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  1. Buying the gf ammo for birthday is nice. High compatibility which is brilliant.
  2. Got non Pfizer vaccine shot yesterday. Some aches but basically no issues.
  3. Our mutt has evolved into a 1.5 kg 3.75 legged piranha. She has a high pitched noise resembling a psychotic pigeon screaming for its life. Al a low noise like escaping wind under pressure...it might also be just that.
  4. The Dutch seem to have been doing a lot of disruption. Big crime communications network also down by them
  5. WRW

    Centauro 2

    I saw something on line yesterday that looks like Taiwanese are looking at something similar ..cannot locate now
  6. No need for sophistication. Make x minute audio. After y minutes change msg. Copy onto USB. Arrive on site. Set timer start audio
  7. Heading out into see fireworks. So early new years greetings from Dubai
  8. Have you been in lockdown longer than should be?
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