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  1. I always understood that we (Irish) got St Patrick on a slave raid into what is now Wales. We lost coastal dwellers to Barbary raiders. I understand that the Ottoman Janissaries and earlier Mamelukes originally started out as slave soldiers. When in the Sudan I was at a meeting with some Arab origin people who when referring to African blacks used the term for slaves and when I asked about it was told very quickly that is is what they were. Many many years earlier in Botswana I jokingly suggested to a local colleague that her daughter might marry a San - bush peopl
  2. On a recent job IT were pushing for a cloud based system that would contain a lot of maybe sensitive infrastructure data. Got them sitting down ...blah blah cloud. I started blah what country are we in. Blah Who does not like us... in fact have troops 50 km from us...blah what country has reputation for good hackers...what happens when and not if the system gets hacked... 😬 ah. Light went on
  3. Was there not some problem with IT support for DNC a few years ago
  4. The cloud always strikes me S being insecure for sensitive material. I often work with large IT systems and people find it strange that I am so concerned about cloud security.
  5. Was also thinking LA but they might not feel safe there Glasgow?
  6. I think I have an ecopy somewhere
  7. All these historic investigations and reinvestigstions don't help.
  8. Politics aside and economics also the BA does not know what it is doing..what its role is. also the top brass seem befuddled and too interested in PC how to eat sandwiches and how and if to fold shirt sleeves
  9. I was a tourist in Russia in mid 80s. Moscow and Leningrad. I recall saying to other fellow traveller that I would love to have a long long talk with whatever Intel guys who said the west was in danger from these guys. There was fear of the west ..a good shout in leningrad that the Panzers were coming would have cleared the streets. Was back just after Yeltzin came to power..Whitehouse etc. ..Interesting changes
  10. Lived and worked in Botswana in mid 90s. Loved the place and people government was good but was aware of corruption at local levels
  11. Cute advert. Hitler had Blondi
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