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  1. Funny thing, I remember him mostly from his performance in The Flight of the Phoenix. Couldn't say if it was his best performance, but it's the one I remember best.
  2. No, but I bet that London skyscrapers such as the Death Ray Building do.
  3. ...and Michael Lee Aday, better known by his stage name Meat Loaf, age 74.
  4. Except in skyscrapers, the windows often can't be opened, so people crank up the AC. Clever regulation would limit the statute to buildings where the windows may not be opened, or exceeding a certain number of levels.
  5. Hardy Kr├╝ger, age 93.
  6. Of course, that's why the GDR called itself a "democratic republic". If it was a dictatorship "of" the proletariat, and the proletariat was "the people", then of course the dictatorship was under the people's control and based on their argumentation, democratic. Redefine the meaning of words, and you redefine the context of a debate in your own favor. It's a textbook case of applied Marxism; if you can't win the argument, mutate the argument until you do.
  7. Eh, Lufthansa is playing the CO2 PR card to conceal that they can't fly at competitive prices. They want to keep their flight slots that others could service profitably, they just don't want the expense to service them.
  8. "It's pretty much banana in every way, except a few key elements."
  9. Most likely, this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheese_analogue
  10. When? Europe has always been a conglomerate of Kingdoms and nations (once that nations became a thing) with different languages, and a strange amalgamation of cultures and traditions. 1960s France was very different from France 2020, France was always different from Italy was always different from Germany was always different from Spain, Britain, Poland, Austria, Czechia, .... Communism was considered, more or less, a common threat (though Communist parties were still legal and influential in countries like Italy, Greece, France), NATO somewhat unified defense (except, France, Sweden, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Finland), the EEC and later EU somewhat unified the economies --- but homogeneity? Where? When? In what way? I'm trying different angles, but so far it's too bold a brush stroke.
  11. They liberated their ungrateful neighbors from the oppressive need to breathe.
  12. Since you routinely question any medical statistic that doesn't support your preconceived opinion, I think that answering you will just waste my time. Suffice to say, I trust the opinion of virologists like Dr. Drosten more than that of an IT professional in a datacenter when it comes to matters like this. And yes, I think that Covid deaths per million would be a suitable metric, but then again that's going to lead immediately into one of those inane debates about "Death By" vs "Death With". Maybe the incentives for clinics in the US to inflate their reporting are highly dysfunctional, over here they're not. But who cares, you'd rather believe in serial killers and suicide cults as the explanation for excess mortality in Europe.
  13. They should have re-opened one of those famous Aztec heart surgery centers, monuments of pre-columbian alternative medicine that they were.
  14. The world needs more of these:
  15. Not that this will affect global climate one iota, but yeah, that'll go down very, very well with the public. Not that the EU commission will care much; I hope the EU parliament will recognize what an incredible PR opportunity is handed to them.
  16. Identify as a cat? Catch a mouse, and eat it. Get served cat food. Poop into the litter box. Don't like it? Maybe you're not identifying as a cat after all.
  17. My neighbor worked dureing the mid stages of the Covid pandemic for the local Public Health Authority where they had a map of Hannover with incidence levels for the different precincts, and the point was that from one precint to the next the figures would vary wildly.
  18. ...like I tried to tell a guy selling produce on the local market, a sign with ["Fresh" Produce] is not conveying the message that he probably intends to.
  19. But it's above the plane of the turret ring.
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