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  1. For some reason we can only have 5 rounds in a magazine maximum but we can shoot pretty much anything we like bar explosive or chemical.
  2. Nope rifled barrel. Which is another issue i was hoping your great minds could help me with.
  3. So New Zealand has very lax laws about ammunition types, as long as not explosive or chemical its allowed. got me thinking, I have a Remington 700 MK3 with a 23inch barrel and want to fire Sabot rounds. This is what i have found for the full sized one: So to scale this down to fit into a .308 cartridge I need a little help. I will make it out of C45-50 heat treated steel and am looking for an end weight of around 9-13gr. The current bullet i use is 1.15inch (29.1mm) long when seated correctly, so the sabot round will need to be about that if not a little longer. This is the sort of thing i want to design: Plugging the data into this "on-line" ballistic calculator i get with a 11.3gr penetrator and a 6.5gr sabot, with 53gm 3331 (fast burn powder, popular here but maybe known as a different number set in the usa) and a fast burn primer it gives me a muzzle velocity of 4930-5120fps. Any help you all can give would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Well i think it should be Armed with 90mm Low Velocity guns in 4x Single Turrets.
  5. Then why didnt 9775 tanks and 1908 TD plus the british tanks roll over 47 Panzers and 61 Assult Guns? Seems a bit crazy that 47 tanks could hold up 9,775?
  6. Really the Germans only had 90 Tanks on the entire western front in 45?? How could they hold the line against 10,000+ us/British tanks with only 90 tanks?
  7. As there were 105mm armed m4s in inventory how effective would they have been firing against tanks? One would imagine a 105mm he shell against a tank would knock the crap out of the crew. Would it?
  8. 2 of these mounted on a Bradley Chassis
  9. You forget about the AML-20. Based on the great little AML-60/90. Light, nible and does pretty much any role. Could easy keep up with a M1 and protect it when it needs fuel.
  10. So got off the phone with an old Russian friend who is serving in the army and he has had his leave cancelled. His family are worried they will start ww3 shortly. They say they will be deployed to the border shortly.... Any thruth to the rumors? ?
  11. Would the DEFA be able to knock out the Typical Russian T54/55 or T62 tanks which were common in the 3rd world in the 70-90s?
  12. So..... The rebels have shot down 2 more military jets with Missiles Inside Russia, and they have been "suspected" of shooting down the Malaysian Air plane. My question to you all (who know far more than me) is, what impications would this have if it was proven that the Russians shot down all 3 or just 2 of the planes and it the Malaysian Air shooting down was linked to the Rebels? Would the world get involved? Could we see a ground war in the Ukraine? Why are the Dutch not seeking military action against the Rebels for the murder of the 200ish Dutch Nationals onboard if it is proven the Rebels shot them down? How would the situation be different if the plane was full of United States citizens, or would the events which we currently see continue on the same way as we are seeing now?
  13. Intresting, would have been a good light Anti-tank gun.
  14. Does anyone have more information on the towed DEFA F1 90mm?
  15. I have stumbled accross the following picture which shows the DEFA F1 as a towed anti-tank gun. Did the SADF use the Elands 90mm in the light Anti-Tank gun role? Does anyone have any more information on this?
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