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  1. Welcome to the military, we had the same issues with mags in the Canadian army and in the 80's it was hard to replace kit. Each unit has a budget and certain allotments of equipment. Unless your SF, you rarely get the Gucci stuff.
  2. i am vaccinated as is my older daughter, my wife has been having recurring heart issues they can't figure out and my youngest daughter has diabetes, celiac and other autoimmune stuff going on, it's a real crap shoot to take the vaccine or not for them.
  3. yea I think they have squeezed the juice out of every archive and paper proposal
  4. I am still enjoying it, mostly at the mid tiers.
  5. It could also be that IWI has pissed into to many cornflakes along the way and someone has said "no more contracts". Politics can be as much or more of a reason than technical.
  6. Colin

    US Tank mystery

    This is what i am thinking, the B series are solid little engines and perhaps the country in question already used the Ferret/Saladin or similar?
  7. If you get your butt to Vancouver there is a Ram II here I can show you.
  8. Any will to do so, exists outside of the DND or the board of the Canadian War Museum, tanks are symbol of our colonial oppression.
  9. here is a running LVP in the UK https://www.pnbpropertytrust.org/historic-boats/boatdetails/f8-landing-craft-vehicle-personnel/61/
  10. As mentioned before the vast majority of BB's on the move were sunk by land based aircraft, not by CV based.
  11. In Canada, infantry has become LAV centric. Some people see the issue but can't make headway to divorce the infantry from the LAV's and keep them capable of changing modes of transport, because of capbadges. The LAV 6 is a 30 ton+ vehicle without tracks and not the best armour protection, but good mine protection. Providing soldiers with mine proof seating limits how many can be carried vs the good old days of bench seating.
  12. There are quite a few kicking around, so possible, but not in one place Ontario Tank Museum has Leopard 1A5, 1C1, 1C2 I recall some funky stuff going on with Australia in regards to turrets.
  13. Well we can blame the Iran-Iraq war on the British as their king negotiated the border between the Persian and Ottoman Empires.
  14. The PRC is aiming to take the smaller Islands of Taiwan, the ones closer to the mainland which are mostly indefensible. https://taiwantraveltips.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/islands_overview-info.jpg
  15. China would win and lose at the same time, they would lose large swathes of global trade, Taiwan would be wrecked, Chinese products would banned, Vietnam would be start looking for support from Russia as well of the US.
  16. What the Chinese have accomplished in the last 40 years is nothing short of astonishing, but it is so uneven. They can produce stunningly good products and complete and utter crap. That reputation for shoddy construction work is growing everyday, mainly as the need to meet schedules and budgets without much fear of being caught out or having to pay a price. I suspect that will change as the authorities are forced to crack down to calm people. Even the CCP can't suppress everything forever. The CCP has been clamping down and preventing things from getting out, problem is that allows things to continue and pressure to grow. China's biggest threat comes from within, the CCP knows it, but may not handle it well enough.
  17. The Diaspora is careful as they know they are being watched and our vulnerable. They also got rich on the economy and administration that Xi is trying to throttle. It's the people incountry that might suddenly lose everything and then start looking for someone to blame.
  18. China is also facing a problem that it has never had to deal with before. A educated Middle Class that is tech savy. They are used to a certain lifestyle and will be a problem if they become dissatisfied. Already the strains are showing. I don't doubt that the CCP leadership will make a hash of trying to deal with that issue as well. We are so busy examining our mistakes that we forget that the other guys are just as capable of screwing up.
  19. It won't cause the fall of the CCP, but it might undermine Xi grab for more power. There are numerous power factions at work and if there is major discontent the party will sacrifice anyone it needs to so the party stays in power.
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