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  1. Hopefully it will be nothing more than a n unkept garden
  2. Am planning to go home to Izmir in summer. Hopefully no problems
  3. https://tidesandtales.ie/tag/richard-behal/ sometimes pub stories can be true
  4. Many many years ago I got invited on a shooting range in Turkey. Fired of a mzgazine worth from an M4. To the surprise of the m4 owner I handed him bzck the carbine and then collected the shell casings to hand over as well. Pure habit. When shooting when young i was always told collect my cases.
  5. How many crimes have involved the use of ghost guns or braces?
  6. Please close as covered elsewhere
  7. I did not see last posting. Please close my mew thread Mozambique 2021
  8. Hopefully this will not inspire future intentional actions. Vulnerapility has been shown
  9. Greetings does anyone have any insight into what is currently going on there - there are reports of many dead and hostages. Cannot find much on MSM on this at all.
  10. So basically the cartoon element was pure fiction. Sad but not surprising.
  11. Hopefully am in the right thread for this. I am trying to get the definitive events leading to to the French teacher being killed a few months ago. Did he actually show a cartoon or did one girl simply invent this?
  12. I actually met one of the IRA involved in the shoot up
  13. Basic question. Why does magnetic pole move? Does same happen down south?
  14. That pretty much is the same as what my bank wrote when I made a complaint against them
  15. indeed it looks so - could it be ammo going up?
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