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  1. It needs to be launched to the front in order to get that reaction, actually. It'd need to stop somewhere, which would result in a far greater force than the spring accelerating it - so if a spring pushed the mass backwards, then the sudden deceleration when it hit the rear of the turret should give a nice impulse in the right direction to the vehicle. The force while the mass is accelerating might be small enough that you won't notice it, and you can delay the fire noise to account for the small lag before the mass hits the endstop.
  2. There'll be plenty of space after you sell the car to afford it
  3. I've been using a crucial drive for the past year without issue - a crucial MX200 (the updated version of mine) seems to have the same warranty per newegg, and saves $80. 750ti's aren't the best card for value - an AMD 265 will pull ahead or match it in games, and costs the same as the card you're looking at. Intel CPU's are comfortably ahead of AMD right now - while AMD is still the cheapest way to get 8 cores, so giving the best bang for your buck with heavily multi-threaded tasks, intel CPU's can process more per cycle and so are faster in the majority of tasks. If you are looking for h
  4. Does it have advantages for efficient burning of the propellant?
  5. Max H


    Bustle mounted autoloaders are about as wide as a normal turret, so an unmanned turret with bustle autoloader won't save any weight since you need just as much frontal armour. The hull would be wonderfully compact, but hull armour is lighter
  6. Hang a doner cylinder behind the exhaust!
  7. Max H


    thank goodness for russian modellers with high def cameras!
  8. Max H


    There'll be some factory in slough or similar taking out the current gen sights and replacing them with surplus ones from challenger, and BAE will claim this represents 80% of the production and means they're made in britain
  9. Tea drinking T-15! With the rebuilt powerpack it would go like the proverbial. Only issue I see is that FRES ought to be possible to squeeze into A400M (minus TES, and fuel, and seats, and anything not glued down), while anything on a chally hull will be C-17 only.
  10. Maybe just focus on arrow spread, so you don't need them to pull a proper longbow?
  11. I can't see anything wrong with it, and it should manage office work without breaking a sweat. There's only 2 RAM slots, so it's likely they're both full and you'll have to buy an 8GB kit if you want to upgrade, but that's not much of an issue. This review seems quite pleased with it, although bear in mind that they reviewed it as a barebones system so they fitted more RAM and a fast SSD instead of the hard drive your one comes fitted with
  12. Is it just me or were they firing APDS as well as HEAT-TP? around 4:50 onwards - it doesn't look right for fin. Using up out of date warshot?
  13. Same for the M113/548/etc
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