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  1. I've started this with simple internet searches and even found a beautiful twin 12" turret in Brazil. (PD era) Inhapi
  2. In the recent discussion on RCL's mention was made of possibly making a full or semi automatic RCL. Has there ever been done development work on such a weapon ? The only one I'm aware of is the German 55mm MK115. Thanks, Inhapi
  3. Hello all, While watching this journal reel: I saw that a Bren gun was attached atop a bofors gun (phoney war period). Why would they do it ? Reasons i can think of: 1. Subcaliber training 2. Have another gun when the enemy gets really close (I think that in 1939 rifle caliber mg's were still tought of as being a bit useful in AA defence role ?) I guess the ballisitcs of the Bren and Bofors are sufficiently different to say that the Bren is not a ranging machine gun , or am i mistaken in this ? Does anyone have more information on this ? Was this an officially sanctioned modification ? thanks, Inhapi
  4. thanks for pointing my delapidated brain to google. this was what i was loooking for: http://xkcd.com/archive/ Inhapi
  5. Hey, i know that web comic, loved it but lost the url. Could you point me to it ? thanks alot Inhapi
  6. Thanks for all the inputs. I have already lots of refences to surviving heavy guns, i just need to find some expertise to help me put it in a website. At first it will be a bit devoid of photographs, since most of then weren't visited by me in RL. But i hope with the help of the group here, and permissions of photgraphers of guns to come to a rahter comprehensive list of them. thanks, Inhapi
  7. Hi all ! I have been contemplating the folling for some time. I might consider setting up a website with a listing of surviving heavy guns. After looking around a bit i was amazed how many ultra heavy artillery/heavy naval guns still survive. Has anything been done like this before ? As parameters for inclusion , i would start with guns manufactured after 1870 : this date is chosen to avoid the myriad of surviving American Civil war guns. (in a second phase the date might be lowered to 1860 or so) As an underlimit for caliber, i was thinking of 26 cm, not to have to list the large numbers of German Schwere Minenwerfer of first world war vintage. (in a later phase i might go down to 8"). So: 1. Has anything been done like this before ? 2. Would people be interested in such a site ? 3. Any recommondations ? Thanks, Inhapi
  8. Afaik, The turret and associated machinery were dismanteld and re-assembled in place. (Note that the barbette armour stayed on the ship.) Since the turret was installed on a concrete ring without any form of barbette armour, it must have been very vulnerable to hits on its base. "Normal" fortification turrets were mounted on a steel armour ring sunk into the concrete. Inhapi
  9. It is a 5 Storey concrete structure. cheers, Inhapi
  10. About sources on "Ratte". I wonder what are the primary sources on the "Ratte" project ? I have the impression that over the last 20 years o so the "Ratte" has started living its own life on the internet and even in publications. I guess there has been some mention somewhere of a project for a twin 28 cm tank like thing....but apart from that ? I'm suspicious that we could class most of the so called info on "Ratte" in the urban (or intenet) - legend category. Sorry , just being sceptical. oh, and a small nitpick: the 28 cm guns on the "twins" were different from those on the Panzerschiff cheers, Inhapi
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