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  1. I think Shays was in office right before or right after Jeff’s guy. Robert Simmons doesn’t ring a bell but that doesn’t mean much.
  2. Was in the local library today, saw 4 copies of a book titled ‘BEAUTIFUL THINGS’. The cover depicted a toddler about 2 years old holding the hand of an adult male, you can’t identify who the adult is. The author ….. Hunter Biden. I rapidly fled the building before my gag reflex kicked in….
  3. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before - 20 guys at a KKK rally; 18 of them are undercover FBI, and 1 is ATF………
  4. Am I the only one to remember the DC riots/protests of the 1960’s including a bomb in a capitol restroom?
  5. I really don’t understand the reasoning behind rushing out to get a vaccination where the side effects seems to be as bad as those from the disease itself, at least as reported by those I personally know (about 10 people) that got COVID. Disclaimer- the above was posted by someone who got the J&J shot and other than a slightly tender arm for maybe 8 hours had no reaction…….
  6. An observation- I attended the Middle Atlantic Air Museum WWII Weekend today. Located at Reading Airport, Pennsylvania, USA (50+ miles north of Philadelphia). When I went to board the shuttle bus from a remote parking area I was greeted by a large sign stating that if I was riding the bus to the WWII event I was required to wear a mask. Since the latest protocol in PA is no mask is required for those vaccinated I had left mine in the car, not thinking of the bus ride. I thought I’d have to go back to the car and get one. Then I realized the bus was half-full and the only mask in sight was on the bus driver. When we arrived at the entrance there were numerous signs stating masks and 3 foot social distancing was required. A quick glance around revealed no masks in sight. This event is attended by thousands (10,000 easy), and if I had counted the mask wearers on my fingers I don’t believe I would have used both hands. I believe the requirement was in place as there is no way to verify vaccination, since no one can be required to produce a vaccination card so a policy of treating everyone as un-vaccinated was mandated. Totally ignored by 99% of the attendees; a major statement by the average person, in my opinion. See small example attached.
  7. Was at the Middle Atlantic Air Museum WWII Weekend today. Since my tracked-vehicle identification skills are non-existent what is(was) this?
  8. That’s been my take on it from the beginning. No tinfoil hats required.
  9. Corn Pop was a bad dude
  10. And I heard yesterday that Biden is going to have a one-on-one meeting with Putin in mid July. It should be interesting.
  11. So last week CDC issued guidelines that the least vulnerable section of society (young children/teenagers) were required to wear masks when outside at summer activities. Earlier this week news outlets announcing that risk of outdoor transmission is nil. Yesterday CDC issued new guidelines that no masks are required indoors or outside for those fully vaccinated. Confidence building..... There is no way that these masks mandates are political theater.
  12. I am convinced we are firmly entrenched in a political theater of the absurd with ‘masking’. For the last 6 months or so here in Pennsylvania restaurants have been opened with reduced capacity ‘social distancing’ and disinfecting protocols. I drive up to restaurant (not wearing a mask) walk to the door, put on the mask. I’m escorted to my table, takeoff the mask, give the masked server my order, eat with friends (the protocols say we’re supposed to be a ‘household unit’ but this seems to be universally ignored),then put on mask to walk out the door. My doctor, whom I visit every 3-5 months for a routine check-up does not wear a mask, nor does his office staff. Last week Joe Biden told the country that it was our ‘patriotic duty’ to wear a mask, even if you are vaccinated. He is then seen visiting Jimmy Carter and his wife; he is seen entering and leaving their residence with his wife Jill, both wearing masks – then pictures surface of the Carters and Bidens sitting next to each other in the Carter residence – without masks. Also last week the CDC issued guidelines for youth attending summer camps. Included in the guidelines was the requiring of all children to wear masks outdoors, even when playing tennis. My niece has been living with me since her college shut down and went all virtual in March of 2020. Yesterday she and 2 of her sisters visited their mother (my sister) for Mother’s Day. My sister lives in a retirement community (the reason my niece lives with me) and the 3 of them went to visit my sister’s sister-in-law and her husband who live in the same community. Regrettably my sister is totally ‘woke’ and, because the niece who lives with me is not vaccinated (nor am I), required that everyone wear a mask during this visit – even though all of the other participants are vaccinated. For reference, the ages of those involved – 19 (the niece that lives with me), 20, 22, 65, 76 and 81. Can anyone explain to me who is at risk? The un-vaccinated 19 year old niece, surrounded by those who are vaccinated? Are the other participants, all vaccinated, at risk? Unfortunately I don’t think my sister’s reaction in this situation is that uncommon. My reasons for not being vaccinated would require another long post which I may or may not go into – and I’m not an anti-vaccine nut. And one last thing, for those of you who don’t know (or remember) my demographics, I’m 78 years old –yep, I’m the Grandfather you’re going to kill if you don’t get vaccinated.
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