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  1. Was not a problem after the supplies ran out The gold standard of blue on blue in this conflict
  2. On the same note, the operation in Ukraine is not a war, just a special military operation.
  3. Hollow point sniper bullets captured
  4. Yes, but original producer was known to be more friendly to RU, current operators more Africa oriented, so maybe not only Bulgaria profits from the "Eastern" weapon sales to the USA. Not even similar. Probably camo holder, we have already seen a lot of top attack misses followed by direct attack hits.
  5. Collection of RPG warheads and mines BMP-1 reloading Mi-8 reloading and cockpit cam T-80 style anti-Javelin screen Source Source A bit suspicious event RU AF hit an empty oil storage according to the mayor
  6. Sorry, but we were talking about laughable victory report of the Russian MoD, not about the laughable UA victory report of Oryx...
  7. If you would ever have bothered with read the Russian MoD report, you would know that they never counted tanks and APCs separated... https://t.me/mod_russia_en/907
  8. Booby traps left for the future Homemade attack drone Triple use school Anti-person mines that should not exists T72B3 survived multiple ATGM hits Interesting flag Ammo from Jacek Jakubczyk M 60mm M57 mortar said to be through Poland Destroying a crash-landed Ka-52 Kamaz based armored technical
  9. I'd bet proportional to the population there is more central US citizen is in the US Army than there are from New York or Los Angeles.
  10. Remnants of a Su-25, said to be shot down by a fighter plane Forpost-RU drone overview Porcelain replaces 3D printing on an ersatz attack drone of DPR Revolver collection
  11. One side has bombastic claims, reports of mind-bogging amount of heavy equipment seized, then hysterical calls for weapons, and fake IR images. Oh, and tell you you are son of a b..h because you make them ask instead of just sending your weapons. The other side has wannabe journalists on the front with videos of trenches full of dead, PoWs and captured/bought equipment.
  12. How to get an UA BTR, the peaceful capitalist way
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