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  1. That is exactly what capitalism is. Making more capital from less capital with the least effort and lowest risk. This inevitably leads to rent-seeking.
  2. Hugging has become seriously commponplace around here in the last years. No idea where that came from.
  3. You forgot the nearly complete deindustrialization on the former DDR territory and still lower wages across the board despite food prices and energy costing the same as in the west and rents and property rising as well. Hence the migration for work to the west or foreign countries. So West-germany plundered and pillaged and burned the DDR. And more often than not Wessis act and talk like the big victors over the DDR. Making it look like an annexation even more. But still feeling and talking as being oh so alternative and the real protestors despite the Greens basically being the party of governemnt clerks and teachers and settled middle class in the suburbs. You know, hybrid-SUV driving soccer-moms. Actually implemented politics of the Greens has not much to do with enviromental protection or peace anymore. See what they do in NRW or BaWü. Digging coal and cuddling wiht the car industry respectively.
  4. Less handshaking too. Less fingering your face. the WHO approved recipes for disinfectant: https://www.who.int/gpsc/5may/Guide_to_Local_Production.pdf?ua=1 hmm I think I have two small bottles of isopropanol here somewhere and a bit of leftover peroxide.
  5. The slovakian election winning party's name is something like "normal people and independent persons" in english.
  6. now toilet paper is being rationed! https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/health-problems/major-australian-retailers-limit-toilet-paper-pack-purchases-per-customer/news-story/01e826c4375117d1aed109a66ca155a5 This is the end of the world as australians know it!
  7. conservative voters did not vote by letter? Also the FDP dropped out again after a recount dropping them just under the 5% threshold.
  8. Not really. The passengers were all put in quarantine, but very very probably not infected. the guy in the suit did not have time to change clothes. in other news irony strikes and the vice-health minister if Iran has been infected: https://twitter.com/BNODesk/status/1232276183305400320 and a south korean official coordinating the local ncov outbreak jumped of a bridge: https://www.sedaily.com/NewsView/1YZ25XSKC3
  9. Fake! the Constellation class cannot land on planets. Unlike the Intrepid class for example (e.g. NCC-746556 USS Voyager)
  10. Y2k bug still not fixed. They think he is one year old! But they have Brexit now! in other news Greece wants stolen ancient marble returned back before any trade agreement. https://news.sky.com/story/row-over-elgin-marbles-as-eu-demands-return-of-unlawfully-removed-cultural-objects-11937363 Karma is a bitch.
  11. For one this is about a test on fuel consumption and suspension behaviour on gorund waves(?; bumps in the ground) of a SPz Marder and a vehicle named "ET 07". So as long as ET 07 is not a soviet tank it is a bit wrong in here. I can take a shot at translating over the weekend. We can drop this in a separate thread?
  12. "Bloomary 2020" makes for a good thred title me thinks.
  13. Very elaborately made self-propelled piece. I guess a one-off prototype? Looks like someone stole the tires between the photos.
  14. The Afghan Air Force has been flying Super Tucanos for years and the Pentaogn has been buying them through the USAF procurement system for AFG under the USAF designation A-29. It is just that the USAF resists getting a cheap useful aeroplane now instead of the next wonderweapon of the future. Maybe they are also afraid to take away jobs from the F-35? Despite decades of very good experience with them in COIN by Brazil, Colombia and others. A-10s need more maintenance and thus infrastructure than the Super Tucanos. The latter have been run with just a supply truck off of jungle clearings for a long time. The phone line is much longer for drones. the call goes round the world, whereas e.g. a Tucano pilot is right there and sees what the guys on the ground see and they can instantly talk to each other.
  15. More specifically, an artist who doesn't know the gun needs to be longer. Substantially. Also the turret seesm as wide as on current chinese tanks, despite seemingly inteded to be for a crew in the hull with hatches in front of the turret. Then turret could be small, because there is nobody sitting in it.
