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  1. yeah, "Russia" has a really good record of eating its own people in the first half of the 20th century....
  2. Isn't there a nice cottage without current occupant on St. Helena ?
  3. From personal experience, Arab culture is heavily "rank dominated": The responsibility for errors gets transferred downwards in the chain of responsibility, making the lower ranks very cautious to do anything. Doing nothign is safer than doing aything except when you know 100% sure what is expected from you. On the other side: problems or descisions needed to make go all they way up before anyone dares to do anything.... for the same reason. (speaking from civilian experience here, never had anythign to do with the military)
  4. HM, why do they need to send those there... make sure people cast the "right vote" ?
  5. It is sad that people in this forum are trying to legitimize this man's deeds....
  6. Yup, this is below banana republic level, I guess putiboo is proud now. Where are all the men BTW ?
  7. Yup the look of someone who is thinking: did I say my prerehearsed ines well enough so my family doen't in up in sippenhaft ? (vid linked at precise moment) also: no the impressive nuiumber of people voting. But it doesn't matter: Putler has already a speech with the "results" redy on his desk to read out.... Roman: do you really think this is a legitimate process ? In short: is this poll any less prearranged than what we have seen in Russia the last decade ?
  8. Nah, purely a consequence of economics: Russian gas was so cheap as to be able to push other sources (down to lignite) out of the market. if it was ^purely a consequence of green madness, German and Europe would not be have been expanding infrastructure to get more Russian gas piped in....
  9. Well, they are way over 100 for a 180mil unit cost.... not too bad (oh and over 170 orderd in total now) BTW, this would have bought you about 4000 Armata's
  10. always nice to see Putiboo channel it....
  11. Well, it has still not been invaded by a fading self styled imperial power afaik......
  12. And if you try to refute their arguments they "the sensible ones " start to demean you..... very valid, very based
  13. Ah, the important part is that we discuss it, not that we think over what might be right or wrong ?
  14. Whataboutism is tough... ... the (almost) last resort to those who know they lost the argument,; apart from jsut saying: "shut up", not that that last one happens here
  15. I don't see being opposed to a country invading anohter one has anythign to do with Schwab or whatever ???? YOu tell me why you think this invasion is justified ....
  16. Can you perhaps provide us with a lsit of ficticious states thjat should be invaded and occupied for their ow good ?. Puton not "wanting slices fo the Baltics": because NATO perhpas... Another putiboo in action Edit; "special operation" even to cowardly to call it a military invasion ? Some people have no sense of ethics.....
  17. What Russia is doing now ? yes, Czechoslavakia 1938 onwards..... edit: ofc started in 2014
  18. EUhm: this is about two countrue splitting up.. not like Italy invading Yugoslavia to occupy Dalamatia or Gemrny occupying Sudetenland... those are the correct parrallels
  19. yeah, like I wasn't compelinng 8 years ago...but not in this forum
  20. yeah, the other kid also stole a cookie argument
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