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  1. Curse the recalcitrant populace of Chemnitz, rejecting an innocent and accomplished philosopher's name in 1991.
  2. I have no problem with the queen slicing a cake with a saber. If I was in her place I'd do it too. It's just that the story that someone forgot to bring the knife and she was the only creative person around to come up with an idea simply isn't true.
  3. ...except there was one, 00:57.
  4. Also, their gullets are much, much narrower than their mouths so they could probably not swallow a human even if they wanted to. And they can't chew you to bits either (because, no teeth). Of course it can still be a very deadly encounter (mostly the risk of drowning), but "being eaten by a whale" is a death scenario for which I as a life insurance company would accept any premium.
  5. ...but it does. That's the whole point of the debate. You simply can't operate freely on the basis of pragmatism and sound principles. Yogi Berra summarized this perfectly with his quip "In theory theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not."
  6. Eh, most Hitler Squares and Göring Alleys in West Germany didn't last much longer than 1946 either.
  7. Yeah, but there are also vector vaccines which are not mRNA. AZ, J&J's J, Sputnik.
  8. Show me a single case in medical history where a drug was tailored for a germ that had not yet been discovered.
  10. You mean there were times when this wasn't the case? Every die-hard leftist I ever discussed with was explicitly or implicitly fooled by the zero-sum fallacy, that there's a fixed amount of money to go around so whenever there's a rich guy he must have stolen it from someone poor.
  11. Maybe, if we park all tanks of the US Army on the West Coast, the planet will capsize like Guam and add some extra eccentricity to the orbit.
  12. "So, if implemented correctly, AI could actually theoretically solve for abundance." Yeah, if implemented correctly. Theoretically. You can stop right there.
  13. Ssnake

    Ajax Issues

    Yes, the Bofors L70 gun is big, but the ammo feed is very compact. So the combination of ready ammo, magazines and gun is in effect not quite so bad as the pure gun silhouette suggests. Also, I'm not saying that the Bushmaster III isn't capable. It very much is. I'm not sure that the 5mm extra caliber are essential, though. I'm sure they were chosen for a reason, but then again the Bundeswehr apparently considered the 30mm cannon "still and for the foreseeable future" adequate. I also agree that the reason the Dutch are buying new turrets are primarily motivated by Spike integration and T
  14. True. You might still contract Covid and spread it like a Typhoid Mary, so you still got to behave responsibly. Nevertheless, if you do contract it, so far no severe cases among J&J's J vaccinated patients have been reported as far as I know. That's not too bad, and at about 5% of the price of a single dose of Biontech (so, effectively 2.5%) it's also a lot more cost effective.
  15. Depends on how solid those hopes are. If the prospects are good to exert influence, those handsome payments are peanuts.
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