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  1. For a good day by day account of the BoB as well as a good overview try "The Narrow Margin" by Derek Dempster and Derek Wood....If I remember correctly it was first published back in the 1960's and was used as the basis of the screenplay for the classic 1968 movie "The Battle of Britain". However I think it has stood the test of time well. I also agree 100% with Stuart that Len Deighton's book (titled "Fighter") is well worth a read. There are a lot of books out there about every aspect of the BoB, the good, the bad and the ugly - try a google search if you want something specific.
  2. Quite by chance I recently came across this thread on another forum: http://www.shipbucket.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=9684 someone has been putting a lot of effort into visualising some of the JNA ToE's that Bojan has been posting here and elsewhere.....great work.
  3. Thanks for that Stargrunt6. In the style the old GDW Assault series of games? Will keep an eye on this one as it develops...
  4. Really? The FFOT3 core system would work pretty well as a boardgame......just hope they make the boardgame rules a bit more concise as the FFOT3 tabletop ruleset, with army lists, runs to about 450+ pages long! Any idea what the boardgame going to be called and what localities its going to cover Stargrunt6? Hopefully not just another WW3 in the Fulda Gap game.
  5. Still got my original C&S 1st Edition red book from 1976 on the shelf here. Spent a LOT of time playing them over the years in our regular RPG group. Best set of RPG rules I ever played (with a few house rules of our own thrown in). We felt the subsiquent editions were never quite captured the same "atmosphere" as the originals.
  6. After the recent Swiss Army discussion I came across this series of articles in the Austrian Army's in-house webzine "Truppendienst" about the history of that countries "spatial defence zone" concept which lasted from around 1960 - 1995 that some may find of interest: The concept included the use of many fixed defence zones using emplaced turrets from, amongst other things, M47's, Charioteers and lots from Centurions: https://www.truppendienst.com/themen/beitraege/artikel/der-weg-zur-raumverteidigung-1/#page-1 https://www.truppendienst.com/themen/beitraege/artikel/der-weg-zur-ra
  7. Okay, will do that for you over the weekend. The Swiss seem to love shopping around for stuff that they can't source themselves. Their air force used Bf109's during the war which saw action against both Axis and Allied planes that entered Swiss airspace and they also used a few Ju52 transports for many years after 1945. In more recent times I saw somewhere that the Swiss acquired several hundred US M109 155mm SPG's, by the late 1980's having 3 or 4 times the total number that the British Army had in service?
  8. If you've got what you need ORBAT wise from the links above great. I have a copy of a good source for fairly detailed Swiss ToE's (in German) from the mid/late 70's. if they're of any use to you let me know and I will send them to you. Also attached a PDF about Truppenordnung 51 (the 1951 re-organisation) in case you want eariler stuff as well. Sorry I downloaded it some time ago so I'm not sure of the original source. Cheers Truppenordnung 51 and Swiss Army OOB in the 50s updated.pdf
  9. You want hardliners Stuart https://youtu.be/x99njmZxaMA TY is definitely a game, not a simulation.......
  10. This does look very promising indeed.....only at the early access stage in Steam but once realised will be one to get for sure.
  11. Saw that this has been released in the last few days...... Amazing detailed terrain that looks stunning (if you have a grunty enough PC).......here's some examples from my part of the world: https://youtu.be/gKIBNsNrAVQ ........and 20 odd different civilian aircraft from Cessa 172 to the Airbus 320 & Boeing 747 to fly. But after you've flown around and looked at the scenary you want to does it actually have enough replay value to make it a worthwhile purchase? Or do you think your US$60+ is better spent on something like DCS where you get the same high end graphics but get to fly all s
  12. Indeed it was......in June 1945 Truk was attacked by an Royal Navy task force centred around HMS Implacable en route to join the British Pacific Fleet. The attack was somewhat ironically named "Operation Inmate" and was supposed to give some combat experence to the carrier's air-group and escorting ships prior to operating off the Japanese home islands. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Inmate
  13. This might be to your taste then Stuart - A couple of Kiwis go MiG hunting in DCS A4-K's with AIM-9's and 20mm's What could possibly go wrong?
  14. Thanks for making your BAOR documentation available Louie. Not sure if you have seen this German site: https://www.relikte.com/literatur.htm The site has some very detailed downloadable PDF's of late 80's NATO and Warpac OOB's by O.W. Dragoner and "Alterfritz“ (including a BAOR one which cites your work )
  15. Not sure if you have seen this page on Operation Tannenbaum from both Swiss and German perspectives: https://web.archive.org/web/20060428175023/http://schweiz1940.ch/ It is via the wayback machine as the site has been changed significantly since 2006 but looks like everything is still there.
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