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  1. Or because people got COVID instead?? I don’t know but am curious.
  2. An observation in the ‘dumbing down’ of America. Went to a Home Depot store yesterday (for those of you unfamiliar with Home Depot, it’s a ‘big box’ store for building supplies, everything from lumber to paint to kitchen and bathroom fixtures). As I approached the ‘contractor’s entrance’ I encountered a slow-moving forklift following a store employee waving a red flag…….. Yep, store policy, all moving forklifts must be preceded by an employee waving a red flag.
  3. Nato 7.62 blank I believe the 'neck' extension was to facilitate loading the round in the M-14 when firing in full-auto mode. Back in the '60's none of our issued blanks for mock combat were crimped
  4. Those, if my memory is correct, are not what would be termed typical blank rounds used in mock combat, but special cartridges use to fire rifle grenades and smoke/star signals using an adapter. It’s been years since I’ve fired them, but they look like the .30 caliber round for the M-1 Garand. The crimped end was to help identify them by feel (night operations). A blank round for mock combat was not crimped but folded over a red cardboard disk. I think I have some in 7.62 Nato, if I get ambitious I’ll dig one out and post a picture.
  5. Update- Nobody that attended has reported getting COVID. I have twin grandsons, 8 years old, 3 weeks ago one tested positive, ran a fever on and off for 3 days, his brother - nothing, mother (my daughter), vaccinated, nothing, father, not vaccinated, nothing. I had J&J on 25 May along with my 20 year old niece - no adverse effects for me, she felt a little ‘off’’ for half a day.
  6. A personal observation worth absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things - mask wearing seems to be much more prevalent (50%+-) in local hardware stores, super markets and drug stores as observed by me over the last 3 weeks.
  7. Went to a 61st high school reunion today, outside, 80 people +-, one person masked, didn’t ask why, no social distancing, hugs and handshakes all around. I’ll let you know if I develop COVID
  8. I wonder if the possibility exists that deep, down, inside they want to witness a complete and total meltdown. if (when?) it happens it will certainly be a (the?) top news story.
  9. Don’t know but all 3 of them sat together, not at separate tables. I also need help with understanding how my neighboring state of New Jersey justified a mandate that restaurants had to close at 10 PM to comply with COVID restrictions.
  10. I am fascinated by the absurdity of mask policy/mask policing. My niece was at the food court at her college yesterday with 2 friends, one of whom did not have her mask on. She was reprimanded by one of the ‘lunch ladies’ and required to ‘mask up’ prior to being served. When the 3 of them got their food they proceeded to a table, took off the masks and proceeded to eat. Can anyone explain to me how this is rational behavior?
  11. ex2cav is wasting his talents here, should do a book or sell scripts to Hollywierd!!!!😀😀😀😀😀
  12. 2 questions for the forum. There are a lot of knowledgeable people that post here, while I don’t agree with all I certainly respect the vast majority. 1) I understand that the overall survival rate for COVID in the United States is 98% - is this correct? 2) I’ve also heard that 70-80% of the COVID deaths are over the age of 65 with the major comorbidity being obesity - again, correct?
  13. I stole this from the Australia thread, found it to be hilariously funny but noticed one thing serious to comment on. The ‘standers’ (my name for persons found standing behind - quite often be-ribboned military types) politicians making pronouncements are masked, however the sign language person is not. There is a reason for this. In order for the hearing impaired to get a full understanding of what information is being conveyed they must be able to see the signers facial expressions. So do young children, who are still learning language skills, need to see facial expressions yet the idiots in my state (Pennsylvania) have overridden local school boards and issued a state-wide mandate for all students to be masked. The legal foundation for this proclamation is very shaky and lawsuits have been filed.
  14. I think the number is a little more than 98% that did not die. I find it difficult to wrap my head around the statement that the vaccinated need to be protected from the un-vaccinated I keep asking - what is the threat?
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