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  1. A previously unresearched projectile
  2. This is the mindset that leads to shooting down commercial aircrafts. If it is an Airbus, I am sure you would contain your mass posting ability, but if it is a 747, the please, God, save not only the Queen.
  3. They achieved all of this with 2 active spies...
  4. It had an interesting foreshadow. Looks like the modifications to the gun were not enough
  5. And a shitty one, that's how the UK propaganda works. He aimed to be a supervillain, he trained himself in martial arts, but he was mentally not up to the task, he never was. US propaganda can't be this toned down, they had to über the Hollywood standard. You can beat Schwarzenegger kill count only with newborns from incubators to the street, and like. Killing five innocents enrages the world, but weekly news in the home column.
  6. Upgrades to the US Army’s night vision technology make darkness into a video game Is it AI driven? Then funny things come.
  7. What the reports are missing is the poor things falling death stepping into the death ray close to the source. Including birds.
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