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  1. I guess we don't know just how far people will let the mob push them until they push back. I can only know my own limits. However: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1107651/monthly-unit-sales-of-firearms-by-type-us/#:~:text=Published%20by%20Liam%20O%27Connell%2C%20Jun%2018%2C%202020%20In,from%202019%20to%202020%2C%20by%20type%20%28in%20thousands%29 If people didn't feel they had limits or that pushing back was pointless, they would not be spending money on firearms either.
  2. That's sad, the mainstream guys are muzzling him. I wonder why. https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaelshellenberger/2020/06/28/on-behalf-of-environmentalists-i-apologize-for-the-climate-scare/#3b3e5ecc1fa8
  3. Is letting people make their own informed decision forcing folks into a camp? Isn't your syllogism phrased a little too Holocausty? Who said anything about force? Using political affiliation to take a position is a bit extreme though, isn't it? The disease doesn't register to vote, so it's not going to pick it's preferred party during the pandemic. Why can't people just use good judgment and be considerate of others to get through this? Oh wait, it's because we've become decadent, and the extremes are the norm and civil behavior is no longer a norm, at least for political purposes. I'll
  4. That's how it should be done when they riot and burn.
  5. I give her a 9.8 on technical merit for those virtue signalling gymnastics, but her artistic merit is only a 3.1 since she is white and hypocritically lecturing minorities on how they are the problem.
  6. While I am inclined to take this picture as indicative of an actual demonstration on the basis of my expectations, I could find no Dr. Richard Davis listed at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center. Is this a legitimate study by an actual doctor? Maybe him? https://twitter.com/richdavisphd Good, thanks.
  7. ​ One of my friends pointed out that near the end of the video, the UN markings appear to disappear, I let people decide for themselves if real or not. That's just the critical angle being attained as the angle of the incident illumination is subtended whilst the vehicle drives away, it's still a UN vehicle.
  8. While I am inclined to take this picture as indicative of an actual demonstration on the basis of my expectations, I could find no Dr. Richard Davis listed at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center. Is this a legitimate study by an actual doctor?
  9. They're just trying to make the US into something we would hate as much as they hate the US.
  10. You are right. Until they NEED a cop. Saw a video of a BLM guy complete with bullhorn trying to get a crowd riled up to take down a statue until the locals showed up, most of them senior citizens, including one guy waving a cane, to stop him. He got into a tussle with one old guy and then when the others stepped in he ran behind the police that were there (doing nothing) and a guy was yelling "Sure, NOW you want the police!". If the authorities won't stop this madness and apply the law then citizens are going to get fed up and start doing it themselves and that's bad for everyone, parti
  11. I'd bet the social workers that replace cops, think that any belief in 2nd amendment rights is a sickness that must be cured through intensive therapy.
  12. Only silly people continue to make the claim that people are denied mortgages based upon the color of their skin. In the 1990s, shortly after Bill Clinton assumed office, the federal government pushed banks to sell mortgages to minorities at reduced interest rates in increasing numbers. Coincidentally I was purchasing a home at the same time however, because of my white privilege, I was allowed to purchase a mortgage 1.5 percentage points higher than those who didn't have white privilege. Well, Barney Frank did his level best to enable all the bad loans and the banks fell all over themse
  13. I don't think it was that surprising when the alternative was the dark ages and barbarian invasions. Is it any different today?
  14. This quote is spot on for basically everything these days, not just the virus. Tempted to steal it for the quote area below my posts. I agree. It was a moment of irrational clarity. Thank you for the kind words.
  15. I'm pretty sure I stated the Spanish Flu was a real pandemic compared to this pandemic. Just using wikipedia numbers, it was approximately 28% of the US population that was infected, which resulted in 300,000 - 500,00 deaths. I wouldn't be too surprised if we got over 250,000 deaths this time around. The fatality rate is only one aspect. The morbidity rate from the damage done to individuals should also be taken into consideration also, but probably isn't tracked well at this time.
  16. Well, yea that's the thing. The design philosophies being implemented are based off of the newest data, when previous designs are using older data. The primary design philosophy of aircraft design that Boeing adheres to is pilot-in-the-loop. The pilot is continuously tasked with staying in the flight process, and they have to be involved and capable of making the correct decisions for the aircraft to operate safely. The primary design philosphy of aircraft design that Airbus adheres to, is automation-in-the-loop. The automation when designed correctly is almost infallible. The only time th
  17. Just got an email from a colleague of mine who is a software configuration specialist, sorry for the long post. "Excerpt from Flight Safety Information Daily and book by Captain Shem Malmquist – interesting reading. In these overlapping critical systems is DAL A enough? Will ARP compliance become the pre-requisite for the implementation of new avionics suites on older, in-service aircraft? A NEW APPROACH TO FLIGHT AUTOMATION By Captain Shem Malmquist Every new jet relies heavily on state of the art computerized systems. Automation has been the "name of the game" for several decades now
  18. Let's be honest, COVID-19 is the training wheel pandemic. It's not the 1918 shit storm, and it's definitely not bubonic plague. But, there could be another one just around the corner, and we better use this one, to start to get ready for that one.
  19. He is fickle, but the problem is, he's going down a river that is a one way trip. I think he was aware that as soon as he took the oath of office, he was a prisoner of his own making, since populism has two sides of the same coin in this instance. What's the likelihood in the not far off future, he and his family won't in some way be paying for him standing in front of the always offended mob, and flipping them the bird for five years straight? All those dental bills from Liberals grinding their molars away are gonna come due some day, and no amount of waffling is going to lessen the bill.
  20. Yep, this stopped being about the legality a long time ago. It's about desensitizing the public to abuse of power and using state resources to target the political opposition. Now when it gets worse, people will just shrug and say "that's not that bad" or "isn't it just politics as usual?". By then, it will be too late.
  21. Grudging agreement. Trump's comments on testing were just plain stupid, and FOX's attempts to roll them back as him "joking" were pathetic. Trump had the election, then came along Covid and he lost it. But now, the riots on the Left are doing their best to get him back into the game. Yes, recognizing the lack of hard power to dictate required measures and utilizing soft power to influence positive outcomes in it's place would have done a lot to tone down rhetoric. Now it's just a war of soundbites everyone tunes out except what matches their echo chamber acoustics.
  22. I am not happy with his response on this, but the WHO did us no favors in the early days telling the world to keep their borders open and to give China a big hug of support for the PRC Central Committees benefit. The CDC did us no favors in messing up the test kits and then just throwing up their hands, then trying to beat down Washington States health department when they started testing for COVID-19 without CDC authorization. However, Trump has very limited powers, other than at the borders, to control how this is mitigated in the US. It's obvious he thinks getting the economy back on trac
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