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  1. At 20m water depth, 7bar water pressure vs 300 bar internal pressure, estimated on a napkin.
  2. That was years later when it was clear that he couldn't go anywhere. At some point you have to move on, somehow.
  3. I say, for Putin it's a complete write-off already. He knows that, at least as long as he remains in power (and no perspective beyond that matters in the Kremlin, is my impression), Germany won't buy any more natural gas at conditions Russia is willing to accept. They lost it in May already when it was clear that Germany would keep paying for the gas only in Euro, to frozen accounts. So they reduced the gas flow to 40% to hint at what would happen, then to 20%, then to nothing. Next came up the "Winter is coming" video to scare Germany. None of that worked. Here's the next turn of the screw. "What a nice, vulnerable infrastructure you have, there. Would be a shame if something happened to it!" This seems to be the last short-term gain that could be wrung from it. How much logic is there in the conduct of the whole Ukraine invasion? Why is it still a surprise that Russia does irrational acts, in the attempt to intimidate its neighbors? You seem to operate from the basis that Putin is a good strategist. I would posit that he's not. A good strategist would have realized the tremendous risk in the strategy to force Ukraine back into the empire, and the risk of a serious and permanent damage to Russia's international reputation and ability to influence the world stage. But Putin is an opportunist and gambler who has been plain lucky for enough times that he apparently thought he'd get away with it this time, too. Now that he obviously isn't, he rather doubles down (and will continue to do so, I suspect).
  4. Except he chose Iceland, just couldn't get there fast enough because he wasted too much time in Hong Kong waiting for the journalists to take his story.
  5. He tried to move to Iceland, and the shortest route there from Hong Kong where he was when he broke the story to journalists was via Moscow. The US revoked his passport while he was waiting for a connecting flight in Sheremetvoyo, so effectively the US agencies locked him there, intentional or not.
  6. So far you have "proven" that in the Middle East, some assholes treat other assholes like assholes, because similar assholes behaved like total assholes on other occasions. Wow. Thanks for telling us, nobody knew! The point where it's becoming antisemitic is when you draw parallels to the Nazis and South African Boers without even acknowledging that unlike Nazi Germany or 1970s South Africa, the Palestinians have a significant representation in parliament, that they do win cases in court against both Israeli citizens and the state of Israel, and that the Israeli government actually follows court rulings, at least most of the time. There's no open or covert genocidal program other than the fact that the Israelis have the temerity to not let themselves get slaughtered by neighbors whose only redeeming quality is that that they aren't very good at their favorite activity, killing jews. You seem to be the kind of antisemite who defines antisemitism as "if you hate Jews more than what's normal", and "it doesn't count as antisemitism if I write Israel".
  7. Well, you brought them up. And you seem to be very much convinced that they exist, or surely will be set up any moment now. I realized that. Which is why I asked you to share with us the dots that lead you to formulating your interesting theory. I would not expect, say, a Jewish lobbyist in 1942 to hand me a copy of the Wannsee meeting minutes to start believing him, as long as there would be other corrobating evidence or at least multiple plausible details that supported his theory. I agree that we shouldn't wait for genocide to be completed before doing something about it. But, in this case, you simply sound like shoveling a truckload of antisemitic crap into an industrial grade ventilator. And since you keep drawing parallels between Nazis and Israel, you seem to be hell bent to dig yourself into an even deeper hole rather than reflect on what you wrote. It's your choice, really. You could simply retract your claim and apologize. Or keep dancing around the subject because, deep down, you just know that Jews are evil. Or, well, give specific examples that form a convincing picture of a reality of which none of the rest of us has had an idea that it existed. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I thought you were intelligent enough to know that proving a negative is impossible, but we're reaching the argumentative depth of a petulant five year-old here.
  8. Isn't it obvious? They lose nothing by doing it. At the same time it's an obvious and credible threat, another step on the escalation ladder. For Putin it's not longer about winning individual chips at the table. With the annexation he has gone all in. By blowing his own shit up he can gauge how serious the unity of the EU and NATO is. The EU by and large has already given up of importing energy from Russia, and isn't coming back as a customer in his lifetime. Both pipelines were utterly worthless even before they had holes. It was as close to the borders of a NATO member as it gets. It's a move that offers plausible deniability. At the same time everybody (except the professionally clueless) immediately understands that the Don Sends a Message. Now NATO and EU will have to decide if they are willing to risk this escalation in support of Ukraine. (By "professionally clueless" I'm referring to booksmart people who believe in the Harvard Mediation Technique and that literally everybody is interested in "win-win" solutions and are unable to recognize motivations that are radically different from their own world view.)
