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  1. In this still from a Instagram post, it looks like the Israeli's have re-purposed a M-85 .50 cal from a M-60 tank and mounted it above the main gun of a Merkava Mk4. Interesting... https://imgur.com/8BQCPxs
  2. I don't get the paint scheme. That wouldn't work anywhere on the Korean peninsula...
  3. I wonder if this an acceleration of the trend that major end items such as fighter planes, tanks, warships, etc. have gotten so expensive as to force disarmament. Maybe in 2050ish, wars will only be fought with light vehicles, small arms, light drones, light artillery, etc. because that's all most combatants will be able to afford.
  4. Speaking of the M-41, why was it so much larger than it's predecessor, the M-24? I understand the the 76mm gun must have something to do with that but it seems to be rather large for a recon tank.
  5. There's no evidence that the military or security forces are compromised so there is no problem. I think some aspects of the officer corps have been infected. To what extent, I'm not sure. The sheer number of people I come across who see no problem with socialism is a serious issue. A friend of mine got me to join a US Air Force Officer O'Club group on Facebook. Most of the members are junior officers and I was astounded how left-leaning the majority of them are.
  6. From Twitter and apparently an Iraqi Army storage facility.
  7. I have bad feeling by this time next year, the US will be in the midst of a violent civil war. If Trump wins (which is unlikely), the craziness we've seen out of the Left so far will be nothing compared to what will happen then. If Biden/Harris win, Harris will have channeled Stalin and started major rollbacks of the Constitution. She won't be able to help herself.
  8. https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2020/06/16/how-do-russians-put-out-an-oil-fire-with-an-anti-tank-gun-of-course/ T-12 100mm AT gun putting out an oil fire.
  9. Great game! Helped me get me over my War Thunder addiction. It's basically Total War with role-playing elements.
  10. Squad, its sister game is the same way, and I think that is part of the attraction, being able to experience crew dynamics. At least in Squad, when I've played as part of an armored vehicle crew, it's been a rewarding experience. And yes having a microphone is a must-have for either game.
  11. Tried out the Gazelle. It's so much easier to fly than the Huey, Mi-8, or KA-50. I wonder if the flight model is realistic or not as it seems far too responsive.
  12. It was only 17 years between the first flight of the B-17 (1935) and the B-52 (1952). Now it takes longer than that to design, test, and begin mass production of virtually any major combat vehicle.
  13. It was difficult but I guess that would depend on the language you are learning. Not as difficult as med school I'd imagine but definitely way less difficult than the Undergraduate Navigator Training I did. I had some additional challenges in that I went as an officer in my late '30s. Brain plasticity wasn't as good for me as it was for my 18 year old enlisted classmates. I also had a 6 month daughter so I was in the midst of extended sleep deprivation...
  14. Given our turn to the Pacific and anticipating distributed ops, I'm surprised the USN isn't looking at seaplanes anymore. 'Course the USN has discarded or marginalized a lot of war-winning concepts over the last few decades such as sea mines, etc.
  15. Best of luck to her. Went to DLI, was exchange student at the Korean Air Force Staff College several years ago, and still can't speak it worth a damn. Supposedly English and Korean are the hardest languages. If she is serious, I'd recommend "Using Korean" by Miho Choo and "Essential Korean Grammar" by Laura Kingdon beyond the basic textbooks. Also, get the Anki flashcard app for Android or Apple. Lots of good flashcard sets available. There is no shortcut to learning a foreign language and the unpleasant truth is you have put in the grind to memorize a large vocabulary. Anki is my fa
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