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  1. ...now a subsidiary of the US Army PX shop.
  2. Nothing else is to be expected, unless the launcher fully expended its ammo load.
  3. It was a read-worthy rant of adequate length.
  4. Oryx speaks of "destroyed or damaged" and lumps them into one category, and "captured or abandoned" into the other. Accuse them of inflating their numbers all day, but maybe check their definitions first...
  5. 80,000 is still just a 3,750th of the US population, or a 2,250th of what's needed for herd immunity. So, six more years...
  6. France currently has been reported that they have 40,000 new infections every day (with many ICUs at the saturation point already) and the wife asked if at that rate they wouldn't soon reach the fabled "herd immunity" at which point I had to point out that at this rate it would still take about 700 days more of full-on pandemic, which was an "Oh" moment (admittedly for both of us, sometimes you just have to do the math to realize the magnitude of the problem).
  7. Unions are often enough the cartel of job owners against the unemployed.
  8. The Bundeswehr kept the M48A5 until the early 1980s, they're still in service in Greece.
  9. Big Media is in decline because too many people can't unsee the man behind the curtain. That's not to say that the swarm of social media reporter filling the gaps created by one-sided reporting are an adequate step to boost overall credibility. But Big Media's decline is largely self-inflicted because of their inability to rid themselves quickly enough of activist journalists. Also, whatever passes for "news" on American TV I find completely insufferable. Breathless hyping of topics that are short-lived and largely irrelevant in the shallow pursuit of "ratings". The proverbial car chase p
  10. The harder-than-necessary-but-likely-to-happen Brexit will probably kill much of the British car plants anyway.
  11. ...but is what Google's doing covered by law, that is the question.
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