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  1. In Hungary a doctor from the topmost child hospital said that all the covid-positive children ventilated (without quite serious problems like cancer or Down) were severe overweight ones.
  2. I have seen this picture but did not share it because I am quite unsure of it's authenticity. There was no fuel to explode? If not penetrated then where the engine/front went? Or it lost the engine before the collision?
  3. Liverpool 80's Rob Bremner's photos I thought only Esztergom and Buda kept the scars form WW2 till the 80's...
  4. Ancient skulls show Anglo-Saxon identity was more cultural than genetic Oh noes, there goes white supremacy, comes Hollywood actor/actress of color. Really nothing new under the Sun.
  5. Same there. Military age people did an implicit voting by crossing the opposite border, so no unification.
  6. Indeed. The best I have seen on Arisaka Type 99's weird sight:
  7. That would unnerve Ukraine, what if the perfidious sell their country-splitting knowledge learned in Northern Ireland to the People's Republics?
  8. The Foxconn in the USA 3 employees died by suicide within 10 months, prompting a FL school district to act
  9. It was such a big victory that a replay is demanded
  10. Not that military, but still: Pegasus surveillance scandal: Hungarian ministers point fingers at each other To counter the wiretap news, our religious, right-wing, nationalist, anti-LGBT+ people will start the long awaited Peace March from the US Embassy, because everyone know, who the real wiretappers are 😁
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