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  1. ...and then what, "Oh no! Completely shocking turn of events!" or "We've always been at war with Eurasia, rumors of Biden's illness have been circulating for months"?
  2. Black Swan events are based on expectations, and those are entirely subjective. Thanksgiving is a Black Swan to turkeys, but not to Farmers. So if someone THINKS, how flawed his logic may be, that building a house on a volcano is "safe" and if he's then genuinely surprised when it is anything but, it still counts as a Black Sawn for that someone, even if he's objectively a fool.
  3. To be honest, if it wasn't privately insured, why should the government jump in to socialize the losses? It just creates the moral hazard that building homes in at-risk terrain is A-OK because the government can't let it happen that people lose money over this. It's an f'in' VOLCANO on which you've been building. If the unsurance premium was unaffordable, you should have sold the thing right there. A high insurance premium is neither a force of nature nor The Man denying you the opportunities that you deserve. It's a sign that you're underestimating the risks involved, that you're setting yourself up for a Black Swan event. And there it is, a black, hot snake of molten rock flowing downhill, because that's what volcanos do.
  4. Will you please recognize who the real victims are?
  5. Class 216 would have offered 120 days endurance (without snorkeling/raising once), 10,400 nmi range at 10 kts, and a flank speed in excess of 20kts, with a crew of 23. That the Australian claimed that they were "too noisy" at a point in the tender process when the actual figures weren't yet disclosed is not only hysterically funny, but also the strongest sign that the RAN wanted to retain the option to re-nuclearize the Collins replacement.
  6. Jason is a knife man. Only Texans kill with chainsaws.
  7. Both go well together with smoked pork chops.
  8. Which of the two? Ah, nervermind.
  9. Just 120%? I'm disappointed, the enthusiams is slipping.
  10. Sorry, no. When the tender for the new sub went out, the US simply wouldn't export its nuclear submarine technology except for Britain. Only after the US changed her export policy there actually was an alternative; the US created it, possibly for the purpose of pushing France out. Maybe the decision is in the best interest of Australia (I remain decided less enthusiastic about it because rather than reducing the crew headcount from the current Collins class, they are about to more than double it, and the very likely result will be that Australia will end with much fewer submarines than what is currently being fantasized about). But make no mistake, it was a deliberate move on the side of the US, and you have to ask yourself what changed between 2016 and now that the US made a 180° on their nuclear submarine export policy. Was China any less of a problem at the time?
  11. Both were criminal acts against export law, and not official German policy. At least Jürgen Hippenstiel-Imhausen, the guy behind the plant in Libya, went behind bars for eight years. Personally, I think he should have gotten life without parole unless he returned the profits from the trade, but the law applies to everyone with equal measure, for better or for worse.
  12. As with any other specialized industrial know-how - use it, or you lose it.
  13. ...the SPD is still the party of Little Miss Sunshine Eskens, Hans Moleman Borjans, Kevin Home Alone Kühnert, and above all, Mützenich. How these plus the Greens could perform "responsible foreign policy" even without the Left stirring the shit remains a puzzle too intricate for me to solve. When the Greens are the adults in the room with respect to defense and foreign policy, I can't help but wonder what kind of bizarro world I'm in. The least implausible explanation is that some time travellers are manipulating our reality in pursuit of an obscure but no doubt nefarious agenda.
  14. Tu quoque? If more than two people are involved, it's a f'in' Mexican Standoff. Can we please get the terminology right.
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