  9. If Russia is ready to present "evidence" while the pipeline outgassing hasn't even stopped and a proper investigation hasn't even started, it is because of the, at this point, utterly boring shtick to bury the emerging truth under heaps of prefab bullshit. You've been posting your theory that "Biden did it" since about five minutes after the news broke by regurgitating random Twitter shit execreted by people whose asses are otherwise presumably plugged solid by Putins arms to direct them like sock puppets. (Well, some of them may just suffer from such severe cases of BDS that they rather fellate Putin than to entertain the thought that Biden might not be simultaenously a doddering mental case and evil matermind - just like other people apparently did with Reagan). Seriously, I'm wondering what motivates you to turn yourself into a willing tool to do nothing but regurgitate and multiply Russian propaganda BS. Do you hate the society in which you live so much? That must be crippling. Roman, I understand him. He's pusting just as much BS, but at least it's the kind of BS that lets him sleep at night and feel good about what horrible things his country does, or at least it's a "Right or Wrong, my country" kind of mentality; still horrid, but at least somewhat relatable. But what's in it for you? Do you think you're The One to peek behind the curtain and have access to "the true truth"? Better erections? Dude, it's pathetic and sad, really. 80% of your 600 posts in the last ten months, and without exception to support and justify Putin's war of aggression, belitte and vilify the defenders, downplay the suffering, pushing absurdist MI6 conspiracy stories. It's about as fascinating as watching someone scoop a handful of dog shit and eat it.
  10. Since you wrote "only a question of time", you assert that it's inevitable. You know what, I'm lowering the bar for you: Show us how this is a more likely future than other possible trajectories. But be specific about the preparatory steps that Israel has taken so far that will, within a decade, result in industrialized killings of millions. What's the best evidence that you have that Israel has these genocidal ambitions? Who are the people behind the plan? How prepares Israel to hide the evidence? What flanking measures have been taken to create moral cover for the whole society of Israel for their genocidal ambitions? What are the children's TV shows that desensitize the Israeli kids to killing Palestinians?
  11. Any embassy in Kiev. Heck, they might even find new jobs in Ukraine. The country will need a lot of rebuilding.
  12. Comparing Ed Snowden to them is abysmally low, and embarrassingly uninformed.
  13. I can't see a carrier battlegroup get anywhere near Bornholm Island. In fact, most US submarines would have trouble getting there with just the conning tower stick out of the waves, let alone undetected.
  14. Ah, but which one. Hägglunds/BAE have tailored their business model to build "fleets" of 50 vehicles. Yes there are parts that are similar in all vehicles, but effectively the CV90/40, /35, /30 are at least four if not five different vehicles designed more or less from thr ground up. The CV90/35, while certainly coming with potent armament, has a rather pitiful ammunition supply; with five-round KETF bursts the norm for most IFV vs infantry engagements and 35 rounds per belt, that's an average of maybe eight, nine targets before it needs to pull back for reload. I don't think anyone is suggesting the 40mm L70 gun? That leaves the 30mm option, all of which are aging, with little growth potential. ...soooo... a new CV90? Wasn't that what you wanted to avoid in the first place?
  15. Depends on "how small" still counts as "small", but fascines are a thing.
  16. Cruise missiles hitting barracks with training facilities might also be a factor.
  17. Where's the Kaboom? There was supposed to be an Earth-shattering Kaboom!
  18. The Asteroids are now starting to plot their revenge after this unprovoked, heinous attack. They're in the long game; I suppose we'll see their response in a few hundred years, possibly in a few thousand. But make no mistake - revenge they will take. We just kicked off the war against the universe.
  19. Maybe I shouldn'tbe so negative. I guess it's somehow possible to fuck it up even more, but I couldn't name a thing except everybody going on strike or so.
  20. A common cause? No, I don't think so. Can it happen? Sure. The effect mechanism of artillery seems to be more like shredding externally mounted components that degrade overall tactical performance, up to a mission kill, and occasionally exposed crew members too (commanders in particular). Tanks are decidedly not immune against artillery fire. Simply sitting in a barrage and waiting it to end is not a smart tactic. In a pinch you might decide to drive through a barrage at top speed to minimize your exposure to flying steel fragments, but be prepared to take losses/a degradation of performance, including mobility kills right where and when you need them least.
  21. "Deutsche Bahn" + "keeping passengers and goods on time" == ROFLcopter liftoff
  22. In some areas war is a numbers game. In others, it isn't. FEX, as there's no accepted model of human psychology, no wargame (computerized or else) that has passed a formal VVA will model morale, or surrender. Because there's no model for it that can be verified and validated. But that doesn't mean that it's not important. This is why wargaming is science in parts, and still art in others. Well, not sure what to add before I start repeating myself. But happy to answer questions; maybe in a separate thread.
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