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  1. Nope... but then again, only one in 1,000 Covid infections seem to occur outdoors. Would be nice though if there was consistency, like opening outdoor dining rather than curfews.
  2. I definitely expect a spike in Midsomer homicides during the spring season.
  3. Wasn't "packing the court" the codeword for adding more seats, rather than assigning judges the Dems didn't like to vacant seats? Another classic redefinition of language to dominate the discussion it seems.
  4. Home office, Stage Four.
  5. LOL Guantanamo Bay was leased by the US. That the Commies unilaterally declared the contract as void doesn't mean that the US are occupying Cuba. Try harder.
  6. Other than economic boycott and, lukewarm, temporary support for a gaggle of insurgents in the Bay of Pigs, what has the US done about Cuba that is remotely comparable to Crimea and Donbas? There is no moral or historical equivalence. When the US tipped the nuclear deterrence balance in Turkey and the Soviets responded by shipping IRBMs to Cuba, both countries, if barely so, did the sensible thing and withdrew the missiles. America guaranteed Cuban sovereignity and has respected it ever since. Russia could have kept its Black Sea fleet and lease the naval bases from Ukraine forever.
  7. Seems like the storage quota for users was ridiculously low. It's been lifted now.
  8. Well, we don't like their idea of a "solution", and they don't like anything else. Short of pulling their troops out of the Donbass, I'm not sure what Kleine-Brockhoff's suggestion is, other than that those in charge should think of something already. That heap of bullshit doesn't smell better, or less over time. You can't unilaterally declare your divorce from geopolitics. German politicians aren't good at strategy.
  9. A smart GOP would do all that. It might even decide to educate its candidates about the disastrous race related policy decisions of the Democrats over the past 100 years, just so that they are capable at fact-based comebacks in public debate rather than accepting by non-response the usual accusations of racism.
  10. Yes ... pretty much all the progressives at the time believed in Eugenics and related nonsense, as outlined years ago by Thomas Sowell in "Intellectuals and Race", usually with grave consequences. But hey, party of science.
  11. We can't peek into the heads of the poison dwarf and his cronies, so who knows what's really going on. We can however smell a giant heap of bullshit execreted by Kremlin propagandists such as the idea that the West would shut down a city in Russia (regardless of feasibility) as a strategy to defeat an army in the field. It's a grotesque boogeyman scare. To me it sounds as if they are preparing to be called on a bluff, so they can claim that the mobilization made "the enemy" back down before anything happened. Nevertheless, military professionals will not speculate about motives and focus
  12. You can't cordon an area if the police are supposed to stay six feet from each other. Trying to turn that into an argument that Covid countermeasures are bogus means debating in bad faith.
  13. Yeah, that's what sensible people would do, if both parties act in good faith. But you never know who is actually responsible for the failure of communication. Is it state officialy who want to escalate to have a warning example, or is it the minister who sees an opportunity to get into headlines? The video commentary covering the situation does not suggest that the Christian community is interested in an amiable solution. "Here come the shock troops" "wearing gas masks" ... all I can see are some elevated body mass index cops deploying in sufficient number to cordon the area, wearing FFP
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