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    Why the hell did the French stop making that tracked sports car with the pirated German canon? Point me to the tank races.

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  1. It's not really a Russian design flaw as much as a design philosophy that is different from western tanks.. A fully loaded T-80 comes in at what? Under 45 tons? Which is a good 15 tons less then an M1 or Leo 2A7. The Russian design philosophy is smaller, lighter, 3 man crew tanks that are cheaper and faster to produce. No doubt the Russians could have a produced a 60-70 ton tank much more heavily armoured then what they have now, but that's not in line with their doctrine of fast mobile armour attacks with numbers on their side. In any case, tank protection is now shifting towards active arrays like Trophy. As APS get better and more widely used, the need for more armour might be moot. Russian's mistake in Ukraine is not enough APS systems on their tanks.
  2. We operated with 3 man crews on the AMX-13 for years. And the fatigue level is definitely high. But in our Battalion ORBAT, we always carry a 4th tank crew in every platoon. Even in the training area, this 4th tank crew goes out with the support personnel. During laager, and at the end of exercises, this 4th crew is split up and assigned one to a tank to help with the servicing, maintenance and rearming. So in effect, during lulls, u have a 4th crew to help out. And in the even of actual shooting, they also act as replacement crew for injured or KIA tankers.
  3. Is this a case of RM building and designing a tank just so they can sell their 130mm gun? I wonder what KMW is thinking about this.
  4. Highly doubtful the Type 96 and Type 99 will form the vanguard of any China amphibious assault on Taiwan. They are not issued to the PLAN Marines anyway, and they are the ones that will conduct the amphibious landings. Most likely Taiwan armour forces will face the Norinco ZTQ-15 light tank, which is issued to PLAN Marines. And this tank should be able to be penetrated by a 105mm APFSDS. Even frontally.
  5. China is Israel's 3rd largest trading partner. As well, Israel has been selling china military equipment since 1992. There is no way the Israelis will jeopardize this relationship to sell Taiwan anything
  6. They do have this. Its their domestically produced IFV the CM-32. Its a 6X6 wheeled AFV, some variants have a 105mm gun, and since the gun is some variant of the British 105mm L7, any recent APFSDS round will penetrate all PRC armour.
  7. I am watching videos of countless Russian tanks blown up with whatever drones and anti-tank rockets they are using. Many with the turret blown clear off and catastrophic destruction of the vehicle. Being a former tanker as many of you are too, I don't feel elated, or go wow, or have any celebratory feelings. I know what it feels like to be button up in a hot, cramped, noisy tank for hours. I can't imagine what it must be like to be driving down the road and suddenly, the next moment you are on fire. Maybe they don't even feel it when they die. Its unbelievable the lack of modern protection like APS and Trophy systems in the Russian army. I am not saying all tankers are a brotherhood all over the world. But I feel really sorry for any tank crew, whether Russian or Ukrainian, killed this way. Especially the conscripts that are manning the Russian tanks, who don't want to be there in the first place. Right now, from what I am seeing, there is just NO DEFENCE in this theater against anti tank drone weapons or hand held anti tank weapons. In the past, you had at least ERA to offer protection. The top down attack profile on many modern weapons is making it impossible to defend against these weapons unless there is the presence of APS. RIP to them, whether they are Russians or Ukrainians.
  8. Agreed. But if u read the articles, those Syrian infantry signing up also have a good chance of being used as cannon fodder. They are signing up to fight in a country that is much colder then theirs, and under command of officers who don't speak their language, etc. they wouldn't last long there either. I believe the article says they will have an insurance policy paid out to them if they die in the Ukraine. Desperate people will do anything for their family. Their death would be worth more to their family then if they are alive. In any case, could they perform worse then a Russian tanker in a T-72?
  9. Its not a question of whether syria can spare T-62 trained tankers or not. Assad has no say in it. If Putin feels that russia is losing too many tank crews in Ukraine and wants some one else to do the bleeding, and he asks assad for T-62 crews, Assad has to give it to him. Putin is the only thing standing between Assad and a lynch mob. He is 100% propped up by Moscow and is beholden to them. He will sent the crews if its demanded by Putin.
  10. the same way u get trained syrian infantry to do that. with money. the russians have opened recruiting depots in syria for some months now, and paying quite well versus what they could earn staying in syria. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/4/1/in-syria-moscow-leads-effort-to-recruit-fighters-for-ukraine https://www.wsj.com/articles/russia-recruiting-syrians-for-urban-combat-in-ukraine-u-s-officials-say-11646606234
  11. When they start using T-55s, I will suggest to the Russians to contact the Singapore Armed Forces for any AMX-13s they might still have.
  12. Introducing T-62s in the Ukraine theatre of ops makes sense if they are going to be crewed by Syrian "volunteers". The Russians have been actively recruiting Syrians to fight in Ukraine. Why not tankers in addition to infantry? It makes sense that Syrian tankers who were already trained on T-62s supplied by Russia during the current conflict can jump right into these T-62s and use them against the Ukranians.
  13. I don't know about all that. But at the time of Operation Valkyrie, July 20, 1944, the Allies were still stuck in Normandy trying to reduce the Caen perimeter. But all the senior German officers can see the writing on the wall. The russians were far away, fighting halfway in Ukraine under Operation Bagration. I suppose lets say Rommel in this case could have ordered token resistance of even German military evacuations of France, Holland, Belgium, etc. and move all these units back to Germany and redeployed to the eastern front. What I am trying to say is that if Hitler's replacement, lets say Rommel, could have fixed it such that the British/American/French frontline would be all the way east of Germany at the time of unconditional surrender. If the germans allowed the Americans token resistance right up to the Ukrainian border then signed the unconditional surrender, that is where the Russians would have stopped. Hence ensuring that the whole of Germany would be under American/British and French control rather then half russian and half western allies. And poland would also be under ABF control.
  14. How the heck was he going to do that after purging the Red Army in 1939? The Red Army was so badly led after that, that even 2 years later in 1941, Operation Barbarossa exposed all their weakness in tactics, leadership and equipment. He could not even beat Finland in the Winter War of 1939-1940, how was he going to defeat Turkey, Invade Iran, attack Japan, etc.? And invading and attacking these countries is considered calling the shots? I think not.
  15. Ok, lets say we go with your scenario and say Hitler is successfully assassinated. Rommel shows up at Eisenhower's door shortly after and asks for a negotiated settlement. Ike says no way, its an unconditional surrender or nothing. Rommel, knowing full well how it will all play out militarily is the one who is more likely to say yes, versus Hitler who would 100% say no. In fact, if Hitler was alive, there is zero chance of an unconditional surrender. With whoever ends up replacing a dead Hitler, there is a better chance, depending on who it is. Is that such a bad thing, for say Rommel to unconditionally surrender and shave 1 year off the war and countless German lives? Some under the table deal can always be worked out with Ike. eg the germans could divert most of their armies to the eastern front and hold off the russians while leaving token resistance in the west for the the western allies to take over all of Germany, all of Poland, Czech republic, etc.. before the unconditional surrender. The allies would love to deny as much of central europe as possible to the russians.
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