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  1. If I had to guess about the future I could see a Bradley equivalent with troops in the back and a squad of robot tanks like this: http://www.strategypage.com/militaryforums/2-19738.aspx You run up to where the enemy is and the Bots engage the bad guys while your Infantry get into position, you rain artty on them until they run, then you shoot them in the dark.
  2. The Round Counter is so the Soldiers can be more effectively prosecuted.
  3. I beleive he is talking about the tracking system's emmisions. Vasiliy I am makeing a joke about the flyboys no reason to be nasty to me. For the record, I used to work at a Instrument Factory and you would be shocked how much I know about LASERs and RADARs.
  4. What are you going to do glue mirrors to your airplanes Vasiliy? The Mig-25 Foxbat is made out of steel maybe you can chrome-plate one. Okay this is not yet a mature technology but it is now a lot closer than it was in the 1970s. Now imagine you are in a Mig-37 trying to effect a battle going on the ground having to fight the USAF's stealth fighters like the F-22 & F-35 that you can't see and every once in a while the fighter next to yours explodes because it's fuel tank was lased.
  5. A DC Electric Motor powers the breech open & closed not "electronic." Although there were some "electronic" issues with the weapon system in Viet Nam due to the shock of firing a 152mm gun in a light tank and with moisture from being in the tropics.
  6. No no no you have the recoil numbers right the extra meter of gun travel is when the front road wheels come off the ground.
  7. I spent only one year on M-60A1s and I do not remember many complaints about the coax but the M-85 in the commander's cupola was regarded as junk. The M-240 and the M-2HB are well liked by both the old M-60 guys and the new ones who never served on '60s.
  8. Well if nothing else the turbine engine in the T-80 would cost more than the diesel engine of the T-64. But keep in mind that "cost" in the Soviet Union was pretty much what they wanted it to be.
  9. I understand the F-22 guys already refer to them as MF-35s.
  10. Yeah it will work fine in blowback weapons, the gas operated weapons would foul up rather quickly. Just for the record I know the M-1911A1 is a locked breach blowback and with only 7 shots you will run out of ammo before you foul the works too bad to work. An AK-47 might get out a whole magazine of BP but it too would at some point stop working.
  11. Supposedly one of the variations being considered is "AOR-2" which looks to be a mix of MultiCam and CadPat both of which are very good. Combining Multicam's gold/brown to gold/green fade and a pixilated brown + green overprint from the CadPat. Although I'll bet it is good in many environments I can not imagine the Army buying any, it might save a Soldier's life and we can't have that. http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/socom-socom/art...t=2174&sc=1 or http://airsoft-barracks.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=13761 Edited to remove reference to Mike Steel.
  12. First of all there were no M-60s in Viet Nam, might have been one CEV M728. The Fire problem was solved with a switch to FRH (Fire Retardant Hydraulic) fluid and extra armor welded to the chins of the M-60A3. Jordan and Turkey have 120mm M-60A1s.
  13. As a DAT (Dumb Ass Tanker) MOS 19E on M-60A1s and having played with the others as well the correct answer is all or none of the above. The M-48 Gasser (Gasoline) was a lot faster, the FCS in the M-60A3 was better than the others by an order of magnitude or two, the ERA on the Marine M-60A1 made it the best armored, the Diesel AVDS-1790 got the best fuel MPG. Given my druthers I would rather have a Marine M-60A1 W/ERA and add the TTS (Tank Thermal Sight) + the LRF from the Army's 'A3 as the best "tank" of the series "CDAT" was first aimed at the M-60A2 and later the M-1 crews. (Computerized DAT) Speaking of the M-60A2, the 152mm gun/launcher would have been a nice to have addition, missile for long range anti-tank work and the 152mm canister for close up anti-personnel work. Today the M-60A2 is still in the motor pool as a AVLB. The M-728 CEV (Combat Engineer Vehicle) with a bulldozer blade, crane and 165mm demolition gun would also come in handy in urban areas. The CEV with ERA would make a hell of a nice Urban Combat Vehicle.
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