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  1. Good start. Also FBI. Rhodes scholarship and supporting universities
  2. Now that the monuments are coming down and places and institutions being renamed why not go one step further. All organisations that have been involved in any way - active or passive in oppressing minorities should be examined with a view to their disestablishment. This is a good time to finally clear house and do the right thing by all.
  3. Regular reserves would have filled the mythical 4th rifle company in the infantry battalions and extr 2 guns in the artillery..at least read that in the very dim past
  4. How was this support cut and who by?
  5. A former Irish SF i had a long chat with in Kabul was highly complimentary of the local SF. He put it down to practice and motivation
  6. Have seen same may have somewhere
  7. Many 'Taliban' just dont like infidel occupation
  8. Having the infidels bleed and beg may have an appeal.
  9. Agreed. Worked there few trips. How it was handled was a disgrace. Waste of time money and most importantly lives
  10. I worked in infrastructure there. My sympathies to anyone dealing with it
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