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  1. Who was that? You have missed the vertical line between the pictures. But of course, due to the lies from your Ministry of Truth, we don't really know that Eurasia or the USA through Eastasia supported Iran to build the Emad. Which contains Israel, like the light transport/reflex sight small arms equipped Taliban contains Iran (much more effectively than a democratic Afghan gov. would) ...
  2. László Földi, the government's favorite ex-commie intel guy said in an interview in the state television, that Merkel did more damage to Germany than Hitler did, because she opened the borders for immigrants. Also hinted that some external powers (read Soros) controlled "this Merkel person".
  3. “we have always been at war with Eastasia”
  4. A few years ago there was an interview with a Hungarian truck driver migrating to somewhere up North Europe. He had problems with the language, and lacked some certificate. They agreed that the driver goes back after gets the cert, while learns the language. About a year later he went back, entered the workforce. They sent him on carefully planned routes first, to learn. He worked there years later. Not the sentiment towards immigrants here.
  5. Should arrive and enter service in 2023, together with the 3 bridges and ~5 heavy recovery vehicles, and an undisclosed number of trucks. Plus the PzH 2000s. Practically we have to restart the armor business till then, as we have about ~15 T-72 and AFAIK no SP Arty now in service. The latest items from the rest of the list supposed to arrive till 2025.
  6. Latest I found 2025. Refurb 2A4s are here, as the H145Ms. The first H225M is under construction, but it will be a SOF config with a bit long acceptance test, rest after the tests, ~ 2023. A7+ not before 2023 (in service). Lynx, few complete, rest local production in a joint venture factory. Found no timeline.
  7. Resellers for France? Among smaller things like WiSent 2/Leguan 12 2A4 44 2A7+ 24 PzH 2000 218 Lynx 16 H225M 20 H415M is ordered / some in service now. As expected, we gave the direct/indirect euromonies to tante Angie.
  8. Germany goes big, and Hungary became their biggest customer (numbers in the Twitter-linked article).
  9. The perils of really old ammo The best sounding 23-2 by far
  10. https://www.facebook.com/groups/235327206639254
  11. Not flats but the USATC S160s (411 at the MÁV, nicknamed Truman) were used up to 1984 here (removing from service started in 1965, 15-30 scrapped per year). Quite good for an engine not built to last. It speaks volumes about Hungary that an engine designed to work on small railways, burning about anything at hand was too big, only for the main railways, and had serious problems due to low quality coal. One of them is going back to the tracks.
  12. Wasn't the plan that the Colonies supply the Crown with plenty of workforce? Just re-label Afghans as Pakistanis (they did it reverse in the last 20 years), Pasthun is Pasthun, anyway.
  13. She left a vacuum, without her CDU candidate can not into voting properly Lucky winds.
  14. Maybe the same test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3La6u6lI8k Another armor test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6A7fKcotyM
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