maximum effect? Pentagon prepared for ‘mass casualty’ attack at Kabul Airport hours before explosion On a related side note about the good side of history, not the leader of ISIS of Levant was the first or last to get much better training than the US Army can provide: US trained Khashoggi's killers. A review of all military training programs is necessary
  4. There is a price everybody paid till now, time to let it paid by those who partake of it. I don't see the difference between railways and mail/web orders of these days. Now I order something, the truck transports it to a middle city next day, and on the second day a van transports it to my house. Why not transport it to my city by train, then by van? That's true, that's why we need electricity sharing (currently established), and standard replaceable batteries. Then hydrogen cars. Also to consider nuclear energy again. There will be more fleeings from rain floods than from Chernobyls in the near future.
  5. Mutation happens with or without vaxx. No "pressure" here on the virus to mutate. Also, mutation happens when the virus reproduce, so vaxxed up immune system is good against the mutation because less "living" virus in the body in the reproduction phase, less chance to mutate, not? So mutation is probably created in the unvaxxed/not immune, not in the vaxxed/immune, so unrelated from vaccination? Covid vaxx is still better than flu vaxx regarding the width of the useful range against variations.
  6. I have heard this from many sources but I still don't understand it. Sounds like mutation is conscious.
  7. That is true if we only see CO2. Particles are a thing, too. More dirt generated outside the city is better. Many worry here about the thinking of the youth - small flying particles (IDK the English term) are responsible for dumbing down people, beyond respiratory effects. I am sure filtering of those power plants yields better results than pre-Euro6 cars in their usual gas/brake pedal to the metal use. If we develop something usable for CO2 (concrete?), then the power plants will be easier to harvest sources. The solution to the road transport is simple: no trucks between cities with train access. Of course, that is impossible, that would force planning onto customers, and the logistics profession is too diluted to do it anyway. I think private transport is not endangered, with photocells one can be really independent. For longer range? We are hybrid vehicles, too, so it must be a good solution. Forget diesel, re-discover CNG/LNG.
  8. Is it really Katrina-like? Here the news say so, but not in details.
  9. Saying electric cars are scams almost like saying NBC filters are scam.
  10. Only if blinding someone with laser is civility.
  11. Air Show in Kecskemét, Hungary: https://index.hu/galeria/index/belfold/2021/08/29/kecskemeti_repulonap_2021/ Saudi Hawks, Turkish Stars, Wings of Storm, Orlik Team Airbus A-319 / H145M, Gripen, Typhoon, F-2000A, etc.
  12. How much the general design changed, WW2 ships look so different.
  13. 0. Fearmongering starts, Afghanistan will be a haven for terrorists, don't leave 1. Allies ask for time to complete the evacuation, no time given 3. Fearmongering starts that a terror attack can happen any time 4. Booom! 5. .... (Probably no effect) They did that to integrate them into the Empire. Now we wanted a stand-alone state. The Brits can go back, trying a sand pirate line to raise the Empire again. As believable as they know the guy's position hours after, but not found the Taliban for 20 years.
  14. The end of the "someone wrote a line about it in the plans" tanks is a completely made up one, an Strv K with spirit.
  15. Still closer to Christianity than anything else. It is not an accident that they hate them the most. It is severe constraints or extinction. Remember, the world is reserved unto fire when you see fashion houses produce clothing, and then destroy it, aiming to please both the marked and the shareholders. Remember, it was Eve who bruised the head of the serpent.
  16. Is that news? This, plus keeping the maintenance to the manufacturer's agents, who will not go where shots fired (the only lasting lesson of the Turkish wars is that your ideologically aligned mercenaries are only good for peacetime activities, plus easy, quite probably successful military actions. They will not die for your country, and if the only way to ensure that, they open the door for an enemy who promise free pass under the Sun just before twilight... ) Could the US run a low-cost army anymore?
  17. They are the role model for GOP: rooted deep in the past, fighting all "leftist", "woke", "lgbt*" Those illiterate nicely fly the choppas, and seems to know how to look at the UAVs. "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me" - someone forgot the Iranian Revolution. Replace Taliban with USA. It is like Saddam Hussein and the US armed forces: the former killed only good men, the latter only bad men. The number of dead is roughly the same. That alone certifies how much the Western assessment of the Afghan people's will to build democracy etc. was off. Wondering if the bean counters will be allowed to measure the level of the corruption in the last 20 years, and start prosecutions against those responsible and beneficiaries. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allied_Control_Council#Dissolution_of_the_German_army_and_government_agencies
  18. Thanks, this was interesting. Am I correct assuming then that a single thruster turned on, and the rotation was around one axis?
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