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  1. Aaaaand the Pommie super-covid is now loose in Brisbane. Hopefully the 3 day lockdown will stop the bastard spreading and they'll get on top of it quickly. People are already hoarding toilet paper and fleeing for the country ahead of the lockdown. Sometimes I despise my fellow humans.
  2. He'll burn something terrible in that get-up.
  3. So I'm guessing the shots were fired by these guys, not the uniformed police. Who do we suppose they are? Capitol police or the Federales? Also, are there still senators in the room at this point?
  4. It seems that the Capitol Police weren't prepared for protestors trying to storm the building (no shit) and the Heavy Mob were slow to respond. https://www.wsj.com/articles/capitol-police-werent-prepared-for-rioters-authorities-say-11609978798
  5. At the risk of attempting to create an informed debate here, what's the actual legal situation here? If some Secret Service guys had just pulled out the MAC-10s and started blazing away, what would have happened?
  6. A fine case of Poe's Law in action. Is the guy a Trump supporter or a parody of a Trump supporter? Is there even any difference any more? https://www.news.com.au/world/north-america/us-politics/who-is-the-horned-man-who-stormed-the-capitol/news-story/de6853d19e8681a04aa0ee50c6e52b10
  7. This is making my brain hurt. According to FaceBook, this was all staged by ANTIFA now.
  8. Well, I may live in Australia these days but I'm still a Pommie at heart. Stiff upper lip, get the tea on and wait stoically for all this to blow over.
  9. Some footage from the BBC showing people forcing their way past police. They're lucky nobody in the law enforcement community fancied using live rounds. https://www.bbc.com/news/av/election-us-2020-55564421
  10. Does the fact that I laughed at this make me a bad person?
  11. We're only a week into 2021 and we've already got mutant super-covid and these guys. Not looking good, is it?
  12. Probably counterproductive. You're just giving ammunition to the anti-vax morons.
  13. As a slightly more general point, I recently finished reading "The Rise and Fall of Great Powers" which repeats somewhat the idea that relatively free, dynamic societies tend to outperform more closed, ossified ones due to greater innovation, risk taking and initiative. IMO that's a lesson that China seems to be busily forgetting all over again.
  14. I think there was also a calculation that Nazi Germany didn't really have enough food to go around for everybody, so inevitably some people were going to starve to death. I'm not sure they were really in a position to feed their workers properly anyway, bullshit Nazi ideology aside.
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