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  1. The Marders are existing vehicles retired from German service. They have the same old age as the BMP-1s, approaching 50 years now. The advantage* of the Marders is that they will -presumably- be supported, while the BMP-1 never received support besides the parts received in the 1990s. As far as I know the Greek BMP-1s have serious mechanical issues due to chronic lack of spare parts and are little better than scrap. In the hands of Ukrainians they may fare better as they should have stocks of spare parts and the know-how to fix them. *besides the fact that the Marder was upgraded in the '80s and should be overall a better IFV than the BMP-1
  2. A Ukrainian source says 122 BMP-1 with 15,000 73mm shells.
  3. As mentioned already in bigger countries (France, Germany etc) they dub everything and you need to look for specific screenings if you want to watch a movie in English with local language subtitles. In Greece only kids shows are dubbed. Everything else is subtitled. It is a matter of cost I believe. Dubbing takes a lot more money to do than subtitles and for smaller audiences it is not worth it. ETA: for example in the Netherlands if I recall correctly from my time there the default is subtitles ETA#2: I realise that everything I said in my post was said already by previous posters 😁
  4. 😁 According to Greek sources some 100-130 BMP-1s will also be transferred from Greece to Ukraine, in exchange for a similar number of Marders from Germany to Greece.
  5. You are asking other countries to sell their equipment now with the prospect of replacing it in the future. If the Pakistanis sell their T80UDs now how long will they have to stay without tanks till newly made ones arrive?
  6. My understanding was that Ukraine is a net exporter of wheat and large stockpiles of grain are stuck waiting to be exported, originally by sea.
  7. how does the accuracy of a 105mm gun and a 120mm mortar compare?
  8. How credible is this index? Greece may have problems but lack of press freedom isn't something that I would consider to be one of them.
  9. Ah, now it makes sense. Yes, I can see why this can be a problem. I suspect that would have been an issue for Greece as well. I guess that's an extra reason why Rafale looks like an attractive choice.
  10. 120 hours in 3 years sounds very modest. I have been either lied to or most airforces should easily surpass this number.
  11. Cyprus isn't even in NATO and in embargo by the USA. I find it highly unlikely that the USA would bother. It would be much more likely to try to obtain Russian systems from Greece and Turkey.
  12. +1 There isn't much reliable information about this war but so far it seems clear that the Russians just don't have the numbers to pursue all their objectives simultaneously.
  13. Greece at the moment has the G3 in 7.62x51 as the main service rifle and the MINIMI in 5.56x45 as the main squad LMG. Admittedly this is not by design but rather by accident.
  14. NATO has tables with defense expenditures and as far as I know they try to account the same way for all nations so the figures can be compared. For the '70s and '80s you can find a table here (I took it from the press release of 1989 -you can find data for all periods up to now).
  15. The conditions in Ukraine are such that blue on blue incidents will be a big issue.
  16. Evidence no, but there is every reason to believe that the Russians use such tactics. Moreover I think the existence of fifth column should be considered certain.
  17. Conversely I read that the Ukrainians blocked the runways to prevent Russian passenger planes from landing.
  18. Where do you get these statistics? I am not doubting them but I have no clue about them. Regarding Greece I am aware of two cases who joined the Ukrainian side, and at least one was involved in far-right activism. I am sure of course there were Greeks (or "Greeks") who joined the Russian side because of connections with the Greek community there. There are quite a few ex-USSR ethnic Greeks in Greece who were born in southern Russia or Ukraine.
  19. It is a hot potato for any publisher but the memoir should be published at some point. Perhaps the best strategy for Ian is to try and find a similar account from the other side to balance things and publish them together.
  20. As mentioned already, Stalin provided effectively no support to the Greek communists and called their leadership to stop the war. Besides the bases provided by Albania and Yugoslavia, the war materiel used by the Greek Communists was provided primarily by Poland and Czechoslovakia.
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