  16. You do know that the Challenger 2's LEP that will change its gun, turret, engine, and what not, will substantially reduce the commonality with the CRARRV and AVLB, right? Then you spend a lot of money upgrading them as well. But there's an alternative. Regardless of whether you upgrade the CR2 or buy another tank, the old CR2's parts can be used to sustain the ARRV and AVLB for quite a while. A sensible planning would do that, but history has shown, that Whitehall happily throws away perfectly good equipment in a moment's notice instead of storing it for later. See e.g. the scrapping of part of the Challenger 2 fleet.
  17. No...not really. It was a tad more complicated than that...the CV90 development was in fact based on one of the most complex and thorough studies and evaluations for any afv at that time. Google translate this: https://www.ointres.se/projekt_strf90.htm This. They actually spent a lot of thought and effort on it. The fact that they were able to cram that monstrosity of a cannon into a platform that small and still have room for 8 dismounts (7 in latest variants) was remarkable, even moreso that there enough room for growth and modernization after all that, ending up with a fully stabilized gun and protection on par with its contemporaries, while retaining it's superior cross country mobility and lower silhouette. As far as the traditional "IFV" concept goes, flawed or not, it was as close to optimum as any IMO with the exception of lacking hunter-killer capability early on (since rectified) putting a 30 or 35 mm cannon in frees a lot of internal space and even the swedish army has been thinking of replacing the ye olde Bofors gun with the Bushmaster chain gun of the same caliber to free lots of space inside and under the turret. When it comes to the Swedish ones lets put it like this. Historically there existed three war plans, basically UK, Germany and Russia/USSR. Only one of them has been updated after WW2... In all the exercises during the cold war the enemy was an unnamed "great power". Somehow it always attacked from the east or southeast... A danish or norvegian invasion was rather unlikely today compared to the past I think. But yes, all the IFV currently in use have all been conceptualized with the cold war in mind (except the Puma). The South Korean K-21 has been built with bestes korea's big tank fleet in mind, hence its similarities to the CV90 despite being about two decades younger. so that one fits the 1980ies Fulda gap as well.
  18. No, those are to be replaced with the various Bradley variants from AMPV line. Only three decades behind the original Bradley program. Nah not the Puma. Too contrained by "must fit a A400M" making it expensive and still has regular rebooting shutting it down for five minutes. Still far from combat ready. And only six dismounts that are cramped into the rear. The KF-31 (okay that is just a modernised Marder 2.0) and KF-41 look like more sensible options. The ASCOD series as well. And there is always a CV90xy variant.
  19. They all work as long as bananas/guano/oil/metal ores are flowing. Too bad Germany has none of these in any number... Nah not really. A self-rightous lefty, yes, but far from running for any important higher office. And despite being a lefty faithfully copying american bad habits.
  20. "Boeing, we may crash a lot but at least you've got a decent chance at surviving" Well, the basic design of the 737 is from times, when they used to care for good design and engineering at Boeing. A colleague (former Boeing guy) told me a few years ago that the passenger cabin is rated to handle a 9g normal impact force from below. I guess for handling splashing into water or landing on the belly in case the wheels do not lower?
  21. Yep. Needs more russian hackers and shady smartphone apps in Thuringia I think. But why even form a government coalition, when it is a minority anyway? Haggle with the other factions in parliament, and e.g. vote for an FDP candidate as a compromise and fill the cabinet positons with either independents or FDP members or make it like the swiss federal council in which every party in parliament gets a seat. Yes that would mean an AfD minister, but what is one guy going to do? These ideas would necessitate haggling for shifting majorites to bring laws through parliament instead of the usual yesmen coaliton agreeing on everything the government hands parliament to vote on.
  22. Main cause of the troubles seems to be, that the french fishers would have to file for a permit with Guernsey authorites, because the old treaty (also covering the channel islands) ended with Brexit. And the french have not done so. In other news I heard, that belgian fishers have produced a signed charter from Charles II. granting belgian fishers access to english waters forever.
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