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  1. 'He couldn't move': New York City man falls into sinkhole full of rats
  2. So soaking my hand with soap and washing it do the trick, but soaking my mask in soap, leaving it for a quarter hour, then rinse it does not do the trick?
  3. Is it real that the virus multiplies itself outside of a human/whatever the Chinese eat host? Always thought wet filters are more effective than dry ones, trading airspeed and ease of pass for it.
  4. Am I correct assuming there is a hefty sum of subsidiaries for parents? In Hungary murders committed by women were more numerous in the news. Statistics? Less people died than in the previous years, as the hospital crew was under close inspection. So sidelining the elders did not work ("What do you expect in his/her age?" style questions were out, military was on site preventing the theft of masks and disinfectants for the black market...)
  5. As it happened in 2007. Luxury cars sell, common models on huge discounts.
  6. The solution to this is very easy: get rid of communism, estabilish capitalism, and bill the hidden costs to those who distribute it to everyone now. The world is not really in need of Chinese crapware sailed burning bunker oil, cheese slices in plastic bags inside the plastic bag, or British youth getting drunk in Central Europe on the weekends. Won't happen as crony capitalism is a march to the bottom of Hell. BTW, the select and quote feature of the new site is great.
  7. Looks very good on the almost mono grayish ship. In the article the Jolly Roger is big and good-looking, too.
  8. https://ig.ft.com/coronavirus-global-data/?fbclid=IwAR0lNO7Sfi1KVzbMMjzPl3r7SDYbj_UQgH53QK9Li94MRxVPWAe6C5A23hE Some timeline of events
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