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  1. If politics decide we stay in A'stan for 2 more years, it is highly likely that NLD will field the CV90 in A'stan somewhere in 2009.
  2. I've been in most of north-east and south A'stan, seen a lot of BRDM's, T-series and BMP's, but never a PT-76. No clue as to where they should come from. Most IED's in the north tended to be home-made (pressure cookers and the lot), in the south rigged AT mines or 107's.
  3. Razr Copperhead... my personal fav, though a bit pricey
  4. 'Funken, Fahren, und Schiessen!' translates to: transmit, drive, and shoot! 'Panzer geht, wo das Wasser fliesst' Armour goes where water flows.
  5. Well, you're ops are probably a lot different than ours, then. We use different vehicles here atm (g-wagon, patria xa-188, bushmaster and nyala), but i'll choose my mercedes g290 over the others any time. I've taken it into combat multiple times and it 'never fails me. But hey, feel free to disagree.
  6. How can you not like the G-wagon? I'm still in my second tour in A'stan, and we drive Mercedes G290 every day. We use soft top versions with reinforced carriage, GPMG/.50 cal/40mm AGL and various secondary weapons on board. This machine takes us everywhere. It is far more mobile than the patria xa188, bushmaster, or Humvee in my opinion. On the downside: You get wet when it raines!
  7. All i know is that it's light and reliable. Can't tell you anything about accuracy and Rate of Fire, though, but since my experience with this GPMG is mostly on the receiving end it either sucks, or I'm a lucky SoB
  8. I've fired most rifles discussed here and although I do not think I can give a real answet to TS, here's what i think of some of the weapons I fired: M16: Actually carried the Canadian Diemaco C7 for a while. Accuracy up to 300m is good, it is user friendly, even to a lefty like me. Tends to jam when used improperly. Auto fire not good, barrel can't hanle it. Upgrades are great, using piccatiny rails w/ lamps, aimpoint/eotec, H&K40mm UGL. Am currently issued a Diemaco C8A1 (elkan optics), and although technically not a rifle, i like it anyway. AUG: My personal fav. Easy to switch to lefty-config. Damn accurate, and i love the bullpup concept. Shorter weapons w/ same power. Not good for upgrades though. HK5: Hate it dearly. Had to go out on a patrol with one once, since it was the only weapon available. I was never so unsure of my ability to fight my way out of a TIC during a combat patrol (A'stan, some time ago). This weapon is unsuitable for lefties, and i can't get used to the iron sights. AK-47, and likes: Hate the sights, damn inaccurate. Nothing new... G-36: Good weapon, but the red-dot sight is too narrow for my liking. I found myself loosing the spot too easily. I also heared of a rumour that the optics were not sealed properly, and many scopes grew some kind of mold/fungus after a while... Like the concept, decent weapon, but can be improved. Also: I'll trust a FN weapon anytime. The FN MAG is arguably the best 7.62mm GPMG around, and the FAL is great at llonger ranges.
  9. item1: BS! They chose between ISAF and OEF, and picked the former. Not that I blame them. I can understand how sensitive a war-like operation may be in GE. When ISAF moved in the south, they chose to stay put. item2: As far as I know, the part of the road that has been worked, was done by a private Turkish construction company, funds might be German, but I don't know that. Other than that, security remains the responsibility of the lead nation in that AO. item3: IED jammers are good stuff. Unfortunately, the jammers while we see less RCIEDs, more CWIED and PPIED emerge.
  10. Most of it has been said here already. Bring infantry. SoF? Nah, just make sure you aren't afraid to deploy you fallshirmjaeger or panzergrenadiere. Bring suport weapons. We get along with our 3 PzH2000 pretty well. They have done several road marches (Kandahar->TarinKowt->Deh Rawod->Martello->Deh Rawod) with relative ease. I read to bring CAS A/C. Don't. In theater transport is needed at this moment. I'd say bring Transal aircraft. But mostly, bring good national ROE's. The ROE we have now are good, much better than last year. That is, as long as your gov't does not hold you back by with national caveats.
  11. I concur with what most have already stated. Each tank has it's advantages and disadvantages. As former Leo2a5 platoon commander, I am very possitive about this tanks abilities. But i don't have the same experience on other models, so all I have to go on are the numbers and details that fly around the (tank)net. That said, there are probably different situations in which certain MBT's perform better than others, so no there are multiple possible answers to the question. I know it doesn't help, but it's all i can give you. P.S. Don't believe Zakk, he sells Merk4 for a living and is trying to get Norway to buy 'em!
  12. Although it has been released in the US already, i couldn't find a copy in New York last week. I'm forced to wait for the European release now.... 7 Nov
  13. Movement of the tank and turret are monitored with the use of gyro's. Try holding a ball with a second spinning ball inside of it (really don't know how to say it otherwise, sorry) and rotate your wrist. You'll notice the ball resists movement. The amount of resistance can be measured and used in computing the corrections for sight and gun. edit: I think the search for stabilized guns began in the Navy... al ong long time ago.
  14. I've seen loads of T-55 and T-62 over there, even a single T-34/85. The majority of the carcasses laying about are BTR-60 and BRDM-2, though. I also found 2 helo wrecks impossible to ID. It's not like the Afghans have good AT tactics, the war against the Russians shows they killed all sorts of vehicles in great numbers.
  15. Nice to see the different views on "light batallion". I can see units emerging with as much as 8 companies...... That's no batallion where I come from, it's not even a reinforced batallion! Anyway, since we're all entitled to our own opinion/ideas, here's mine: AASLT INFBN: -1 Staffcoy -CO, XO, CSM -Bncdr, Chief of staff, BnSM -S1-4, 6 sections. not keen on giving exact numbers, but need to minimize. -Recce plt, including 4 Aladdin UAV -2man FO/FAC team -ATplt, not sure on weapon type. PzF2? Gill? -6 messengers on motorcycle. -AD plt equiped with Stinger -3 Infcoy: - staffplt, including Admin, Medic, Supply, BDR. - Snipersquad, 3 couples of 2 pax, equiped with Accuracy - FIST, 4pax specializing in Arty, Mortar, RW CAS, FW CAS, and NGS - 3 rifleplt, including 1 Aladdin UAV, Minimi LMG, PzF AT - Mortar squad, 81mm If you want to change this to a light motorized bn: equip recce plt with Fennek LVB equip AT-plt with Fennek Gill equip AD-plt with Fennek Stinger add 2 mortar platoons to staffcoy, equiped with Patria AMV 120 AMOS equip FIST with 2x Fennek TACP, add 2 drivers. equip rifleplt with Patria AMV with Oto Melara 25mm Hitfist turret equip Snipersquad with Patria AMV 12,7mm Oto Melara Hitrole turret, add driver, gunner, and vehicle cdr. Change Accuracy for Barret.
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