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  1. Another "enemy of the people" agency. Most bureaucracies are. Welcome to reality champ.
  2. If you can't practice what you preach, why the hell are you preaching it. What am I "preaching"? I'm sorry I was under the impression you believed in anthropogenic global warming, which means human caused global warming through pollution?I have faith in scientists based on the history of science, and where we are today because of it. Am I "preaching" because I believe evolution as a theory? Why are you "preaching" on behalf of the fossil fuel industry? As for practice, my family practices efficiencies that both reduce carbon footprint and cut costs. Its more about what we don't do. From diet, to heating a modest sized home neutrally, and the high mileage vehicles we drive. The biggest impact being in the number of children we have (2). You say you believe in the scientist, but all you do is make the most minor of minor reductions to your personal life style that is most likely just due to your family budget. Yeah okay Paul. I imagine you will actually start putting your money where your mouth is about the same time you give up your own guns. So never. It always for someone else to make the actual sacrifices. Not the likes of very important people like of you.
  3. Archer / Bob's Burgers - the voice actor for archer does both archer and bob of bobs burgers show
  4. I doubt it, this has been pretty standard tactic with the left lately is to label blacks and other minorities who step off the political plantation "white supremacists". He is not the first one that has been labeled so. It is pretty ironic when you consider he is a black Muslim who is against Trump, yet still gets labeled this way because of where he currently falls on the progressive stack of victimhood. Also this isn't really about Chappelle , it is about sending a message to other blacks to stay in line or else they will be othered too. They have done this shit for years to minorities.
  5. In reality she is probably just some butch lesbian who has never had an abortion, and is just holding the sign to get a response out of people.
  6. If you can't practice what you preach, why the hell are you preaching it. What am I "preaching"? I'm sorry I was under the impression you believed in anthropogenic global warming, which means human caused global warming through pollution?
  7. Ya think he will last that long? Nah realisitically nothing will happen to him. It is the corrupts state of California that caters to dirtbags like him.
  8. Ed Buck, Democrat donor, arrested, charged with running drug den after latest guest overdose https://www.foxnews.com/us/major-democratic-donor-ed-buck-arrested-charged-with-running-drug-den
  9. Remember folks, believe ALL women, cause a woman would never try to frame a man ​ https://wqad.com/2019/07/02/arkansas-woman-must-register-as-sex-offender-after-trying-to-frame-husband-for-child-porn-rape/
  10. I always enjoyed the dark brotherhood and thieves guild, but I'm the kind of unimaginative player that makes sneaky archers in Elderscrolls games. Also to add, I have read some rumblings that that Nexus which hosts Skyrim and other game mods, has managed to piss off the community of modders royally, and a bunch of them are removing the mods off Nexus at the moment. I guess Nexus is floating the idea to create mod packs like there are for Minecraft, which is a bunch of mods packaged together and tested and known to work together. The problem is supposedly tNexus is not going to give the modders an the choice if their mod is included in a mod pack or not, if they go through with the idea. Also I guess others,not related to Nexus, have been putting together mod packs of other peoples mods, and selling them and profiting off the work of others.
  11. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/29875/heres-the-air-forces-questionably-ambitious-plan-to-develop-new-fighters-in-five-years
  12. If you can't practice what you preach, why the hell are you preaching it.
  13. Agree with everything you stated...except for a few sentences. I'm not "meddling" with anything. And You have no idea what I am concerned with. For some reason you guys always have to make this personal, like your self identity is being attacked by questioning your beliefs. So then the answer is no to most if not all my questions? Wow that is a shocker. Why is it always for someone else to make sacrifices, but never you true religion holy rollers. Please mail a big fat indulgence check to the Pope of Climate Change, Al Gore to atone for your sins. You will have to mail it to one of his beach front properties. Oh and it is personal Paul, you climate change fundies want to put limits on my personal freedoms and weigh us down with yet more government laws, regulations, and taxes, while increasing the cost of energy and putting others out of jobs, and making huge changes to my personal lifestyle without my consent.
  14. So what will stop the increasing levels of CO2 emissions? Well tell me what a religion of climate change fundamentalist like yourself has done in their personal life to make a difference to avoid the coming climate apocalypse and we can go from there. Since you want to take away others peoples right to firearms and yet still have not given up your own, I would be safe in assuming you have not given up your personal vehicle/s? Do you still eat meat? Shop at places that sell meat? Still use air conditioners? Still use fossil fueled heaters? Share your home with another family? Abstain from having kids? Tell me Paul what sacrifices have you made for Holy Mother Gaia?
  15. I was wondering where Paul was. The forum just isn't the same without his obsessive posting.
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