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  1. Can we please stop the propaganda that by retraining people the job growth in sector "B" will "make up" for the losses in "A"? Not every coal miner/oil worker can or wants to be trained for a different job that pays equally well. In theory they can become electricians. In practice they compete against people who have years more of experience and always will because they started their careers in electricity years earlier. This is essentially the same proposition as "learn to code", just less condescending and slightly more practical. There may be a macroeconomic trend of jobs declinin
  2. The 5G mind control chips work.
  3. What, the Zombie Apocalypse?
  4. Apparently, any foreign company that wants to send mail order goods to Britain at a value of less than 137 GBP per shipment now needs to set up a British VAT account to have the VAT reimbursed. As a consequence, eSim Games will stop shipping material goods to our British customers (you can still have time-based licenses, though). And I bet a lot of other companies will also want to avoid the hassle. It's a very small example, but if it's happening with enough companies it's going to reduce choice for the British consumer.
  5. Over a longer time the effect of the ME262 would diminish. It's not as if Britain had no jet engines in development. With more MEs there would have been a stronger British push for jet fighters. More and better MEs could have made a bigger temporary impact, but wouldn't change the strategic situation in a fundamental way.
  6. They no longer hide their agenda. No need to re-brand themselves, believe me.
  7. Haven't you heard of the unfathomable evil of multiethnic whiteness yet?
  8. They have lost their usefulness, for the moment.
  9. Ah. Internet Outages. The official confirmation of dictators that they are no longer in control of public opinion. 😁
  10. Whoa, 100% agreement seems like a half-hearted commitment. I demand at least 110%!
  11. For what it's worth, the last three weeks of the air war over Britain had the RAF losing more planes and pilots than the Luftwaffe (see the last minutes of this presentation: Whether that would be a permanent trend or if it could be reversed eventually is anyone's guess. But it doesn't seem like a foregone conclusion that Britain "inevitably" would dominate the skies, without even taking into account the different conditions of fighting at the edge of each party's reach (over Britain/over the continent).
  12. Another symptom woth mentioning is Whataboutism. Most CPDS afflicted patients show this behavior at least occasionally if not with regularity.
  13. And yet, switching off all the user forums of the world would, again, not create such a big dent on the world economy. It would be an inconvenience, yes. Arguably, it would hurt advertising companies and people who rely on the internet to promote their products. But I'm not saying that switching off the internet would have no effect. I'm JUST talking about Twitter, Parler, Facebook, and similar companies/organizations.
  14. So what? "More difficult" doesn't mean "impossible", or that people would literally die without their smartphones. I agree that Twatbook is designed to increase psychological dependency, so that people spend all their digital life on these pages (because that's how they make their money). Nevertheless, from a macroeconomical perspective neither Twitter nor Facebook generates value that would be indispensable for our societies to function. If both were switched off, it would confuse their cattle, and there would be protests, but they would manage. Maybe they would find other ways to l
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