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  1. Agreed. Worked there few trips. How it was handled was a disgrace. Waste of time money and most importantly lives
  2. I worked in infrastructure there. My sympathies to anyone dealing with it
  3. I have had this argument with IT people a number of times..they do not seem to understand..blah blah we have good security...
  4. Am very aware of such SAS hunts. Have never heard even a suggestion of such happening. I undertsnd some loyalists were keen on Black And Deckers. Pira were more traditional although alledgedly used sledge hammers to deliver 6 packs. Knees elbows and ankles
  5. I dont understand the reference to the Brits putting drilss through IRA kneecaps?
  6. The Irish Health services has now heen similarly hit.
  7. Hopefully it will be nothing more than a n unkept garden
  8. Am planning to go home to Izmir in summer. Hopefully no problems
  9. https://tidesandtales.ie/tag/richard-behal/ sometimes pub stories can be true
  10. Many many years ago I got invited on a shooting range in Turkey. Fired of a mzgazine worth from an M4. To the surprise of the m4 owner I handed him bzck the carbine and then collected the shell casings to hand over as well. Pure habit. When shooting when young i was always told collect my cases.
  11. How many crimes have involved the use of ghost guns or braces?
  12. Please close as covered elsewhere
  13. I did not see last posting. Please close my mew thread Mozambique 2021
  14. Hopefully this will not inspire future intentional actions. Vulnerapility has been shown
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